wiring diagram in yellow control

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Kan je mij helpen aan het schema voor aansluiting draden van deze bediening  bij mij alles aer af

Electra schema gele bediening Pa 200

Groetjes Gacoms jean-pierre



Can you help me with the schematic for connecting wires of this control with me everything off

Electric scheme yellow manual control Pa 200

Greetings Gacoms Jean-Pierre

Electric scheme yellow manual control Pa 200-2.jpg

RAMHOIST: Wire Diagramm for the Switch of PA hoist (mini hoist) : http://www.ramhoist.com/Electric-Wire-Rope-Hoists/1899.html

Control wiring for PA300 hoist: http://ramhoist.com/Electric-Wire-Rope-Hoists/1976.html

Customer: Dear

like connected photo 1 the arrow goes up but not down I connect everything like yours photo up and not down what is wrong those 2 black ones are connected differently than with you photo 7


In photo 1 everything was connected in such a way in the container than in photo 7 yours works like this down arrow down press arrow up does not work what is wrong

Greetings jp thank you


RAMHOIST: Below photo is the right wiring diagram of PA hoist, if it is still not valid, then the design of your supplier is different with ours, then better to ask your existing supplier of this one, thanks
wiring diagram of PA hoist.jpg