Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists

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Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists, super mini electric hoists, are the kind of efficient and versatile lifting tools, which are light and small crane machinery and can be fixed on single or double girder bridge crane and portal crane. they are also called electric cable hoist, now mini electric wire rope hoists for sale is in processing.


• Smart design, competitive price, sample order, OEM&ODM design, advanced technology

• Beautiful appearance, high strength hook, big tenacity and also have great flexibility

• Artistic shape, simple structure , more easy to installation, transportation and operation

• National standard with good quality parts and components with high skilled workers

• Enhanced durability, high safety, the collision process, effective protection of the motor

• With body paint surface with high temperature inside the motor which is very powerful

• Elegant and durable shell cover, reliable use and enjoy popular reputation among others

• With exhaust device of heat big mouth to protect the stable and excellent performance

• Solid steel wire rope with high bearing and high elasticity, which is used for wide ranging load

• Pure copper motor with thickening material processing molding provide good quality to workers

• Automatic brake feature which can add more safety to the heavy-duty toggle switch control

• Adopt loner stator and rotor, anti-rotary wire rope with upper and lower limit to make sure safety

• Trolley axle which can adjust width to suit for a wide range and gear can get into each other

• Handle use more pleasing with 220V household electric upright type to meet customer’s needs

• Easier maintenance, complete after-sale service, and environmental-friendly with low noise

• Outside the high manganese steel hook forming, which is not easy to break or failure of rate

Capacity                                                          0.1Ton-1Ton (With Suspension or with electric trolley)
Standard Lift                                                   12 m (single hook), 6m (double hook)
 Name                                                               PA mini electric hoists
 Use                                                                  Lifting Up/Down
 Drive Mode                                                     Motor
 Condition                                                        New
 Warranty                                                         1 year
 Motor                                                              100% Copper Motor
 Certification                                                    CE, ISO9001
 Color                                                                Red, yellow or as required
 Sling Type                                                       Wire rope
 Work Duty                                                       S3-20%-10mi 
 Operation                                                        With pedant cable push button or remote control
 Power Supply                                                 110V, 220v, 230v, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
 Input Power                                                     500W~1980W   
 Control Voltage                                               24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
 H.S. Code                                                        84251100


Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists (technical brochure).pdf


Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists are the kind of efficient and versatile lifting tools, which are light and small crane machinery and can be fixed on single or double girder bridge crane and portal crane. Mini electric wire rope hoists are ideal device to improve work efficiency and working conditions, which have fixed type and running type, with 1 phase power (single phase power). It especially suitable for high buildings to lift downstairs. Mini electric wire rope hoists use the most advanced technology, fine workmanship, gear fit small electric tight, which are the necessary machinery to raise labor productivity and improve working conditions.

The body of mini electric wire rope hoists is strong and durable. All internal gear is after high temperature quenching, which can increase the gear wear resistance and toughness. The crane hoist structure has the characteristic of small size, light weight and high strength, they are applicable to various occasions to lift small pieces of goods. With Simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, and the use of single-phase power as a power source, the use of applications is quite wide and various. They are particularly used in the narrow places, overhead working and in the open air, stretching in the various angles with unique superior advantages, can show its good quality preferably.

The excellent control characteristics include minimal setting force required which designed for one-handed operation. All of products have experienced drop-forged, heat-treated suspension hook and load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety. They adopt motor insulation and magnetic single-phase with caged roller bearing on drum center shaft. All the parts of mini electric wire rope hoists adopt high quality steel to ensure durability. Our hoists are all designed and produced by professional workers. What’s more, special specifications and marks can be made according to customers’ requirements. We also can send the sample to our customers, which can help them to check the quality our products and make the decision to buy our products.

They are also used in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single-girder crane, the double-girder crane, the cantilever crane and the gantry crane. Wire rope type mini electric chain hoist is the best matching products of the column type, wall crane. The construction small lifting equipment have the features of compact, light, small-sized shape and smooth operation, which can be safely used with good quality, long life-span, high efficiency. They can lift objects below 1000KG, especially for lifting from ground to high-rise buildings, more suitable for high-rise buildings to lift heavy items from downstairs. When a family decorates, the small high-rise will use it for lifting, because the volume is small, making this 220 voltage tools more widely use in civil.

