Chain-Hoists Single-phase and three-phase model from Italy

Keyword:Chain-Hoists   Time:2021-5-3 14:14:45

Customer: Good morning,
We are very interested in your products.

  your product range Chain-Hoists  Single-phase and three-phase model
  (ask for your best prices)

We are interested in a commercial collaboration.

We are a commercial company
  with sales network throughout Italy,
  we supply retailers,in the construction and tooling and industry sectors.

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

RAMHOIST: pls inform the capacity and lifting height of chain hoist you need then we will work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Thanks for the reply.
I ask for a better offer
Chain hoist capacity
Ton 0.2 - 0.5 - 1- 2
 Single-phase and three-phase model
Complete with chain stroke 6 meters.
RAMHOIST: single phase, 6m lifting height
1T: 390 USD/unit
6m lifting height
1T: 330 USD/unit

2T: 390 USD/unit

RAMHOIST: Below is the technical brochure, Does it sell in European market?

Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists (technical brochure).pdf

Three phase Electric Chain Hoists (technical brochure).pdf

Customer: Thanks for the reply
but your prices are way too expensive.
I look forward to a new, more competitive offer.

RAMHOIST: what's your target price?

Customer: Good afternoon,
price proposed by you - 20%

RAMHOIST: are u sure u sold in European countries?

Customer: yes of course European market