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Davit cranes with welded steel construction and hot dipped galvanized are designed for affordable and simple lifting operation for shops with limited space, which also can be directly mounted at the bed of truck or trailer for easy product loading and unloading. Marine davit cranes and boat davit cranes are sold popularly here.


• Compact structure, adjustable, foldable, simple and easy to install, carry, transport

• With small size and volume, therefore it only need less space for storage and operations

• Light weight, safe and reliable design with wide application scope, good after-sale service

• High quality heavy weather proof cover, provides our davit cranes a long service life

• Adopt  unique and advanced technology for excellent performance to draw customers’ attention

• Rapid and immediate response, fast lifting process with easy and convenient operation

• Unique design with strong and durable ability of bending and perfectly 360°rotating

• All shafts and pins are made of stainless steel, which are wear resistance and shock resistance

• Quick-disconnect anchor makes the maintenance and parts change become more simple

• The winch mount plate which is easily removed, adjusts to 3 different positions on the mast 

• Larger loading and unloading capacity than normal shop cranes provides high competition

• Galvanized and Stainless Steel options are all can be chosen according to customers’ needs

• Conforms to CE safety standard, and completely meets customers’ different requirements

• Adopt heavy steel construction for maximum durability, makes the cranes can be used longer

• Different operation, manual operation, both electric, hydraulic or pneumatic are available

• Economic with cost-effective, environmental-friendly, and also has no noise pollution

Capacity                                0.1Ton-3.2ton
Power Source                       Electric and manual
Sling type                              Wire rope
Voltage                                  12/24V DC motor/ 220V single phase motor or customized
Type                                       Fixed
Delivery Time                        Varied based on quantity
Certification                          CE ISO ISO9001
Finish                                     Electrostatic powder coating or galvanized stainless steel
Warranty                                1 Year
Color                                      Yellow, orange or optional
Rotating                                 360 degrees
Combination  tools               Electric or hand winch
Package                                 Bubble film and wooden case
Condition                               New
Finish                                     Powder coted
Application                            Construction of lifting
H.S. Code                               8428909090
英文品名: Davit Crane 
中文品名: 吊运机


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           Davit cranes with welded steel construction and hot dipped galvanized are designed for affordable and simple lifting operation for shops with limited space, which also can be directly mounted at the bed of truck or trailer for easy product loading and unloading. Davit cranes are very simple use with maintenance free operation, whilst offering a robust, weather resistant construction suitable for lifting and lowering loads. What’s more, davit cranes can rotate 360 degrees to access items from all sides.

           Portable davit cranes consist of an angled beam pivoting over a vertical base mounted beam and with fixed or adjustable booms, they are available in portable or fixed units. They can be used with permanent or portable power units, incorporating a hand operated electric winch. Besides, you can move the davit around as needed by using independent bases all over your workplace or shop, but only needed one unit to get the job done.

           Small Davit cranes are complete with bolts, square base mounting plate for anchoring to concrete floor slabs or to existing structures. Operators can rotate manually by using the pivoting slew handle giving infinite 360° slew rotation. When not in use, just slew handle then they can be locked off to rear of base column assembly. One of the advantages is that davit cranes adopt electrostatic spraying for the stand surface, similar to automobile painting and have long  working life, which also have exquisite outlook and more attractive appearance than normal cranes. Our cranes are very suitable for any occasions and place, because they are available with permanently installed floor-mounted pedestal bases, inverted bases that recess into side-wall brackets or concrete floors for industrial  applications, as well as dolly-mounted pedestal bases for equipment loading. Besides, each davit crane is equipped with powered or manual winches. The high-quality manual lifting winch has a large capacity, which can up to 3.2Ton. The brake mechanism of winch automatically engages when the handle is not  being cranking. The winch is made from carbon steel, which has a corrosion-resistant finish.

           Davit cranes offer a wide variety of options and accessories to meet customers’ specific requirements and standards. Please make sure to look at detailed images for full details, choosing the different options and components according to your different needs. With regard to power supply, DC motor is directly connected to car battery and lever switch to meet demands of various occasions. Besides, on the end of wire rope, the quick disconnect anchor is provided and with a swaged ball fitting for quickly attaching or removing and with the per-drilled holes of base plate, they are much easier for mounting. What’s more, the maximum load capacity of davit cranes depends on cable thickness, boom position and length of cable being used.

