Wire Rope Anti-Dropping Retractable Safety Falling Protector Fall Arrester

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Double Locking Performance of Speed Difference Fall arrester

 The speed differential fall arrester is mainly used to prevent the accidental falling of the lifted workpiece when the crane lifts. It can effectively protect the life safety of the ground operators and the damage of the lifted workpiece objects. It is used in Metallurgical Automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, engineering construction, electric power, ships, communications, pharmaceuticals, and other high-altitude workplaces.           

 Our large-scale production adopts the original "double locking device" structure of the high-altitude fall arrester, which has stable locking, high safety factor and good reliability, and effectively solves the accidents caused by the impact of other  objects due to the large rolling amplitude under the inclined operation; the control system uses special steel and is specially treated, with light weight and wear resistance. Anti-corrosion, anti-impact, aluminum alloy shell, light  weight, non-aging. The safety rope is made of aviation steel wire rope. The suspension rope and seat belt are all flame retardant and can withstand high temperature of 200 C.            

 The working principle of this kind of high-altitude fall arrester is to make use of  the difference of falling speed of the object for automatic control, high hanging and low use. When TXS2 series is used, only the nylon suspension rope is crossed over the structure with strong and blunt edges above, the iron hook on the nylon rope is hooked on the "n" ring, and the iron hook on the steel wire rope is hooked into the semi-circle of the safety belt for use. There is no need to replace the suspension point within the use radius.           

 We all know that product quality is directly related to the safety of the operation, what is related to the product quality? That is, the manufacturer, the quality of the manufacturer is directly related to the product quality.            

 Fall arrester is a safety protection device for high altitude operation. If the quality of the fall arrester itself has problems, how to protect the high altitude operators? Therefore, it is very important to choose a good manufacturer.            

 At present a well-known crash preventer manufacturer in the market, has advanced production equipment, strong technical support, professional production team and perfect after-sales service. During the production process of the crash preventer, the manufacturer has passed strict quality inspection to ensure that the product quality conforms to the requirements. Standard requirements, customers are at ease to use.            

 When purchasing anti-falling machine, customers must choose a regular manufacturer. The product quality is guaranteed and can be used safely. Group's formal manufacturers of fall arresters are well-known brands, which are worthy of trust.        

 A trader in Wanda Mall has made a billboard. Now it is hanging on the outside wall of the mall. Because of the large area of the billboard, how should the workers operate it when installing it?           

 When installing billboards, workers use hand hoists to lift billboards to designated locations, and then install them by installers. In order to ensure that the installation workers can safely operate at high altitude, the workers are equipped with fall arrester, safety belt, safety rope, safety helmet and other protective equipment for high altitude operation, so as to avoid accidental falls during the installation of billboards.            

 In the process of installation of billboards, there is protection of fall arrester. Workers can safely carry out installation operation, improve the safety of operation and speed up the installation of billboards.

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