Inquiry about 2T Pneumatic chain hoist 6m and two chain falls, with Wireless remote control from Algeria

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咨询产品:  Air Chain Hoists
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客户留言:  Palan pneumatique à chaîne avec les caractéristiques ci - dessous: - Hauteur de levée: 06m - CMU : 02 T - Convoyeur intégré avec une portée de mobilité: 02m - Crochet pivotant à 02 brins. - Télécommande sans fil. - Utilisation sans arrêt. Quantité: 03

Pneumatic chain hoist with the following characteristics: - Lifting height: 06m - SWL: 02 T - Integrated conveyor with a range of mobility: 02m - Swivel hook with 02 strands. - Wireless remote control. - Non-stop use. Quantity: 03

RAMHOIST: 2T Pneumatic chain hoist, 6m lifting height, with hook suspension, with wireless remote control: 3050 USD/unit

Technical brochure:

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Customer: Please, can you give us the price of:

2T Pneumatic chain hoist, 6m lifting height, with  Pneumatic Air Motor Trolley, with remote control:

Best regards

RAMHOIST: 2T Pneumatic chain hoist, 6m lifting height, with Pneumatic Air Motor Trolley, with wireless remote control: 4050 USD/unit

we can give you 3% discount for payment term 50% TT advance and balance before delivery.

                                            4% discount for payment term 100% TT

1- Production time: 20 days
2- Delivery Time: 20 days
3- Transport cost (CFR): may i know which sea port is convenient for you to pick up then we will work the freight accordingly, thanks

Customer: Hello Yang

Thank you for informing you that the practiced port is Algiers and we will discuss the terms of payment later.


Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee: 300 USD

sea freight to Algiers port: 500 USD

Customer: Hello Yang

Please send us a proforma invoice corresponding to our request in FOB delivery condition, 
please mention the customs tariff and the country of origin. 
We will discuss the payment method later. 

Customer: Hello Yang

Please remember our email subject transmission proforma invoice.

RAMHOIST: PI has been sent to your email.
country of origin: china
will check custom tariff later, thanks

RAMHOIST: Our forwarder can not check custom tariff accurately since it it up to your country, thanks