Requires 100-400 unit of electric jacks adding electric gearmotor for 20t from Israel

Keyword:electric jacks adding electric gearmotor   Time:2023-8-24 9:12:30

Customer: Hello I am at an early design stage of project that requires 100-400 unit of electric jacks.
Can you add electric gearmotor to your jack for 20t ?
If yes we can continue with technical data.
Thanks' Joseph Petel CEO.

RAMHOIST: pls send you detailed pictures, thanks

Customer: Hello Yang

no pictures attached.

RAMHOIST: pls check attached pictures, to see whether it is your required




Customer: Hello Mr. Yang

I learned that I need mechanical screw jack, to get natural locking.

So hydraulic ram won't be good for my needs.

Thank's and have a nice weekץ



pls check above two links, of which one you are interested in, thanks

Customer: Hello Mr. Yang

Thanks' for your replay.

Both jacks are possible.

I want to implant gearmotor for my use.

Please send me budgetary price for 10 ton from both jacks.

Quantity minimum 100 up to 1000 units


RAMHOIST: may i know what's your purpose for adding gearmotor

Customer: Hello Yang

I need to build electrical servo-controlled jacks for leveling large size equipment.

And I intend to produce them in China.

RAMHOIST: pls check attached Video (screw jack + motor), i think it is what you need but normally it add motor with capacity reaching to 50T

Hello Yang

Thanks' for your replay.

My need is a jack with low starting point and high end lifting point.

Mechanical jack model- MJ10 or MJ16 can do the job.

All I need is to add warmgear + motor.


This type:

RAMHOIST: the problem is with 10ton and 20ton, it is unnecessary to add motor

we never made mechanical jack with motor before, but it can add

Customer: I plan to do the design in Israel, and manufacture in China.

RAMHOIST: May i know the actual load?

Customer: The actual load is up to 10000kg

RAMHOIST: so you still decide to add motor?

Customer: Yes this is the project it will start with 100 and the maximum will be 1000 units.

RAMHOIST: May i know electrical servo-controlled jacks for leveling large size equipment,the principle is same as group lifting used by electric hoist, for one large size equipment, is is lifted by many electirc hoist as one for one time used by a control cabinet, you can check the case as below:

Customer: Hello Yang

This is my gool. see attached scratch.

I intend to design and give a chines company to produce.


Jack with electric motor.pdf

RAMHOIST: regret it is unavailable for Mechanical jack now, we suggest you can consider electric hoist for group lifting, which you can see the case in previous email's link