PA200 mini electric hoist measurement

Keyword:PA200 mini electric hoist   Time:2020-2-21 18:47:57

Some customers do not need the steel housing, hook and other accessories of mini hoist as below as they want the the remained one mounted on their own plate to save cost.

no need the red mark parts of mini electric hoist.png

In this case, pls carefully check the actual meansurement of dimension of hole, it cannot be welded but should be jointed if customers' plate is steel material while our remained parts is aluminium alloy for taking out of the iron shell, since the existing welding technology can not weld them together.

We measure the actual data of PA200 mini electric hoist, It would be considered to change mounting plate design if not suited our size below

PA200 mini electric hoist measurement3.jpg

Some customers need PA50 or PA100 mini electric hoist, but the date if same, in china market, the min. capacity is 200KG, for 50KG and 100KG, it is 200KG, just revise the nameplate.

Pls check the case of Remove steel housing, hook and other accessories of Mini electric wire rope hoist PA100 from South Korea: