Price list of Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platforms for Russia

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咨询产品:  Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platforms
客户姓名:  Stefan
手机号码:  +79166*****
客户邮箱:  st******
客户留言:  I want to sell your Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platforms in Russia. Send me photos and videos of your Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platforms in action. Also send the price.

RAMHOIST: could you pls check the technical brochure of Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platform:

technical details:

pls check which type you are interested in, thanks

Customer: I saw it, but I need of videos and prices exw.

I am interested in all products of this line

RAMHOIST: pls check the video in below link:

May i know how many meters you need? thanks

Customer: Hi Yang!


Thank you for the video!
This is exactly what I was looking for!
I need it with all possible heights as I am going to sell this in Russia.
Tell me the prices for all heights so I can calculate the selling price for Russia.


Professional Exporter of telescopic hydraulic cylinder lift.jpg

Single ladder hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift

ModelCapacity  (Kg)Max Lifting   Height(m)Max Platform   Height(m) Overall Dimension (mm)Platform Size(mm)Lifting   Speed(m/s)Wind Resistance  
Net Weight(Kg)Motor Power(Kw)Voltage(v)USD/unit

Double ladder hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift

ModelCapacity  (Kg)Max Lifting   Height(m)Max Platform   Height(m)Overall Dimension   (mm)Platform Size(mm)Lifting   Speed(m/s)Wind Resistance  
Net Weight(Kg)Motor Power(Kw)Voltage(v)USD/unit

Tiltable sleeve hydraulic cylinder type lift 

ModelCapacity  (Kg)Max Lifting   Height(m)Max Platform   Height(m)Overall Dimension   (mm)Platform Size(mm)Lifting   Speed(m/s)Wind CapacityNet Weight(Kg)Motor Power(Kw)Voltage(v)USD/unit
TTLP20 15021.7202800*1450*2200800*8000.04523501.1*222020533
Customer: Hi Yang!
Yes, your offer suits us.
We are now looking for delivery methods and calculate the final cost and discuss with the customer.
Unfortunately, we do not have a sample and we cannot find an analogue in Moscow to demonstrate to the customer.
Can we open a yuan account without dollars?


Best Regards, Stefan

RAMHOIST: Yes, you can open yuan account, you open it in Russia or china?

I was told you needs to find a bank that can remit RMB or U.S. dollars, we can receive yuan (RMB)  if the bank can remit money.

(他需要找能够汇出人民币或者美金的银行, 我们都能收的,能汇出就能收)

Customer: Yes, we found a bank.
Say, can we use this lift without a ladder?
We will not lift a person, but we will lift a load.
How much does the ladder weigh?
I understand that it does not allow the mast to rotate around its axis, but this is not critical for the load.
I want to put this lift on a truck.
Do you think it is possible and can the lift be lightened?


Best Regards, Stefan







RAMHOIST: You can't use without a ladder. If you put the lift on a truck, how many meters will it lift?


Customer: HI,
we need to lift the load by 25-30 meters, without ladders
during the lifting up of the load, it will not spin around the vertical axis?

(我们需要将负载提升 25-30 米,无需梯子


RAMHOIST: normally you can't use without a ladder, A ladder must be used, it will not spin around the vertical axis during the lifting up of the load.

If our hydraulic cylinder type lift does not have a ladder, when the wind is strong, the table above may rotate. If you don't want to install a ladder, you can tie a rope to each corner (that is, four corners, tie a wind rope to each corner), Pull it to the ground, that's fine too, the weight of this set of ladder is about 300kg.

【必须要用梯子, 在举起负载的过程中,它不能绕垂直轴旋转


Customer: Yes, it's very well!
What is the minimum temperature possible?
Can you make -30C, better -40C?

RAMHOIST: The low temperature depends on the hydraulic oil, you can buy low temperature hydraulic oil from local.


Customer: Hello, Yang!
I see that you posted our correspondence))
This is very good, so you want to promote your brand in Russia.
I am ready to work with all your products in Russia.
I have already begun to advertise your telescopic lifts and communicate with customers!
Unfortunately I don't have samples, it would speed up our sales.
I really liked your vacuum lifters, we also have a market for them. I just want prices.
Tell me, can I become a representative of your company and advertise your brand?
Are you ready to open your representative office in Russia?
P.S. Just let it remain confidential information)))

RAMHOIST: thanks, we hope you can buy samples earlier.

you can check the price list and case of vaccum tube lifter for lifting different item with different weight in the bottom of this link:

yes, you can become a representative of our company and advertise our brand

we suggest we can have coopeartion firstly then we will discuss opening representative office in Russia, is it ok?

yes, we keep it is as confidential information and do not have your name and company in this link, if you want me delete any information in this link, just let me know, thanks