VL Lever Hoists

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VL Lever Hoists are kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension. VL lever hoists are same technology as VITAL lever hoist but with much cheaper price.


• Small in size and light in weight, portable in carrying, extremely compact structure and frame

• Small hand force and high mechanical efficiency, easy to operate 360 degree pulling hoists

• Effortless to transport, install, maintain and store, low failure rate, low pulling force required

• Free-Chain adjusting mechanism with quick, less cost and simple maintenance or repair

• With rubber grip handle for best comfortable control with heat treated carbon steel body

• Design allows for fine adjustment of load tension with strong hook latch with safety tip design

• Efficient and smooth load chain guide mechanism with corrosion and wear resistant load chain

• Robustly constructed with high tensile alloy chain and  hook, not easy to break or deform

• The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity

• Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation and can be used in narrow space

• Power coated finish, very durable against knock and abrasion with high reliability and stability

• Provide additional accessories for safety and the best after-sale service, enjoy great reputation

• Equipped with roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion for security

• G80 Chain are made of alloy steel that is exclusively for high superior quality and manual hoist

• Automatic weston brake with unique twin pawls is well protected in case of sudden emergency

• Technical parameters for wholesale VL 1.5 ton lever block chain hoist is complete and detailed

• Heat-treated steel plates, gears and proof tested steel chain equipped with a safety guard

Capacity                                             0.5Ton-9Ton
Type                                                    VL lever hoist
Condition                                            New
Warranty                                             1 year
Power                                                  Leveled by Hand 
Standard Lift                                      1.5 m
Use                                                      Lifting Up/Down
Certification                                       CE, ISO9001:2001
Color                                                   Orange or as customer’s required
Drive Mode                                         Gear
Sling Type                                           Chain
Chain falls                                           1, 2, 3
Operation                                            Manual operated
Application                                         Lifting platform, small cranes
H.S. Code                                            84251900       
Package                                              Cartons with pallet or plywood case


          VL Lever Hoists are kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension. VL lever hoists are exceptionally convenient for working in narrow places, outdoor aloft work and pulling from different angles, which are indispensable manual tools for lifting and rigging, they have an inherent ability to be used in vertical and horizontal applications.    

         VL lever hoists are same technology as VITAL lever hoists but with much cheaper price, this innovative and patented lever blocks are designed for heavy industrial applications. They are ideal tools to hoist goods and especially show their excellence at any angles and in limited space. They can also handle with outdoors works and tasks where there is no electric power supply. they are equipped with premium brake system which ensures safe operation, low maintenance and is extremely quiet. Thanks to the compact design and low headroom, which make the VL lever hoists simple to install even in confined areas. Besides, VL lever hoists also have  hardened load chain for optimum strength, flexibility and long wear life.

           The whole structure of them is reasonable designed and have high safety factor, so that they have long service time. Strictly size and weight checking to ensure full performance of each component. VL lever hoists’ high quality materials ensure light weight without infringing reliability. They can be pulled freely and easily through the hoist in both directions to attach the load or to tension the chain.

           The great advantage of the lever hoists is that they have high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull. Short hand lever with rubber grip is comfortable to handle and hand lever operates with little effort due to optimal gear ratio. What’ s more, since the automatic painting and strict surface finishing with heat treatment material, the cover of the lever hoists are corrosion-resistant and  water-proof which is durable in use. Each product has experienced the professional test and examination so VL lever hoists have high reliability.

           The shell of VL lever hoists is specially designed and they have elegant appearance, even painting which is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The chains are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively bearable. VL lever hoists have more thickness of sheet cover, gear cover and side plates for good quality and the asbestos free brake make holding load at any desired height. Both top & bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard. The load chain can be pulled freely and easily through the hoist in both directions to attach the load or to tension the chain. For safety reason free chains cannot be done when the block is under load.

           VL lever hoists are widely applied in Double Beam Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Tower Cranes, Single Grinder Cranes, Lifting Platforms, small Cranes. They are capable of being applied in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction sites, mining, transports, post, and telecommunications and other sectors of the equipment installation, lifting, pulling mechanical parts, bulk strapping and fastening, tightening fitting of wires, assembling and welding.

          VL lever hoists are also called VL mini crane lever block hoists, VL type manual lever hoists, VL type lever blocks, VL series lifting lever chain pull hoists, VL type lever hoists, ratchet lever hoists, chain lever hoists, lever chain hoists, lever chain blocks, mechanical hoists and manual hoists, hand chain lever hoists. 3/4t, 1/2t, 1t, 2t and 3t lever hoist are most choosen by customers.

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Detailed Description
1. Steel formed cases

Both gear and hand chain wheel are protected by hydraulic drew cases which are ideally shaped and rugged to be able to withstand external shocks.

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2. Bushing

The bushing finished by surface hardened treatment and polish  procedure serves to increase the mechanical efficiency and reduce the lever operation force.

