16 mm Wire Rope Safety Vertical Fall Arrest Falling Protector with Retrieval System

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Installation strategy of fall arrester

 Elevator safety and reliability has become the greatest potential safety hazard. Elevator accidents occur frequently. Today, we popularize the protection measures for elevator falling in residential buildings, the working principle of elevator fall arrester and how to rescue themselves from accidents.           

 In theory, the existence of anti-drop device is to solve the technical problems existing in the braking process of rope anti-drop device due to the sudden fall of elevator.           

 At present, most of the elevators in office buildings or residential buildings are replaced by installing the track of the original frame part in the inner wall of the elevator shaft, fixing it with expansion bolts, self-made hanging pans and skygirders according to the size of the shaft, and the control system fully adopts the original supporting parts. Use the well path to form a closed working space.            

 Correct installation of fall arrester is conducive to its normal and reliable capture, smooth braking function, and prolong its service life. The installation of the fall arrester mainly includes the following steps:            

 (1)  Inspecting the wellbore at a speed of 0.3m/s according to the shape and size of the cross-section of the fall arrester the most prominent part of the fall arrester and the minimum clearance between the wellbore tank and track beams must meet the relevant provisions of Articles 385 and 387 of the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations". If it does not meet the requirements, it must be dealt with;            

 (2)  Eliminate bottom hole water and debris:            

 (3)  The length of the brake rope corresponding to the depth of the well should be intercepted, and one end of the brake rope should be tied up and repaired so as to avoid loosening and be easy to install and fix. When intercepting, attention must be paid to the spare length of not less than 5 m at the lower part of the fixed beam.            

 (4)  Prepare containers and heating equipment for melting Papanicolaou table gold. Install buffer. Suspension brake rope and pouring pasteurized alloy.            

 Facts have proved that this installation form has the advantages of small mounting and disassembly, convenient installation, safety and efficiency. However, the reliability of the test threshold and height limit should be checked regularly, and the level limit should be adjusted periodically according to the use situation.            

 In addition, the fall arrester should be installed according to the instructions. After the first installation, the falling test must be done, and then every quarter, and a written record should be made. Skybeam pulley must be equipped with rope skipping prevention device. Track maintenance does not need butter smear as far as possible, because butter will enter its interior with the drive of the guide wheel of the crash preventer, which will affect the sensitivity of the instantaneous action of eccentric gear.            

 According to the use situation, it is recommended to use waste oil or hydraulic oil. The upper and lower communication signals must be connected by a single line. Communication sockets should be installed on each layer. Violations of command by multiple people are strictly prohibited. Do a good job of mechanical maintenance and irregular inspection in peacetime, eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents in time.           

 If the elevator stops suddenly or the lights go out during the elevator ride, do not jump and climb in a panic. Every elevator room has a fault declaration call. If there is no class to call 119 for self-help, during this period, we should keep calm back straight against the inside wall of the elevator and keep our feet bent steadily.           

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