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The Difference between Iron and Aluminum Fall arrester
 2 tons of 20 meters iron shell fall arrester in general, fall arrester shell spray paint is green, these fall arrester is spray paint yellow is the customer's special requirements.            

 Although the lighter the remaining material is, the more suitable it is to carry, the falling protector shell plays an important role in the use process.            

 If we are not careful in choosing the type of crash preventer, it may be a fatal blow for users.            

 Because under the effect of overload, the shell of 2 tons aluminium fall arrester will burst instantaneously, the gear shaft will lose control instantaneously, the gear will be smashed by instantaneous force, and the protected human body or weight will slip instantaneously. The load-carrying capacity of the 2-ton iron shell will be doubled.            

 So in view of this situation, how to choose aluminium and iron fall arrester according to size?            

 We need to compare 8 of the 2 tons of fall arresters:            

 1.  First of all, the total size of the 2-ton safety fall arrester is 450 mm in aluminium case and 480 mm in iron case.            

 2.  The size of the fall arrester of the two materials is the same as that of the earhole of the fall arrester.            

 3.  Another important fall arrester shell size is 390mm aluminum, 430mm iron.           

 4. Then the width of the 2-ton high-altitude fall arrester is 330 mm in aluminium and 370 mm in iron.            

 5.The bottom size of the 2 ton safety fall preventer is 180 mm in aluminium and 200 mm in iron.            

 6.  The thickness of the fall arrester is 100 mm and the iron thickness is 120  mm.           

 7. The thickness of the lifting lug is 27 mm and the iron size is 28 mm.            

 8.  The diameter of the lifting earhole of the high-altitude fall arrester is 16 mm in aluminium and 20 mm in iron shell.            

 During the installation of the fall arrester, it is strictly forbidden to twist the safety rope in use.            

 It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and refit the fall arrester privately. First of all, in order to avoid accidents in the use process, we can not guarantee the performance of the modified fall arrester at high altitude.            

 Secondly, once the fall arrester has been refitted, the high-altitude fall arrester used  in the refitting can not be returned for one year according to the contract.            

 Finally, I want to emphasize that our safety fall arrester should be stored in a dry, dusty place. Although we have done anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-wear treatment, our good use and storage habits can not only reduce unnecessary damage to the fall arrester, but also ensure the normal performance of our safety fall arrester.

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