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Basic Knowledge of Fall arrester
 Fall arrester is a kind of protective device for staff falling when working at high altitude. Because it protects staff's life and safety, there are strict requirements in choosing and using fall arrester.           
 Firstly, when choosing the fall arrester, we should choose the products produced by the regular manufacturers. Secondly, we should check whether the fall arrester is damaged. We should test the fall arrester after there are no problems. We should pull several times to see if the brake is flexible. Finally, we should use the fall arrester. The use of the fall arrester adopts the principle of high hanging and low using, and hang the fall arrester to the staff. Right above, avoid bumping and shaking. When using the fall arrester for tilting operation, the tilt angle should not exceed 30 and depends on whether it will impact the surrounding objects. After use, dust on the surface of the fall arrester should be wiped clean with a clean towel, and the fall arrester should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid rain and dampness.           
 Above is the basic knowledge of the fall arrester. Here, the editor reminds users that the parts inside the fall arrester should not be replaced or dismantled at will, so as to avoid secondary damage to the fall arrester. If the fall arrester needs to be replaced when problems arise, it must be replaced by professionals.           
 Nowadays, there are many businessmen selling anti-crash devices on the market, but the  quality of products is true or false. Some businessmen sell inferior anti-crash devices without the qualification certificate of anti-crash devices.They will try their best to "cheat" the qualification certificate of other businessmen. This is immoral behavior. Anti-crash devices are safety protection equipment, which can save high altitude work at critical moment.The life of the operator, and the quality of inferior crash preventer itself has problems, how to talk about safety?           
 In order to maintain the stability of the market, the products sold by the formal crash preventer manufacturers will be equipped with qualified inspection reports and product instructions. If the consumers receive the crash preventer without these certification materials, they can contact the merchants and ask  for it. If the merchants can not provide the possibility of purchasing inferior  products.            
 When purchasing anti-falling machine, we must be cautious. We should choose the regular manufacturer. The quality is guaranteed and we can use it safely. We should refuse the inferior products in order to avoid being cheated.           
 The use of any product is required, so is the high-altitude crash preventer. Next we will have a detailed understanding.           
 High-altitude crash preventer is an important equipment to provide safety protection for high-altitude workers, so we should pay more attention to standardize operation to avoid accidents.The fall arrester should be carefully checked before use to check whether the parts are damaged or not and test whether the performance is good; the inclination angle should not exceed 30 degrees in accordance with the requirements during operation, and the movement speed of the operator should not be too fast, away from sharp objects, so as to avoid breaking the safety rope; after the fall arrester is used, the safety rope should be cut off. Clean up and store in time.           
 These are the requirements of the use of the high-altitude fall arrester. Only by standardizing the operation can the fall arrester play its maximum role and prevent the occurrence of High-altitude Falling accidents.

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