Enquiry for manual winch and chain block delivery to Davao city, Philippines

Keyword:manual winch and chain block   Time:2022-1-25 16:23:02


I would like to ask for recommendation and quotation for two items:
-1 x 3 ton manual winch
-2 x 1.5 ton manual chain block 
Delivery to Davao city, Philippines. Exact location to be provided at a later date.
Application is for use in a marine environment.

Thank you.


-1 x 3 ton manual winch: 270 USD/unit (without wire rope) , type: MW3000,  48KG

technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202009/2020091539544953.pdf

site photos: http://ramhoist.com/Winches2/1969.html

3 ton Manual Winch made in china.jpg

-2 x 1.5 ton manual chain block: 32 USD/unit , type: HSC015,  17KG/unit * 2unit = 34KG

technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/201810/2018102179530681.pdf

site photos: http://ramhoist.com/Chain-Blocks/1911.html

Total Express cost: 450 USD

So total cost delivery to Davao city, Philippines: 270+32+32+450=784 USD

Customer: Hi Yang,

Thank you for the quotation. I will let you know of our decision after discussing it with my team.

Customer: Hi Yang,

Do you have a 4.5-tons manual winch instead?


Do you have a 4.5-tons manual winch instead?

RAMHOIST: No, 3 ton is the Max. in china