Drywall Lifts

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Drywall lifts, made of high quality welded steel, with powder-coated finish for added protection against rust, are designed for fast and easy positioning of drywall, tiling to the wallboard, and other panels in home and commercial use. Both drywall lifts for sale and drywall lifts for rent are available in Chinese market.


• Adopt durable welded steel construction with powder coating for high strength

• Easy to install transport, carry, assemble, disassemble and storage

• Beautiful appearance, unique telescopic design with one person operation

• Unrivalled engineering from OEM suppliers and experienced strict inspection

• High quality, 100% brand new, perfect for both home and commercial mounting

• With 5" caster wheels for easy rolling with high test CE and GS certification

• Can be breaking down into three pieces with unique foldable structure

• Low and decent price, great maintenance and complete after-sale service

• Compatible with a 6 ft. extension (sold separately) for reaching higher areas

• Labor saving, time saving, energy saving and environment- friendly with no noise

• Perfect packing and timely transportation with excellent and advanced products

• Adopt advanced skills and mature production technology making them perfect

• With over practical winch's handle and automatic braking mechanism for safety

• Much more reliability and security because of locking outriggers and emergency stop

• Adopt triple base create greater balance and better control for stability and strong support

• Cause the flexibility in use so that you can change the size of the cradles

Name                                                           drywall lift
Lift Drive /  Actuation                                 hand
Rated Loading  Capacity                           68KG/150lbs
Min. Lifting Height                                     4'
Max. Lifting Height                                   16'
Warranty                                                    1 year
Certification                                              CE, ISO9001
Material                                                     metal and cable and plastic
Panel size                                                  4*16FT
Color                                                          red, orange, or black, blue, green
Delivery time                                             35 days after deposit receipt
General Use                                              construction tools
Specific Use                                              drywall panel lift
HS code                                                     84289090
Packing                                                     1 pcs in one carton or in 2 cartons


             Drywall lifts made of  high quality welded steel, with powder-coated finish for added protection against rust, are designed for fast and easy positioning of drywall, tiling to  the wallboard, and other panels in home and commercial use. Dry lifts allow a person to lift a drywall panel without help, reducing labor, saving time and  cost, and they turn 2 or 3 man jobs into one man task with 3 large lockable  casters that allowing easy movement, and convenient storage. Moreover, one  feature of drywall lifts is that they adopt foldable structure so that they can  be completely disassembled and is delivered partially assembled and very easy  and convenient for transportation.

            With the help of drywall lifts, you can install drywall without running to the local  rental store and/or calling all of your buddies to help you finish your  basement ceiling, and get your job done faster and easier. Besides, the drywall panel lifter is compatible with the  standard size plasterboard / drywall: 2700 x 1200, 3000 x 1200,  3600 x 1200, 3600 x 1350, 4200 x 1200, 4200 x 1350, etc. And the panel can be raised to a maximum height of 11ft for attachment  to level ceilings or (with the lift's cradle tilted) to sloped ceilings or the base and cradle of drywall lifts are designed to  allow the entire unit to pass through even the narrowest doorways. The entire  unit can be quickly assembled or dismantled in under a minute with no tools  required. It even breaks down small enough to fit into the trunk of a cradle  walls.

           Drywall lifts are heavy-duty drywall hoisting tools with construction-grade cables and  a welded steel frame for high strength, creating great balance and better  control. With rolling casters, they make it easy to maneuver and position and  the drywall lifts can lift up to 11ft. for taller ceilings. Due to 5’’ caster  wheels and foot stops, they make drywall lifts easy for rolling and keep them  in place for safety. With a 150 lb. weight capacity, it supports sheets up to  16 ft. long. Built-in rolling casters allow you to easily move sheets of  drywall into position and one person can easily load and operate the heavy-duty  unit on their own. Today's technology housed in a robust design will provide  you with years of service.

           Professional drywall lifters are characterized by first-class steel and locking external flip-flops, so that you don't have to go to the local rental store and / or call all your  friends to help you finish your basement ceiling. You can let the machine do  its work alone and you friends can enjoy the weekends at home. Featured with an  automatic load holding brake, they can ensure the safety and can bear a wide  range of load. Furthermore, an extendable and tripod base is equipped for  stability and the smooth-rolling non-marring rubber casters keep them in locked  in place. And the colors of products are various and customized designs can be  accepted for meet customers’ requiremnets.

           They are also called heavy duty drywall hoists for plaster board, plaster board lifters, panel sheet red lift/lifer tools, drywall lift hoists for sheetrock plasters, board panel plate sheet mobile jacks, rolling caster lifter cranes, manual operated heavy duty lifts/lifter tools, panel base sheet crane jacks, plasterboard lifters, lift construction tools, plasterboard hoisting machine, board lifting tool, gypsum board lifters, drywall panel hoists.

           They are widely for lifting sheet rocks, gypsum plaster boards, particle  boards, metal and wooden panels, ceiling plates up to 68 kg for overhead mounting or pitched ceiling and wall mounting, fixing tiling, wall-pitched roof or both in commercial and home use, interior works, and industrial constructions. They are rugged enough to be used on a professional job site and  easy enough for a do-it-yourself job in your own home. This is one of the best drywall lifts in china with brand new feature but not used drywall lifts.