           Steel davit cranes are widely applied for loading and unloading of goods in light duty trucks, vans, heavy trucks, caravans, cars, wagons, loading docks, platforms, farms, laboratory, supporting the use of emergency vehicles, warehouses, indoor and outdoor decorations, schools, field operations, construction hoists, loading length, assembly line, heavy card, loading bay, rescue vehicles, storage, vehicles that can replace the small jib, bridges and many other fields. They are very suitable for areas where no power and perfect for a wide variety of simple jobs where adjustable height and reach are not required. What’s more, they are also used extensively in the wastewater and construction industry and in areas where floor space and access is limited. 

          Davit cranes are also called vehicle-mounted cranes, the accessory supporting alternative small cantilever cranes, hydraulic vehicle-mounted mini cranes, mini truck cranes, DC confined space davit cranes, mini pickup hydraulic truck cranes, mini hydraulic swing lift cranes, pickup truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, new type mini crawler cranes, swivel davit cranes with winch, lift jib cranes, vehicle mounted cantilever cranes, davit cranes for boats, electric davit cranes, lorry cranes, derrick cargo cranes, mini cranes hoists for car and mini jib cranes.

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Detailed Description

1. Arm
         The 360°rotated lazy and easy assembled arm is made up with heavy seamless steel pipe/tube which is very strong and solid. It can provide the complete safety to the load assignments, also can provide the cranes have a long service life.

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2. Pulley
         The high-quality top pulley could be adjustable, and the different angle can meets different customers’ requirements.

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3. Bolt Holes
        There are three adjusting points to control rocker arm for adjustable height. Each one is durable and reliable, which can bear heavy duty to ensure the security to operations.

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4. PlateBasePedestal
         Davit cranes are equipped with plate hole for fix on the thickened base. Besides, the wide base is designed for maximum stability, which includes various options such as: pedestal, socket or wall mount style or wheel base for floor crane operation.

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5. ColumnPostMast
          The column is very solid and boom and outer mast rotates on tapered roller bearings and needle bearings for smooth 360° load movement. Outer mast locks in one of six positions (at 30°  increments) with locking pin.

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6. Handle
           Cranes are equipped with locator with 360 degree rotation which is operated by flexible handle. The rotating handle plays an auxiliary role in lifting heavy objects, making the rotation more labor-saving and support-saving.

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7. Wheel
            The steel wheel design has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Electrostatic powder coated crane and stainless steel fasteners combine to resist corrosion in harsh environments. Other options available include: galvanized, stainless steel and epoxy finishes.

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 8. Mainframe Mounting Seat
             The Davit cranes are equipped with two screw eyes/holes for adjusting the arm length which are electric winch and four long eyes which are miniature electric hoists.

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9. WinchHand winch
             Davit cranes adopt mix-wise use with self-locking hand winch. Lift below floor level varies depending on boom position and winch configuration. Every product chosen from spur gear hand winch, work gear hand winch with brake for load control or power winch operation. Power winch operated models include 115 volt, single phase AC electric winch with pendant control and brake. Other voltages and phases, 12 volt DC, pneumatic, and hydraulic options are also available. The personnel winch is manually operated with a rated capacity with built in design safety factors with maximum lifting height.          

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10. Hook

            Pulley swivel hook which is forged with heavy duty steel is designed for double line lifting, and for safety. When davit cranes are not in use, they will be hooked automatically, and the safety latch is added on the hook.

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            Diaphragm automatic braking system is designed to ensure safe loading, lifting, suspension and self-locking.

12. Telescopic RodBoom
           The telescopic boom which provides 4 positions is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex. They can also adapt to 5 different lengths and adjustable boom angle option allows for 50° of movement between boom position A and C with hand operated ratchet style screw-jack to adjust height and reach.
           Boom Brace option securely holds boom in fixed position during operation.

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13. Locking pin
          Locking pin on outer mast fits into securing Davit crane after rotation, which can protect the cranes from possible or potential dangers.

14.Pendant Control
          Pendant control are used to control the operations of winch. It has the function of operating or stopping the load works immediately.

