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The existing gypsum board  installation tools are configured to facilitate the installation of gypsum  boards on walls or ceilings, and to avoid the need for more than one person to  install each gypsum board. Specifically, the installation tool may include a  clamping part and a shelf part. The clamping part can be used to fix the  installation tool to the wall column or ceiling bracket, and can include at  least one fixed arm and at least one sliding arm. Depending on the location of  the installation tool, the shelf portion can be configured to support the dry  wall panel horizontally or vertically relative to the ground. The shelf portion  may include a shelf with a flange that helps support the dry wall panel.  Installation tools can be configured to support the weight of dry wall panels,  allowing one person to install dry wall panels consisting of walls or ceilings.

 In the building structure  with floor surface, from the floor surface up to the wall structure of the  ceiling structure located above the floor surface, the panel lifting device  includes fixed hinge components, which are fixed horizontally on the wall  structure near the ceiling structure. The fixed hinge member provides a support  fastening fixture that is connected with an extended support extending downward  from the fixed hinge member. The movable hinge member is installed near the  free end of the support pillar. The movable hinge member provides a hinge clamp  for joining the extended lifting prop. The lifting pillar can push the  supporting pillar, and there is a ceiling at the top to make it close to the  ceiling bracket so as to fix it in place. At the same time, the lifting pillar  wedges the panel in place to make it close to the floor surface.

 Made of durable, all-welded  steel, this lift is contractor grade and built to last a lifetime. It’s  supported by a wide 5-foot tripod base with oversized locks and pins at stress  points for maximum support. There’s also a flip-down backstop to keep the lift  from moving once you have it in the right position.

 For contractor grade  equipment at a more reasonable price, check out the Stark 11′ lift. With extra-large durable hardware at critical points  in its construction, this machine was built to last a lifetime. It is versatile  enough to work well with even sloped ceilings.

 A device for assisting the  installation of flat building materials includes a plurality of crossbars  connecting the first and second angles to form a first offset between the first  angle and the crossbar to accommodate the building materials. The third angle  is pivotally connected to the second angle through a hinge so as to form a  second offset smaller than the first offset between the third angle and the  transverse bar. The fasteners fix the first corner and the third angle to the  building frame.

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