Keyword:AIR CHAIN HOIST   Time:2022-8-10 11:05:31

Attn : Mr. Yang
Hi dear Mr. Yang
Kindly let us have your best price in USD/RMB for 250 - 5 pcs./500 - 20 pcs. /1000 kg - 2 pcs.  for total 27sets by return email . 


250 - 5 件

500 - 20 件

1000 公斤 - 2 件。 

总共 27 件



250 kg- 5 pcs: 1150 USD/pcs

500 kg- 20 pcs: 1200 USD/pcs

1000 kg - 2 pcs: 1300 USD/pcs

technical brochure:

Customer: Dear Mr. Yang
I got your email and offer tks.
I willl add your contact number in whatsApp and will send you a message pls reply me then.
regarding air hoist may I know do you have any record of export to Iran befor?
Also let us know your products is  simillar with which product of europe or japan or brand name?

RAMHOIST: we never sold to Iran for air hoist before.

we are similar to europe JDN hoist but with much cheaper price.