Reqest for Quotation for Wrapping machine and Materials for making films & Weighing scale machines electric

Keyword:Wrapping machine   Time:2023-10-7 9:49:19

Dear Sir,

We are AT&S Investments Limited, a private procurement firm in Lagos - Nigeria.

We kindly Request for your
1) Quotation for Wrapping machine and Materials for making films (re- packing and unpacking)
  type: automatic/electric, machine wrapping weight: 200kg-500kg,

Product Name: Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Turntable Speed: 0-15 Rpm(Adjustable,Soft Start & Stop)

  Film Material: LLDPE Max. Capacity: 2000kg
Efficiency: 20-40loads/Hour

 Qty - 5

2) Weighing scale machines electric

Electronic Floor PlatforWeighing Scale,


1000 KG, Capacity: 1000Kg

• Accuracy: 1Kg

• Platform size: 1200x1200mm
 Qty -5

We will appreciate your prompt response for the Brand, Model and neccessary  Specification Regarding these items.

Thank you for the consideration

Binuyo Akinade


1): 3300 USD/unit

2): 300 USD/unit

Customer: Thank You Sir,

 i Appreciate your response regarding the quotation.
 I would like you to give me the Catalog and model of the item you quoted for proper reference.

 If possible, Official quotation will be appreciated.
 Thank you

RAMHOIST: attached PI

technical details of Wrapping machine 2ton, 2m Wrapping height, Turntable Diameter 1650mm:

technical brochure of Wrapping machine 2ton, 2m Wrapping height, Turntable Diameter 1650mm:

technical specification of Platform Floor Scale 1000 KG attached

technical specification of Platform Floor Scale 1000 KG.pdf