3. Upper & lower hooks

Heavy duty hooks made of high-class alloy steel which make the goods will not be decoupled, yielding under overload instead of breaking. Top & bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard. Hook frame combination made by forging and heat treatment, using embedded design tip ensuring better safety. Drop forged hooks can swivel fully. All allow it to be swiveled 360 degree and are equipped with safety latch to ensure proper hooking the load.
Drop forged hooks and hook holders of VL lever hoists are equipped to ensure superior quality and safety. Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield. Heat treated hook holders are equipped to ensure the safety and durability.

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4. Latch

With latch, when operating, the loads are not easy to fall and make it safe.

 High Quality VL Lever Hoist China Supplier1-5.jpg

5. Self-locked screw

Self-locked screw is more fastening and guarantees operator’s safety when lifting or working.

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6. Chain guard

Chain guard offers safety and convenience during VL Lever Hoists’ working.

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7. Load chain
The lever hoists apply Grade80 alloy chain specially calibrates for manual hoists and conforms to ISO standard. Products use special alloy chain which is safe, reliable and durable. Load chain has stronger oxidation resistance after the black treatment durable.

High Quality VL Lever Hoist China Supplier1-9.jpg

8. Load chain guide

Load chain guide is stable and secure  enough to ensure the load chain proper fitting the load sheave during operation and protect the load sheave from wet and dirt. It is integrated into the housing to eliminate fouling and jamming of the chain on the load sheave. This 360° rotating hand chain guide allows hoist operations from various angles and helps the operator stay out of the danger zone, and offer smooth chain operation.

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9. Chain stopper

Chain stopper is equipped as the lower limit to prevent over travelling during lowering the load.

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10. Hand wheel

Hand wheel allows an efficient chain length adjustment by switching the direction switch to free mold and rotating the hand wheel.
Three-dimensional design with small dots, make the users have more comfortable operation, not easy to slide.

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They are equipped with roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion. It is inside load chain sprocket increase mechanical efficiency.

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12. Particular double color handle sleeve

Better feel, more beautiful.

13. Brake

Reliable brake mechanism, when the load slip quickly by accident, the brake works immediately to stop the slipping. It is equipped with a dual-pawl mechanism, which allows a broken pawl to be automatically backed up by another to ensure work safety and avoid the sudden emergency. No matter how heavy the load, the brake works instantly when operation stopped, the lining material is non-asbestos with long lifetime.

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14. Asbestos-free brake lining

Asbestos-free, environmentally friendly materials are used for brake lining.

15.Dual Ratchet pawls

Dual ratchet pawls are applied for extra safety purpose. In case one ratchet pawl fails, the other still maintains its mechanical brake function.

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16. Body cover

The plate finish is electrophoretic plating which protects from moisture. Guide roller use#45 steel  material with heat treatment for better hardness and smooth chain flow.

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17. Clutch

The secondary gearing running spring clutch device

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18. Rubber handle

Handle with anti slip function is high eficiently light weight. Handle cover use rubber material cosy for usser and use screw for keep solid. Easy-to-operate rubber grip is ergonomically designed, this grip is easy to hold and operate.

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19. Gears

VL Lever hoists’ gears are made of alloy steel through heat treatment.

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20. Inner structure

High Quality VL Lever Hoist China Supplier1-21.jpg

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21. Fuselage

The entire fuselage for structural steel and product surface has experienced through spray treatment.

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Operating ambient conditions
           ①Using temperature range:-40°C~+60°C
           ②Using humidity range: using under 100%RH,it can't be used in the water.
           ③Using material: special materials such as asbestos are not allowed.
           ④Strictly prohibit over blading.
           ①Before using the lever hoist, familiarize yourself with main parts is very important. Always check them. 
           ②Proper operation is very import and not use the malfunctioning hoist.
           ③Read and understand the manual which come along with the goods for delivery thus help you reduce the risk of injury.
Our service
           1. We can make special samples according to the customer's requirement.
           2. We have more than 50 professional technical teams, provide best after-sales service.
           3. Fast delivery time is available and we have CE, TUV and SGS certifications.
           Technical parameters of VL lever hoists include models, capacity, standard lift, running test load, chain falls, load chain diameter, dimension, net weight, packing an delivery.
Packaging: PE foam, plywood case
Shipping: By sea, by land or according to your requirements

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Site photos of VL Lever Hoists

Site photos of Ratchet Lever Hoist clutch type (VL type)

Urgent Inquiry 3 Ton VL lever hoist

Technical info



Capacity (t)
Standard Lift (m)
Effort required to lift    full load (N)
Load Chain
Test Load (t)
Weight  (kg)
Additional Weight per    1m Lift(kg)
Diameter (mm)                   ×chain falls
5 × 1
6.3 × 1
7.1 × 1
9× 1
9× 2
9 × 3


Dimensions (mm)

Capacity (t)