Mini electric wire rope hoists can easily lift the heavier articles from downstairs for daily use, and are widely used in various occasions, like factories, workshops, power plants, laboratories, mines, electric power, construction building sites, docks, wharfs, docks, ship building, family warehouses, warehouses for installation of the machines, storage houses, hotels, baskets, shopping malls, decoration and handling places, repairing, machine manufacturing, electronics, automobile, wind power, electric power, agriculture, engine repair applications, work piece assembly and high technology industrial park and other modern industrial production line, assembly line, assembly machine, logistics delivery, transport, lifting goods, Loading and unloading, dragging and securing loads, etc.

Mini electric wire rope hoists are also called mini electric wire rope hoist/crane, mini-electric hoist, PA type electric hoist,small electric hoist, wire rope hoist, mini hoist, pa hoist, mirco electric hoist, mini wire rope hoist, small type electric hoist, civil electric hoist mini hoist, miniature electric wire rope lifts, mini crane hoist, small electric lifter/hoist, small electric winch, mini portable crane, lifting hoists with mini electric wire ropes, micro electric hoists, also known as "hanging electric hoists."

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Detailed Description

1. Fixed Hoist Double Line Pulling
 With the heavy duty forged steel hook and pulley block, the lifting force can be doubled. The emergence brake cuts the power down immediately to get the user and goods out of danger.

2. Anti-rotation wire rope|Cable
 The aircraft anti-rotation wire rope is stronger than normal wire ropes and can prevent the goods from rotation. In that case the lifting process becomes safer. High-quality anti-rotation wire rope are thicker and solid wire rope, high bearing capacity and will not break, which prevents torsion wire rope is for more convenient usage.                 

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-2.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-3.jpg

3. Motor Rotor and Magnetic Braking Device
 Our motor rotor is designed with an extra fan. This allows for excellent heat dissipation and an extended lifespan of the motor. Our magnetic braking device has proven to continuously work under full load for 72 hours. It can prevent goods from falling off.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-4.jpg

4. Motor
 Twined by copper wire, fast dissipation and high temperature resistance. The shaft is extended, copper wire is extended, which will be more durable and more efficient. 100% copper core motor and 100% pure copper for the motor. With automatic brake system and thermal protection function, the motor insulation is B, magnetic single-phase. 

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-5.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-7.jpgMini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-8.jpg

Mini Hoist made in china1-6.jpg

5. Motor Shell
 It is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is thickened anti-collision steel shell, can highly protect the durability of the motor effectively. Besides, the good quality of motor shell also can prolong the service life of our products.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-10.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-9.jpg

6. Thermal Protection Device
 Protection class IP54, the motor runs some time later, it will automatically power off. Thermal protector can be installed to prevent the motor from overheat, It will be automatically disconnected to protect the motor when the motor becomes overheated.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-11.jpg

7. Copper Coil
 The copper coil of the motor is of superior quality and good conductivity. It is covered by insulation materials. Good quality can provide more safety and security to motor and our mini electric wire rope hoists.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-12.jpg

8. Helical Gears
 We have designed the mini electric wire rope hoists with high-precision helical gears to greatly reduce noise. Made of high-tensile forged steel, each tooth is quenched to gain high hardness and wear resistance.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-13.jpg

9. Upper Limiting Device
 When the mini electric wire rope hoists keeps lifting, the upper limiting device can protect the hoist from damage. The lower limiting device is optional. Lower limit lever--controlled by the planetary reducer and has functions to disconnect the power supply.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-14.jpg

10. Switch Handle|Pendent Control
 The comfortable switch handle with emergence brake button, which has a function of saving lives and goods. Besides, it is equipped with emergency brake/stop knob for safety and up and down button.

11. Hoist Frame
 The frame is in small volume, but can bear heavy load. High quality steel roll and foundation frame, the details are as follows.
 Housings: Motor housings, gearbox housings are made of thicken steel. 
 Whole body: A3 stainless steel with spray treatment, solid and durable.

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12. Drum
 In mass production, the wire rope is arranged in order and there should leave at least two turns of wire rope when the load is at the lowest position. Besides, different size drums can completely suitable for different wire rope.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-18.jpg

13. Lifting Hook
 Drop-forged, heat-treated iron load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety latches. A high-strength die forging hook, in the case of accidental overload, it will not suddenly broken but deformed gradually. Forged by high-grade alloy steel, it is good toughness. The hook specially designed with advanced settings, greatly increases the lifting weight of the mini electric hoist. They are included in the product. When the load exceeds the lifting capacity of the single hook but less than max lifting capacity, use the pulley hook to lift the load. Besides, it can rotate 360 degree. There are single hook and dual hook. Dual hook’s rated capacity is two times of single hook, and most tensile safety hooks without break.

