Vacuum tube lifter for 30-40kg carton from Thailand

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Customer: I am looking for vacuum lifting
Height : 3.5
Weight: 30- 40 KG
Product: Paper Box
Purchase quantity: 4 pieces 

Standard lifter                                            4000 USD  
Standard jib crane                                      2300 USD
technical details:

Standard lifter and standard jib crane.jpg
In the red circled, it is standard jib crane, some customer make this by themselves and do not need this.
The other part which not in the red circled is standard lifter. 


In your phone, you saide you have different size of carton box, and the longest size is 2m, in this case, you'd better list all the size you want to lift, like below

Carton size for reference.png

Below is require from customer. Can you do that?
1. ผนังห้องPacking วัดจากพื้น ถึง เพดานห้อง วัดได้ 3.5m.  
Packing room walls measure from floor to ceiling of room measure 3.5m.
2. ตัวจับ ต้องการแบบใช้มือเดียว
The handle needs one-handed use.
3. และฐาน ถ้าสามารถ ตั้งได้โดยไม่ต้องเจาะยึดพื้น จะดีมากเพราะพื้นปูฉนวนป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์(ESD)ไว้
And the base if it can be set up without drilling mounting the floor. It is very good because the floor is insulated anti-static (ESD)

vacuum lifter required by customer.jpg

RAMHOIST: no problem, we can use Low headroom jib crane with the same price (    
u can check the case in this link:

Do you confirm that you can change the handle as picture? 

2. Can it be set up without drilling mounting the floor?

1st picture is from side, while for u, we grasp from top, in the end of the link, there is picture showing grasp from top
2nd is same, it is without drilling

Customer: we request as below    


Can you mail us the quotes for the one -  two machines in word file in proper format? So that we can copy the texts easily over. (Customer target is for 4 units but partial delivery).  Is it possible to sent to me before lunch.
Also we need to know your standard payment terms, lead-times, recommended spare parts, cost for erecting technicians….
As I told you that the customer need only 1 suction and no need to drill the floor. So please give me a quote and spec as picture below. Because the first you give me for 4 suction and I am not sure if suction is change from 4 to 1 weight is still same or change. Please give me clear to avoid for misunderstanding.


    lifter                                                                   4300 USD    

    low headroom jib crane                                    3300 USD

The cup is so light to change weight, I guess about 2-3kg different.
No problem to make it single cup or multiple cups
Payment term: 50 % advance and balance before delivery
Lead time: 15 days
Erecting technicians: can not send in this special time, we can give your technical guide buy video/tel/email, it is easy to install
Recommended spare parts: 


Spare parts


US $/unit

Replacement period


Sucker lips



18 months


Transmission belt

PT220,Mitsubishi Japan


3000 hours


Vacuum transfer tube

Dia.52mm/Masterflex Germany




Vacuum fan asbestos mat

Non-standard/Made in china



Sucker lips


Transmission belt


Vacuum transfer tube


Vacuum fan asbestos mat


45kg cartons(tube lifter).doc

Customer: I am confuse for your information.
Would you please confirm to me that in formation below is correct? If any wrong, please let me know.
And confirm for one suction on the top?
Waiting for your reply soon.


Vacuum Tube Lifters



Customer: Would you please kindly advice service life, the spare part list with the price to maintenance for Vacuum Lifting as model below as soon as possible.
After customer got this information, he can issue PO to me soon.

RAMHOIST: We offer 1 year guarrantee and online support, all parts will be free to replace for poor quality, but the shipping costs will be taken by your side
pls also confirm you power supply is 380V/50HZ/3P

Drawing for Manual moving Low headroom jib crane designed for Packing room walls measure from floor to ceiling of room measure 3.5m

Manual moving Low headroom jib crane designed for Packing room walls measure from floor to ceiling of room measure 3.5m.png

Drawing for Manual moving Low headroom jib crane designed for Packing room walls measure from floor to ceiling of room measure 3.5m(可移动悬臂吊).pdf

The longest jib is 3.5m, if more than 3.5m, it will possible topple over (topple and fall down)
We have to put a cable reel on the counterweight base, the cable is 4*2.5m2, 9 meter length, I believe it is necessary for mobile jib crane
Besides, Our engineer said The single hand controller can not work well with vacuum blower which as shown in the above first photo (in the beginning of article), but vacuum pump (in the above drawing and in the below picture), the vacuum blower featured high vacuum flow to 130 m3/hour, the single hand controller air inlet is small to allow maximum 60m3/hour flow, so we have to change vacuum blower to vacuum pump, however, the vacuum pump vacuum level is much higher than blower, its maximum level is -85kpa, the blower level is -50kpa. the change leads to cost increasing a bit. 

Vacuum pump for single hand controller.jpg

Customer: Due to long holiday in Thailand and situation for Covid is too bad.  I will follow up and inform to you as soon as possible.
As I request you to give me the list of spare part for maintenance for this product. Can you please give me the list with the price?
Customer would like to know after 1 years warranty, which spare part they would be keep to stock or has to change or repair. Kindly give me asap.

RAMHOIST: the spare part and price of spare part list is same as before, which you can see in the previous link: