Inquiry for Davit Crane DW32 3.2t

Keyword:Davit Crane 3.2t   Time:2020-6-24 22:39:34

Customer: Kindly advise average price for Davit Crane DW32 3.2t. 

RAMHOIST: The most sold Davit crane is 0.5 and 1T, normally we make 2ton max. however we can customized to 3.2T, below is picture for your reference (however the actual one is bigger than these), you need inform us the jib length and what kind of truck you use.

Davit crane 2.5T.jpg

2.5T davit crane (pick up crane)

Davit crane with bigger capacity1.jpg

Davit crane with bigger capacity2.jpg

Customer: Kindly note, I panned to use above crane as stationary, on the quay, for lifting my boat(1.8t)     
Crane dimension required as bellow: Jib length=3.5 to 4.0 m Minim Jib high from bottom to hook 3.5m 
Hydrophilic is not necessary, because no hydrophilic motor on my quay.     
Kindly find below, same instance of boat davit, maybe you have better offer for such purpose. Installation place is concrete quay.

Davit crane as stationary, on the quay, for lifting my boat3.JPG

Davit crane as stationary, on the quay, for lifting my boat4.jpg

Davit crane as stationary, on the quay, for lifting my boat2.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the voltage on the quay, is there 3 phase power?

Customer: Kindly note, I have both 3 phase power(380V) and two(220), all power connection is acceptable for me.

RAMHOIST: in this case, we have two options, one is made as your picture above, the other is to use jib crane as below, would you pls check which kind you need then we will work accordingly:

jib crane with electric  chain hoist.jpg

Jib crane with electric chain hoist

jib crane with electric  wire rope hoist.jpg

Jib crane with wirerope hoist 

Customer: Kindly provide an average price for both options, I will choose depence price for it. 

Davit crane similar as your picture: 3000 USD
Jib crane as my previous picture: 3200 USD 

Customer: Kindly note, I am still under decision.

RAMHOIST: summarize all what we talked about Davit Crane DW32 3.2t in this link, for easier reading:

Customer: Please, kindly advise price for following attached similar crane.



Customer: With prices noted, what about delivery?? Haw, much it will cost to Ukraine?

RAMHOIST: 20 days  
Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight to
Odessa port, Ukraine: 1100 USD