Steel Wire Rope Fall Arrester Protector Blocks Anti-Falling Devices

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Automatic fall arrester for derrick basket

 At present, there are great dangers in all kinds of high-altitude operations, such as high-rise building exterior wall treatment, large-scale ship exterior surface treatment and so on.Therefore, the staff members will wear safety belts on their bodies, a kind of composite life-saving connection device with speed difference automatic controller as the main fall protection device, but the existing safety belts do not exist.Some of the same problems are low safety factor, some are bulky and inconvenient to carry.            

 When working at high altitude, the staff of the electric power department must ensure their personal safety during the climbing process and during the whole process of working at high altitude. For example, the height of poles and towers in power transmission projects is generally more than 15 meters. When high-voltage wires are erected on them and the maintenance and repair of the lines are carried out regularly, they must climb to the top of poles or towers. When they enter the position above the crossbar or work on the wires to transfer, the staff can not get away from the protection. They should hang the safety belt on the wires. Only when the fixtures such as crossbars are fixed can the personal safety of the people working at high altitude be guaranteed. However, there is no corresponding safety facility to ensure the process of climbing and moving up and down. Although the application of speed difference anti-falling device can effectively realize the fall protection in high altitude operation, the structure and performance of the wire rope anti-falling device is not perfect, which does not conform to the ergonomic principle in a real sense, and needs improvement and innovation.            

 Principle of automatic fall arrester for derrick hanging basket: According to the principle of weightlessness, the safety fall arrester is composed of guide wheel, serrated eccentric clamping wheel and other structures. Installed at both ends of the cross beam of the derrick basket, it rises and falls along the  guide rail. When the lifting rope breaks suddenly and the basket falls rapidly, the anti-falling device can act instantaneously, and the basket brake is tightened on the guide rail to prevent the accident of falling basket.           

 The performance characteristics of the automatic anti-falling device of the derrick hanging basket: The anti-falling device has been proved by engineering practice and site operation of the unit. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, compactness, simplicity, sensitive movement, safety and reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost and strong adaptability.            

 (1)  Reasonable design, reliable operation, braking sensitivity and stable performance, and it is in the leading position in the domestic similar fall protection device for high altitude operation;            

 (2)  The successful trial-manufacture of the anti-falling device for high-altitude operation has obvious social benefits, and it is worth popularizing and using. It can be used in the derrick hanging basket of multi-storey building construction.            

 Scope of application of automatic fall arrester for derrick hanging basket: The high-altitude fall arrester can be widely used in construction, industry and mining departments, etc. at present, it is an excellent automatic fall arrester.       

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