Quote on Pallet Stacker

Keyword:fully electric Pallet Stackers   Time:2023-5-10 12:35:11

Customer: Good day.  I tried submitting a request for quote online but was not successful.  I am interested in having one of your pallet stacker cost.

RAMHOIST: May i know your detailed request for pallet stacker, thanks

Customer: I just need a 1 ton pallet jack cost

RAMHIST: may i know what's your quantity pls

Customer: 1

RAMHIST: semi – electric stacker
    1016 – 1150mm  Fork length  1000 USD

semi – electric stacker 1016 – 1150mm  Fork length.jpg

Customer: Thanks much Yang... what is the cost for the fully electric one?  What is the cost to ship to Trinidad?

RAMHOIST: Fully electric one 3000 USD shipped to trinidad

Customer: Hello Mr Yang.  Please send me the fully electric specifications along with the quote so I can approve.  I need to ensure the voltage and battery type we can get locally also it can be charged with 60Hz cycle frequency.  I need it shipped once we wire the funds.


1ton Fully electric Pallet Stackers: 3000 USD shipped to trinidad

Technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/201810/2018101735921465.pdf

site photos of Fully electric Pallet Stackers: http://ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/2420.html

yes, it can be charged with 60Hz cycle frequency.

pls check below which plug you need?