Purchasing of 02 x Scissor Lift (Lift Platform) from Bangladesh

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The buyer will purchase Trolley Mounted Hydraulic Actuator Operated Scissor Lift (Lift Platform), Qty-02 Ea. 

I am pleased to send you Technical Specifications of the Scissor Lift as attachment to this email.

You are requested to send me following for Trolley Mounted Hydraulic Actuator Operated Scissor Lift (Lift Platform), Qty-02 Ea by 05 June 2021:

1.  Compliance (filled up remarks column) of the attached Technical Specifications.

2.  Price quotation with sea freight up to Seaport Chittagong, Bangladesh.

3.  Brochure/Catalog mentioning offered Technical Specifications.


Your kind co-operation and prompt reply are solicited.




Specification Specified

Remarks (Comply/Mention)


Name of the Equipment

Scissor Lift (Lift Platform): Trolley mounted hydraulic actuator operated Scissor Lift (Lift Platform)



Scissors Lift (Lift Platform) is used for inspection & maintenance helicopter as well as different jobs of   hanger.


Model/Part No

To be mentioned by the bidder


Country of origin

To be mentioned by the bidder


Load Capacity

Minimum 400-500 Kg


Lifting Height

Minimum 16-20 Meters.


Component Data

Scissors Lift (Lift Platform) should be incorporated with the following units mechanism:

(a) Lifting mechanism

Scissors type Lifting mechanism should reach at a working height of minimum 16-20 Meters.

(b)   Actuator

Hydraulic Actuator or to be mentioned by the bidder.

(c)   Platform

Metallic   Platform with extended facilities.

(d) Wheel Drive

Electrically/hydraulically motor operated or to be mentioned by the bidder.

To move forward/backward and turning left/right with the help of remote control system from the top.

(e) Power Source

02 x Battery, (12V & 150 AH) each or to be mentioned by the bidder

(f)   Hydraulic Reservoir

Metallic with neck filter or to be mentioned by the bidder.

(g) Wheel and Tyre

04 x standard size wheel along with 01 set spare wheel.

(h) Motor Pump Unit

24VDC Motor with pump unit or to be mentioned by the bidder.

(j)   Steering System

Hydraulic/electrically by Remote control system.

(k) Parking Brake


(l)   Emergency Towing

Towing system is to be included for emergency movement/in case of unserviceability of its hydraulically operated   system.

(m) Manual descent/lift

Manual descent/lift system is to be made for operation of Scissors Lift (Lift Platform) in the event of power failure.

(n)   Platform Up/down control

Electrically remote control operating system both from ground and platform station.

(p) Battery charger

Suitable battery charger with auto timer. Detachable                    20   meter electric wire is to be provided for electric connection with 220 V, 50   Hz power source.

(q) Power Selector Switch

Ground and platform control selector switch with off position at center.

(r) Circuit Breaker

Push button type or to be mentioned by the bidder.

(s)   Emergency Stop

Two position (on/off) emergency stop switch.

(t) Tools and manual

One set standard tools and one set manual (operation/ maintenance) in English must be provided with the item.


Standard fittings and accessories

The Scissor   Lift (Lift Platform) must be equipped with all standard fittings and accessories.

Tech Spec - Mobile Hydraulic Scissor - 07 Jun 21.docx

RAMHOIST: The mobile scissor platform is 18m, 20m working height, 300kg load, AC lift, and the price is 10000 USD. If you add a remote control, you can only control the rise and fall, not the walking, because it has supporting leg and cannot remotely walk. if you need remote control, it is additional 55 USD

Extended platform +650 USD

If it is DC lift, do not AC lift, the price will be added 850 USD

Charger voltage 220/50/single phase

If AC lifting, 380V

If DC lifting, 4 batteries 48v//85ah