SRL-20 Steel Swivel Hook Wire Cable 20m Retractable Lifeline Fall Arresters

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Fall arrester manufacturer user case

 RAMHOIS is a professional china supplier of fall arrester, hand hoist, hoisting belt, permanent magnet lifter, balancer, hoist, winch, small mixer, electric hoist and other sling products. We can also customize non-standard products according to customer requirements, such as non-national standard fall arrester products.            

 After years of efforts and development, the fall arrester has a modern production workshop, with a complete and scientific quality management system.          

 We have been pursuing professional, dedicated and enthusiastic service attitude, so that customers can buy at ease and use more at ease.This is not a slogan, but a real commitment. We welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company, guide and negotiate business.            

 Recently, through feedback from users of our plant, we learned about the application of fall arresters in some hydropower plants: Recently, some hydropower plants have adopted bulb tubular hydro-generators, which have a vertical height of 11 meters from below the generator layer to the bulb body, consisting of two climbing ladders vertically fixed on the shaft wall, from below the generator layer to the bulb body. It is made of a perspective cover plate with a manhole door. When entering the bulb body, it is necessary to open the manhole door. In the past, the high-altitude fall arrester was suspended under the perspective cover plate. Inspectors should crouch down and bend down to pull out the fall arrester suspended on the suspension ring under the perspective cover plate, fasten the seat belt and enter again because the climbing ladder is lower. It is easy to cause falling accident when pulling suspension fall arrester to fasten seat belt and climb down ladder. Hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.            

 The feedback from users of crash preventers is a major safety issue, which can not be ignored. At present, we are developing a dual-purpose fall protection system for climbing ladder and guide rail according to the user's needs, aiming at meeting the safety needs of our plant's fall arrester users in a timely manner. Communication is true and cooperation is endless.            

 Real-time listening to the voices of users, dedicated to creating greater added value for users, and striving to improve user experience, is the concept of customer relationship management that we have adhered to for many years. We welcome your call to negotiate business.            

 Finally, we remind you that the specifications of the fall arrester are the same, and the quality may not be the same, so you should buy cautiously. Have you ever noticed the internal structure of the crash preventer?           
 In the market, the price of the fall arrester varies greatly, so have you considered the same tonnage of the same type of fall arrester, why the price difference is so uneven?           

 This is the key point of the problem.The main components of the cable fall arrester are gears, drums and wire ropes, which are also the vital components to guarantee the lives of the constructors.            

The price difference of industrial heavy-duty crash preventer can only be reflected in these items, because high-quality crash preventer components need high quality raw materials, and the processing process is more complex and cumbersome. And the poor quality fall arrester, which is written components, can not meet the national safety production standards at all.            

 Therefore, the choice of speed differential crash preventer must choose the products of the regular manufacturers, and the appearance can not effectively distinguish its performance from its quality.

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