Hand Winch - 3 ton holding capacity for UAE

Keyword:Hand Winch 3 ton   Time:2022-12-18 20:00:31

Customer: Dear Mr Yang,


I am looking for a good quantity of hand winches, having holding capacity of 3 ton. Was wondering if you would be able to help? Thanks

RAMHOIST: Is 3ton 40m ok for you? what's your quantity?

Customer: Should work. My immediate requirement is for 6 winches, but would need consistent supply. It’s important that winch can hold, not only pull load of 3 tons. Possible to share technical specifications?? Thanks

RAMHOIST:  Manual winches 3 ton,  including 40m wire rope and hook, 325 USD/unit (type: MW3000)

Operation Manual of MW Series Winch (heavy duty manual winch)

Manual Winch 3 ton for Bahrain

technical specfication: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202009/2020091539544953.pdf

Customer: Thanks. Should work.


I don’t need rope……I am assuming cost without rope would be $235; Can you please confirm? Thanks’

RAMHOIST:  Manual winches 3 ton without wire rope and hook: $240