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14. Cooling Fan
 The cooling fan adopt the material PVC, and it has the features of adopting once shaping technique, low noise, radiating fast, remission temperature, extending service life

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15. Bearings
 Caged roller bearings are used on drum center shaft, which can add more safety to the drum. They also can prevent many possible dangers from our products.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-21.jpg

16. Electric Trolley
 Powered by AC 100V/120V or 220V/230V electric source, simple to install and control. The width of the bull-headed rail can be adjusted arbitrarily. High-quality steel spur gears to ensure the electric trolley runs smoothly.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-22.jpg

17. Hoist Switch
 Adopt urgent stop switch (emergency stop switch) and reinforced breaking switch with upper position limit. Wired switch voltage is 36V with modern design, which makes you more secure. Customized switches can be chosen at different prices. They adopt Superior PVC (preventing leakage)

18. Plug
 Plug with double reset switch button, contains capacitance, could store a small amount of electricity, and the thermal protection grade is IP 45. Besides, the power cable is superior PVC, anticorrosion, high temperature resistance. It includes two type, with emergency stop switch and ordinary switch.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-24.jpg

19. Tag
 The tag is equipped for warning and guiding, to prevent possible dangers or troubles from daily use of mini electric wire rope hoists.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-25.jpg

20. Reducer
 Well-designed reducer can highly provide useful functions to the loads assignments, which fully meet customer’s requirements.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-26.jpg

21. Fixed Device|Motor Clamps
 The fixed device is mounted on the top of mini electric wire rope hoists, which has the function of fixing products on the girder.

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-27.jpg

 1.Shorter distance between the machine and beam to make the product can used in a lower working space. It can adjust the lifting speed easily. What’s more, our products also have the functions of voltage lower protection and phase sequence protection.
 Some specifications as follows:
 Group of mechanisms M1
 Cable Length:0.65m
 Control cable length:1.5m
Material: Steel
 Function: Anti-Rotation
 Breaking Tensile:1870N/mm²

 ①Please check hooks, wire rope, wheel bearings and other accessories before use.
 ②Overweight use and exposing the hoists in rain or very humid place is forbidden.
 ③Strictly prohibit people to work under it when it working.
 ④Gear and spring should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.
 ⑤Please select the appropriate tonnage of block according to the weight of the load.
 Our components are all packed in the plywood case or carton, and also full of foam inside, which provides more security in the process of transportation.

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4.Different types to fully meet the customers’ requirements

      1) Fixed type                               

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-29.jpg

       2) With push trolley

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-30.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-31.jpg

0.5t                                                                                           1t

      3) With Electric trolley

   Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-32.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-33.jpg

0.5t                                                                                              1t

       4) With 6-wheel trolley

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-34.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-35.jpg

        5) Single hook type

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-36.jpg          

PA hoist with 1 hook.jpg

        6) Double hook type

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-37.jpg

PA hoist with 2 hooks.jpg

Compare for 1 hook and 2 hooks of PA hoist

Compare for 1 hook and 2 hooks of PA hoist.jpg

Take example of PA200KG*12M                
In single rope 12m, it can lift 100KG                
In double rope 6m, it can lift 200KG                
So PA200 we also call 100-200KG hoist                
No matter you use single hook or double hook, the lifting hook is always one hook, the difference is double hook using one hook in the top for hanging.

 PA200, PA300, PA400 matches 0.5t trolley which I beam is 10-12 #
 PA600, PA800, PA1000 matches 1t trolley which I beam is 12-16 #
 Please inform us if you choose 6-wheel trolley

5.Installation of Mini electric wire rope hoists

   ①Push trolley installation

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-38.jpg

    Electric trolley installation

 6.Different usages

    ①With steel rods

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-41.jpg

      With beam trolley

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-42.jpg

      With four position switch

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-43.jpg

        With column

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-44.jpgMini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-45.jpg

        With remote control

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-46.jpg

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-47.jpg

Operation Manual of PA micro electric rope hoist

How to connect remote control instead of using default control pendant for PA hoist?

Explaination of limit switch in PA hoist

Site photos of PA hoist

Wire Diagramm for the Switch of PA hoist

Control Wiring for PA300 hoist

Two kinds of remote controller for PA hoist

Size beams for 1000kg/1200kg Mini Electric Hoist With Electric Trolley run on

PA200 mini electric hoist measurement

Column/suspened winch from Brazil

Technical info

Mini Electric Wire rope Hoist china1-48.jpg


Capacity      (single hook/double hook)         (kg)
Lifting Speed (m/min)
Standard Lift (m)
Lifting Motor
Weight (kg)
Packing Dimension (cm)
Qty/Ctn (pcs)
Power    (kw)