Offer request for Davit crane, hand pallet trucks and mini electric wire rope hoist from Athens Greece

Keyword:Davit crane, hand pallet trucks and mini electric wire rope hoist from Athens Greece   Time:2021-5-8 7:51:18

Dear Mr. Yang,

We are a representative office in Athens Greece.  Briefly we act as a link between customers and providers.  Providers issue the invoice with my profit 7% on directly to the customers and as soon as full payment is received then my profit is transferred to the bank account given later on.

1ST picture on the left - 

2nd picture on the left -  please refer to the 3rd page on this catalogue TYPE COMMANDER 2000,   , portable crane Series 5 PT20 , Capacity 907kg , wire rope 27m ,  440v / 50 – 60hz ,

Please let me know if you can offer accordingly.


Additionally, I need your net/gross prices for 2.5T hand pallet trucks and mini electric  wire rope hoist, fixed type from 100kg up to 1000kgsX12meter

PA100, PA200, PA250 UP TO PA 1000

1ST picture on the left.jpg


our davit crane is different with yours, you can check our style of davit crane in this link:

RAMHOIST: we only supply hand pallet truck and mini hoist, we need to know your quantity then offer accordingly, thanks

mini hoist
the price is based on USD/unit

2.5T hand pallet trucks
Fork outer width 550mm, Nylon wheel
115 USD/unit

Customer: Could you please re send you offer including my profit 7%  in excel format.  Please mind to add pictures.

Specifications are necessary as well.

Please arrange accordingly.

RAMHOIST: the price including your profit 7%