Retractable Fall Arrest for Safety Fall Protection

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Safety measures of fall arrester need to be improved

 At present, the most commonly used fall arrester is the full-body seat belt or safety waist rope, but it must be connected to the fixed components of the pole in order to play the role of fall protection.            

 However, in the process of moving transposition or pole up and down, high-altitude workers often lose the protective effect of the whole-body seatbelt due to the lack of attachable components,or because the pole body is smooth and imaginary. In fact, it is precisely when people climb, move and transpose that they need protection most.Often, the climbers along with the whole-body seatbelt occur. A personal casualty accident happened when the seat belt fell.            

 At present, the fall protection devices installed on some electric power equipments in China are rail-type fall preventers, which have some problems  such as complicated structure, high price of fall preventers and difficult promotion, thus affecting the popularity of high-altitude work fall preventers. High-altitude operation vehicle refers to a special vehicle that carries staff and equipment to the scene and carries out aerial operation. It can quickly install lifting device or manned platform through the front-end bracket of the upper arm, so as to realize the functions of material lifting, lifting and manned high-altitude operation.            

 However, the existing manned platforms for high altitude operations have the following problems:            

 First of all, the traditional manned platform installed on the elevator only installs protective railings on the platform as a safety measure against high-altitude falling. But when the operator works on it, when he falls down accidentally and when the protective railing can not be used as a safety measure to prevent high-altitude falling, his personal safety will be greatly threatened.            

 Secondly, the traditional manned platform is basically not equipped with light components, resulting in an increase in security risks when the light is dimmer. Thirdly, there is no anti-skid component installed on the surface of traditional manned platform, which leads to the potential safety hazard caused by foot slip when operators operate at high altitude.           

 Single fall arrester for high-altitude operation can not effectively protect the robot from falling. At  this time, a composite fall arrester for high-altitude operation robot is needed. As far as the theoretical conception is concerned, it should include wire rope sling, traveling trolley, hoist, controller, traveling wheel, inductor and elastic mechanism, in which the hoist, controller and traveling wheel are all located on the traveling trolley.            

 With the continuous development of society, people's demand for electric power is increasing, which makes maintenance work more and more frequent. In the current electric power production, the electrical kit is the main tool of the electric work industry, which can be equipped with screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, fuses, tapes and electric knives.            

 When an electrician works at high altitude, he will be tired of using  tools for a long time. If he carelessly uses tools, he will fall. Especially when the temperature is low, his fingers are stiff, the temperature is high or his hands are sweaty, this phenomenon occurs more frequently. This will not only damage the staff, there are potential safety hazards,but 

also bring inconvenience to the operation, seriously affecting the efficiency of live work. As far as the existing application technology is concerned, there is no automatic fall arrester specially used for falling protection of electric appliances.            

 In a word, as far as the existing safety measures against high-altitude crash are concerned, they need to be improved urgently.

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