Mobile Fall Protection System Fall Arrest Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL)

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Practical names for fall arrester
 We summarize the following fall arrester, which are widely used in the field of fall protection, and hope to benefit you.           
 In different application areas, the high altitude crash preventer also has different names and definitions, and these names and definitions are not stacked, each has its own unique features.           
 Here are just two examples to illustrate: the name "safety catcher" in English enables people to better understand, understand and remember the characteristics of the catching structure of the fall arrester. Moreover, since the main functional component of the fall arrester is the catcher, the core component of the catcher and the main functional capture action are used. To define its name.           
 In the field of cage lifting and falling protection, it is also called rope breaker. When the broken rope or connecting device is disconnected, the device can automatically prevent the cage or vehicle from falling.           
 Its function is that when the wire rope or connecting device is broken, the cage can be parked on the tank path to ensure the safety of the personnel in the  tank. The structure of mine fall arrester is related to the type of tank path, which can be divided into wooden tank path fall arrester and metal tank path fall arrester.           
 There are two important steps in the use of safety fall arrester. First, the suspension rope is crossed over the rigid structure with strength not less than 15 kN above, and the safety hook is hooked to the workers at high altitude. It reminds you of the following important angles: the maximum left and right angles should be located on the vertical axis of the working surface (+30 degrees).           
 Installation is ready but can not be used directly. It is necessary to pull out the wire rope and test the lock 2-3 times to ensure that the fall arrester is locked properly before it can be put into operation.           
 Our company adopts the unique technology of double U-shaped brake teeth braking. This technology is embodied as follows: the anti-drop device can accurately calculate the modulus of the runner and brake teeth when it is produced and  manufactured. When the wire rope pulling speed is greater than one meter per  second, the brake system moves within two meters of zero, which ensures the safety and safety of the constructors in operation. Reliable.           
 The anti-detachment hooks are used at both ends of the differential crash preventer, so that the operators can work safely at high altitude. The speed differential crash preventer adopts an integral aluminium alloy shell, which makes the product light in weight, corrosion-resistant and disassembly-free.           
 The hanging rope made of high quality aeronautical nylon material and special weaving technology has the advantages of flame retardant, high temperature resistance and aging resistance.
 Fall arresters commonly used by field climbers need to ensure that they can move up  and down with the climbers in the normal climbing process. When a crash occurs, the eccentric wheel principle can be used to produce instantaneous stop-fall  force, thus protecting the device of climbers. It is very convenient to climb up and down without pushing by hand. At the same time, it is not necessary to be controlled by the protector in the process of moving up and down, thus avoiding the accident caused by misoperation. The disadvantage of this equipment is that it requires a large impact force to start protection, which  may have caused damage before. At the same time, the spine wheel on it may be touched by trainees to cause injury.

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