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15. Ram
         Hydraulic long ram with built-in by-pass system is designed for preventing ram from being over-extended.

16. Bearing
         The double bearings are designed for flexibility of rolling and rotating. (Roller bearings make mast rotation easy and smooth)

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17.Manual Winch(Only  for manual winch hoist type)
         Manual winch which has the advantages of light  weight and compact structure. Heavy-duty aircraft cable, Zinc-plated steel  frame, and drop forged hook all can provide a long service life for manual  winch. Manual winch is the necessary parts of manual winch hoist type davit cranes, it can cost the least effort for operators.

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18.Hydraulic system  (Only for Electric Winch Hoist With Hydraulic Pump Type)
         The hydraulic parts are made of telescopic boom mobile crane. The double acting Hydraulic Pump unit which is fitted with pressure relief valve, has the  function of preventing overloading from operations or load assignments.

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Three types
A. Manual Winch Hoist Type

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B.Electric Winch Hoist Type(Standard), fitted with 6000lbs electric winch as standard

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 C.Electric Winch Hoist With Hydraulic Pump Type

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All of the three types have their own advantages and disadvantages.
           Compared with other types, the Manual Winch Hoist Type has the price advantage, and is cost-effective. The structure of manual winch hoist type is simpler, it is convenient for customers to install and carry. What’s more, it is also easy for operators to change components and maintenance.
           Electric winch hoist type has some familiars with manual winch hoist type, because both of them use the winch hoist equipment to lift the loads. Actually, manual winch hoist type is more environmental than electric winch hoist type. It can save more energy and electric power for customers. Besides, it not only has low price, also have can save money when operated. However, electric winch hoist has stronger working ability. Because electric power is supplied to operate davit cranes, which can make the cranes work at a high speed. Electric winch hoist can lift the loads quicker than manual winch hoist and it also can work endlessly, because there is no need to rest like the operators who control manual winch hoist type.
           Hydraulic type is equipped with electric hydraulic control system, hydraulic rotary rack and hydraulic telescope structure. Hydraulic type davit cranes can achieve the goods up and down, rotation, lifting equipment, usually mounted on the truck. It is safer, because this system can warn workers about overloading. It makes the loads works become more reliable and secure.
           Both Electric winch hoist type and Electric winch hoist with hydraulic pump type are all electric (electric lift) and has electric winch which belong to Electric  Winch Hoist, the main difference for Electric winch hoist with hydraulic pump type is it has hydraulic pump, so the crane arm can be raised with hydraulic  pump. The standard model does not carry hydraulic pump, the crane arm can only be lifted by hand which normally called hand type (please do not puzzle with  manual winch), which is more laborious. The electric winch hoist with hydraulic pump type is only customized for the customers but not default. What we sell best is the on-board crane without hydraulic pump, the standard on-board crane is without hydraulic pump.
         Price: Electric winch hoist with hydraulic pump > Electric winch hoist >  Manual winch hoist


           1.  Packaging
           At first, davit cranes are wrapped with bubble film first. Secondly, they will be put in to the wooden case or packed with the steel pallet.
           2.  As regard the after-sales service, engineers are available to service machinery overseas and third-party supporting is available, too.
           3.  There are various specifications for the davit cranes, such as rated voltage, rated power, length of wire rope, wire rope diameter, adjustable length, hoisting weight, boom height, boom length, rotating arm mode, electric source, size of base, color and many other figures.
           4.  It is the owner's or operator's responsibility to determine the suitability of the equipment to its intended use. So operators should study all applicable codes, manuals and regulations. Be sure to read the owner's manual supplied with the equipment before operating it.
           5. Other types according to ropes 

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     Single rope use                                                                                        Double rope  use

6.Site Photos
         Not only our davit cranes are designed by professional workers, the accessories are also perfect and outstanding.            

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Technical info

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Capacity     (Kg)
Max Lifting    Height      (mm)
Reach Max           (mm)
N.W (Kg)
G.W   (Kg)
Lifting Cable    (mm)
Packing Size               (cm)
Line Speed    (m/min)
Switch Cable             (m)
Mounting    Bases      (mm)
Manual or hydraulic
220/12V/24V DC motor
Powder coated
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