Inquiry about Drywall Lifts 16foot / 4.7 m from Thailand

Keyword:Inquiry about Drywall Lifts 16foot / 4.7 m from Thailand   Time:2022-12-1 14:34:06

Inquiry about Drywall Lifts
Drywall Lifts
Please send me a quotation for one of the product Drywall Lifts, thanks!
with delivery cost to
Thailand 83130
can payment be made via Paypal in USD?
thanks john
RAMHOIST: Drywall lift 3.35m: 70 US $/unit
express cost: 200 USD
total: 270 USD
you can pay by paypal:

technical brochure of drywall lift:
Customer: Hi Yang
could you also please quote me for the 16foot / 4.8 m drywall lift model
plus delivery 
thank you


RAMHOIST: 16foot / 4.7 m drywall lift:  85 USD/unit
express cost: 220 USD

total: 305 USD

Customer: Hi Yang

Confirming I wish to buy one of the .....
16foot / 4.7 m drywall lift:  85 USD/unit
express cost: 220 USD
total: 305 USD

Payment ( USD)
pay by paypal to:
( please confirm chainhoist gmail address is your company's Paypal ID )

Also please confirm the order would be ex stock and the appox delivery time to Phuket

I will sent full address and phone details once above is confirmed  

RAMHOIST: yes, confirm

yes, ex stock and delivery time is  about 5 days

Customer: Hi Yang

Just sent the $US305 to your company Paypal  account from my Australian Paypal account, Paypal named the account L**** W**
Transaction ID
Please send the 16foot / 4.7 m drywall lift: to:-



Phuket 83130Thailand

Phone number

Customer: Good Morning Yang

2 issues for discussion....
1. I picked up the drywall lift myself after many days of phone calls and then trips to 3 different warehouse locations, 
The packaging was badly damaged and had to be re wrapped in plastic, the handle for the winch wheel is missing for the delivery
"I do not have a handle""
2. The Drywall Panel Lifter delivered to me at Phuket is not the item I ordered 
The item I order is in the emails above with internet links to product specifications 
I order the 16ft model that had a loading height of around 3ft ( PL 16C )
I received an 11ft model with loading height of around 5ft  ( LG - 022 )
This model supplied does not meet my requirements 
1. I cannot use on my 2nd story as I have 4.1m ceilings  ( my ground floor is 3m ceilings ) 
2. I cannot load the drywall ( gyprock)  sheets as the height is too high , its at high chest level  and hence would need two people standing on two 1.2M step ladders 
Please review my problem
I await your solution

I picked up the drywall lift myself after many days of phone calls and then trips to 3 different warehouse locations.jpg







我订购的16英尺型号的负载高度约为3英尺(PL 16C)

我收到了一个11英尺的型号,负载高度约为5英尺(LG -022)







1,we will check with shipping company for the missing handle

2,  it is 16 ft model, the 2nd pillar has not come out, rotate the winch and it will come out and extended (as below)

rotate the winch and it will come out and extended (1).jpg

Customer: Good afternoon  Yang

Attached are photo's of the package after I picked it up from Kerry in Rawai , Phuket 
38. underside of package , wrapped with stretch plastic  to contain the contents ( probably done by SF in bangkok for the second time delivery to Phuket )
39 topside of plastic wrapped package for second delivery
40 photo taken just with the removal of plastic wrap
41  dispatch labels under the plastic wrap
42 view ,top end of the box , shows box open
43 view bottom end of the box, shows box open
44. view after plastic straps removed , box is disintegrated 
45. furniture bracket in bottom of package , very random item inside package
Hope this photos help
My opinion is Kerry Courier company is the most likely source of poor handling , as mentioned previously this company is short staffed at least here in Phuket
After much difficulty finding the package last week they had nobody to send it to my house , I had to come back with a larger SUV to pick the item up myself
I was waiting for days at home for the delivery after many promises from the phone calls to Kerry 's call centre

42 top end of box.jpg

RAMHOIST: We have send the problem to SF express,  for Tracking no.: SF1387073289290, pls keep the evidence, your local point will investigate, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi There Yang

Yes you are correct the second stage extends to about 15foot more than what I need for upstairs ceilings, initially when I saw the second pulley wheel appear I thought it was the end of the lift cycle.... 
However how can the loading issue be solved
loading the drywall sheets should be at waist height  which is physically easy
but the loading height of the item supplied is just at neck height which is very difficult to accomplish 
Is there an extension that assists loading and once the sheet is horizontal it can be slid across to a central position before lifting to the ceiling ??
as mentioned in your company specifications min height is 4foot,  ( lift cradle lowers to 34"off the floor for easy panel loading)  the model LG-022 supplied is 6ft min height  with 55" loading height
Trusting you have a solution to the problem






如您在规格中所述,最小高度为4英尺,(提升杆降低至34英寸远离地面,以便于控制板加载)型号LG-022 提供的 是6英尺最少高度,55英寸装载高度


RAMHOIST: What you said is correct, but our drywall lift can not reach your requirment due to the design, either achieving the high height (16ft type) but you need to be at neck height, either can not achieving high height (11ft type) then can be at waist height, what you said is one type of American design, but we do not make, sorry.

Customer: Hi Yang
thanks for your reply with the explanation of design limits
In good faith I purchased the 16ft model as it had the same min height lift spec as the 11ft but with the advantage of higher lift capacity
80+% of my current lift work will be at 3m ( ground floor will be double layered drywall for sound proofing with upstairs having some dropped level ceilings)
100% I would have purchased the 11ft model to obtain the waist lifting aspect
it would be easy to add foam blocks to obtain a higher lift when required
attached is just one of your company specifications ( link on the first email of this series) stating min lift heights identical for the 11 ft And 16 ft models  
currently I have a drywall lift from your company I personally cannot use
I am still capable of low lifts but not higher hence the purchase of a lifter
plus the advertised ability to lift drywall panel with one person