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Technical Requirements for Fatigue Testing Device of Speed Difference Fall arrester            
 What is a differential crash preventer? Speed difference crash preventer is also known as speed difference. Speed difference fall arrester is a kind of fall arrester which is installed on the hanging point and equipped with stretchable length of rope (belt, wire rope), and is connected in series between the tie and hanging point. When the falling occurs, the braking effect is caused by the change of speed.           
 Here's a concept -when does a fall happen?           
 We need to define a physical test index, which is the minimum test load. So what is the minimum test load?           
 Fall arrester manufacturers here for your professional solution to this concept: the minimum test load, also known as the minimum lock test quality, refers to the test, so that the differential start lock function of the minimum load, to comply with the provisions of GB 24544-2009.           
 Technical requirements for general functions of fatigue test device of anti-drop device: technical requirements for physical motion simulation: test device should be able to carry out self-locking reliability test of speed difference anti-drop device in free fall mode according to the provisions of GB 24544-2009 6.8.           
 The test space provides technical requirements: the test device should have sufficient test space, and should facilitate the installation and test of different types of speed differentials and test dispel codes.           
 Technical requirements for operation of test device: Fatigue test device of fall arrester should be easy to control, operate and repair.           
 Inspection of the general function of the fatigue test device of the fall arrester: install the differential on the test device according to the following method and carry out the actual test operation:           
 (a)  Operating the fatigue test device to raise the mobile platform to the upper limit of its working stroke;          
 (B)  Install the differential crash preventer on the hanger ring at the top of the rack; mobile platform: the mobile platform should be vertical to the vertical line through the hanging point of the differential crash preventer.           
 Testing of continuous working performance:The continuous working performance of the fatigue test device should be tested by 8 hours routine self-locking reliability fatigue test of the speed difference crash preventer according to the method specified in GB 24544-2009. The test methods are as follows:           
 (a)  Connect the weights of the minimum test load to the end of the safety rope of the differential crash preventer;           
 (B)  Pull out the safety rope of the differential for 1 m, and the horizontal distance between the test weight group and the hanging point is not more than 300 mm.           
 (C)  Set the moving speed of the lifting weight group of the mobile platform at 200 mm/s and release the test weight group;           
 (D)  Repeat the operation of (b) and (C )continuously for 8 hours. If the speed differential crash preventer fails during the test, the new speed differential can be replaced to continue the test until the specified time.           
 Have you understood the technical requirements of fatigue test device for speed differential crash preventer?

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