Mini hoist...models 100 -300 adapted that can handle up to 200 lbs and 400lbs

Keyword:Mini hoist   Time:2021-4-29 8:47:22

Customer: Hi, please send specs and price for each model of mini hoist...models 100 -300. thank you


PA200: 41 US$/unit

PA300: 42 US$/unit

technical details:

Customer: I would like to talk to someone about having a custom hoist manufactured.  I have questions on how it can be modified to reduce the weight of the unit, and changing dimensions.  I need two models adapted that can handle up to 200 lbs and 400 

Please provide contact information.  I would like to speak by phone.  I no longer use Whatsapp due to privacy concerns.

RAMHOSIT: The weight and dimension of mini hoist can not be changed, the weight for PA200 is 10.5KG

PA200 is the lightest in all the modes of mini hoist

RAMHOSIT: do you have drawing for the mini hoist to be modified and what's the quantity to be modified, thanks

Customer: We are in the process of making prototypes, and hope to have finalized drawings within 60 days.  
We are planning on a trial run of 100-500 units, with MOS of 250 units after.  
I thought your company was not interested.  

RAMHOSIT: firstly i thought you just need quantity 2.

we are interested, I will wait for your drawing then we will check.

Customer: Thank you for your interest.  I will contact you when the drawings are ready.  I have been advised to complete more patent filings prior to sending drawings.

I also would need your company to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to that.

RAMHOSIT: ok, i await for your drawing and on-disclosure agreement to sign