Detailed Description

1. PU Wheels
           PU  material wheels are more safer because of the three wheels are 5” quieter and  wear resistant. While moving, there is no noise and the wheels can move  smoothly. With the equipment of the brakes, they can stop in time when  emergency occurs. The foot stops are also available so that they can hold the wheels  while operating and keep the lift in place for safety.


 2. Winch Wheel
           Professional  bars designed of the round handle winch wheel, make more comfortable, handle  with professional round tube feel stronger and power.


 3. Tripod Base/stand

           The  new design of three square tubes on lock catch is more reasonable, also for  this design much stronger than circle tube. Due to the tripod base, the drywall  lift is more stable and stronger for lifting the drywalls and other plates. The  base contains three wheels and helps keep the system balanced.


 4. Rubber Cap
           Rubber  caps with high quality can protect panel are quite sturdy and strong, which is  durable and protect the equipment so that they have long life.


 5. Warning sign/mark
           The  warning tag is apparent to see and it can offer caution and related warning  tips for operators to use.


 6. Cable
           With  strong cables, they can provide a powerful pulling force.


 7. Winch handle
           The  winch handle is accurate and easy to use and with the protect cap for handle,  they and durable and convenient to use.


 8. Anti-making edge  supports


9. Framework
           Thanks  to the collapsible framework, solid construction and top quality material, they  are easy for transportation. This practical assembly aid for ceilings can be  used for plasterboard drywall constructions and their removal as holding  support.


 10. Tilting head
           The  fully flexible tilting head-suits walls and ceilings are available. Unlike cheaper units the head joint on this  unit is spring loaded to allow for uneven floor/ceiling  levels. 


 11. Mounting points
           The  fold-away mounting points are equipped. The two load arms are extendable up to 290 cm, 90 cm wide and equipped with retainable  hooks.


 12. Locking outrigger
           The locking outriggers add stability and security to drywall lifts. For higher ceilings, an extension accessory is available that increases maximum lift to 15.4ft.  


 13. Foldable  structure
           Thanks  to the foldable structure, they can be divided into several parts, so they are  easy to assemble and disassemble, and for transportation.



           1.  We are confidence with our items & after sale service and we ensure one  year's warranty for you. 
           2.  Due to courier restrictions some areas out of other mainland require a small  surcharge - please contact us for extra postage charges. 
           3.  Package
           For  easy to transport and store, all the drywall lifts will be packed in professional  mail order packages. The article is packed in two packages and may not arrive  at the same time. We do not send it to post office box. We will send one  manual. Tripod base assembly, frame assembly, including a winch assembly and  standard telescoping lift sections, cradle assembly, two cradle cross arm  assemblies,

           4.  They are small equipment for dry wall assembly. They mainly consist of  steel frame, tripod base, wire rope and winch wheel. Our lifts can be divided into two models according to its models. The minimum height, maximum  height, minimum height and maximum height of ax height. DL-4C11 includes 1.22  m, 3.35 m.DL-416, 1.22 m and 4.88 m, respectively.
           5.  The front series drywall and plate hoist is a heavy-duty drywall tool with  building grade cables and welded steel frames. It weighs 150 lbs. and supports  16-foot sheets. Built-in rolling casters, you can easily move the wall to  position, and one person can easily load and operate heavy units. A tool-less  assembly enables you to start and run. In the absence of time, you can also add  an extension of 6 feet (Model DL 6 sold separately to reach higher areas.
           6.  Caution
           Do  not allow a person in the elevator wall auxiliary case. This item is packed into two parcels, and may not arrive at the same  time.
           7.  Operation
           ①Press down on slide  yoke ring, set (lower) the backstop, so that the bottom can be fixed.
           ②Use the left hand to  grip break arm, then rotate wheel forward, lift or lower panel height
           ③Secure cable behind  mooring lab, rotate slide bar lock clockwise to engage, To enable to operate  flexibly.


           8.  Drywall lifts can also be supported by boards to avoid damage to ceilings or walls
           9.  Assembly           


Technical info



ModelCapacityUsagePower SourceMax Reach for    Horizontal CeilingsHeight       (m)Plate Size       (m)Net Weight    (kg)Gross Weight     (kg)Machine    Dimensions     (cm)UnitsAngle InclinationMaterialPanelPackage    (mm)
DP01150lbs/68kgDrywall Panel HoistHand Chain3.35m1.26-4.881.223942130x50x1720':250pcs    40':600pcs 75°welded steel4''*11'' caster wheels1260    x 520 x 180
DP02150lbs/68kg4.7m1.4-3.351.224346185x50x1720':213pcs    40':450pcs 75° 1260 x 240 x 180
DP03150lbs/68kg/1.26-3.35/3942400*16*1620':250pcs    40':500pcs 40'HQ:550pcs75°/
DP05150lbs/68kg4m//36.7740.41129.54*50.80*17.78 75°/
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