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Jib Cranes are rotating types of cranes mounted on the walls, floors or existing supports used for loading-unloading material/machinery and suspending tools, with a pivoting pillar (mast) and a horizontal boom (jib). Please read manual and this article for jib crane function and jib crane operation before use.


• Easy to operate and maintain, easy to change parts, rotary flexible, economic and durable

• Light in weight, strong and versatile structure, resistant to wear & tear, produces high friction

• Mount at any height on wall or columns with possible strength permits and true vertical alignment

• Modern and  efficient, reducing the required installation clearances makes people easy to install

• Robust, flexible and outstanding, increase effectiveness of labor, covers small working area

• Ideal for maximum headroom and trolley travel highly improve jib cranes’ work performance

• Extremely versatile and excellent units adapted to the customer’s specific requirements

• Cantilevered or over braced tiered styles available makes the load works become more safe

• High quality hoists and trolleys, which can entirely increase the maximum lifting loads of products

• Stainless steel construction can fully and completely protect jib cranes from dust and corrosion

• Boom rotation bumpers protect the load assignments of cranes from possible danger

• Jib crane motorization can highly decrease the cost of cranes, makes products more high-effective

• Comprehensive product range of jib cranes is availed at industry leading prices for competitiveness

• Individually tailored - from the type of mounting or hoist to optional configurations

• Independent head assembly, installed separately from the boom can make installation much easier

• Recessed bearing assembly allows greatly reduced clearances needed for installation to become safe

• Installation of the head prior to the boom and maximum hoist lift are allowed for high-efficient

• Heavy-duty powder coat as standard with other options available to fully meet customers’  needs

Capacity                                                    0.25Ton-10Ton
Reach range                                             1.2m-20m
Slew range                                                80°, 220°, 270°, 360°
Type                                                           Cantilever or Jib
Standard Lift                                             3 m
Use                                                             Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Right
Drive Mode                                                Motor (½ Hp drive motor)
Moving Mode                                             Wheel
Sling Type                                                  Wire rope or chain hoist
Operation                                                   Remote or pendant control on the ground
Power Supply                                            220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
Control Voltage                                         24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
H.S. Code                                                   8426193000 or 84263000
Certification                                               CE, ISO, SGS
Package                                                     Plywood Crate, Iron Case, Plastic Film, Plastic Woven Cloth
Ambient temperature                                -25℃ to + 40 ℃


           Jib Cranes are rotating types of cranes mounted on the walls, floors or existing supports used for loading-unloading material/machinery and suspending tools, with a pivoting pillar (mast) and a horizontal boom (jib). Jib Cranes support and carry moveable manual or electric hoists that can be handled easily by one man. They are the choices for material handlings in short-distance or serried places.

           Jib cranes adapt to latest and advanced technology developed in recent years, with the characteristic of unique structure and high reliability chain electric hoist. They are especially suitable for short distance, frequent & intensive lifting operation, they have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, convenient, small occupation, easy operation and maintenance etc, which can be operated freely within three-dimensional space.

           Fixed jib cranes, as widely used light duty hoisting equipment, are the necessary devices to improve the productivity in modern industry, referring to a fixed on wall or pillar structure to support the whole equipment. If you want a full rotation of you jib, the pillar fixed jib is a good choice, and capacity of this crane can reach 20 tons.

          With an adjustable console bearing, horizontal beam adjustment is accurate and easy, and uncontrolled beam and  trolley movements are minimized. Features to perfect usability (options) include the adjustable rotation stop with 10º increments and a 3-position lock  (-90º, 0º, +90º). Low-resistance, lightweight booms rotate easily around the column or pivot, providing an inexpensive, ergonomic solution to overhead support.

           With the touch of a button, they can handle loads precisely and effortlessly – no matter being mounted on their own pillars or on walls or columns. For loading machines, changing heavy tools or lifting work pieces onto tables for processing.

           Jib cranes are more superior than other conventional lifting equipment in some occasions that need intensive transportation in short distance. The working  strength is light intensity. They consists of column, rotating arm rotation driving device and electric hoist. Lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts, and cycloidal reducer drives the jib to rotate. Electric hoists on the slewing beams run from left to  right as a straight line and lift the heavy objects. Built-in jib crane traveling mechanism adopts the special plastic engineering wheel with rolling bearings; this kind of travelling mechanism is particularly beneficial for improving the hook stroke, as its small friction force, size structure, and it can run lightly.

           Motorized jib cranes are available in the Free Standing, Wall Cantilever, Wall Bracket, and Mast Type Series.

           The  standard jib cranes normally include wall-mounted slewing jib cranes, column-mounted slewing jib cranes and mobile slewing jib crane. The slewing jib cranes can be adapted to individual requirements like outdoor operation, explosion-proof versions according to ATEX etc.

           Portable jib cranes come with all the features and components like the standard jib crane, with only few minor differences. The base of the portable jib crane is very lightweight, making the unit easy for transportation which means the portable jib crane can be positioned very close to the working area for completing the tasks in the most efficient manner. The portability of this crane can be accomplished by either a forklift or a standard pallet jack. The portable jib crane which is electrically powered for easier operation can be operated easily by anyone in the workshop without training then productivity and safety on the job site are increased.

           They are perfect underneath large bridge cranes utilized in open areas and outdoor applications --work stations, workshops, loading docks, wood  factories, steel mills, stone factories, nuclear and other power stations, railway stations, storage, marinas, ships, ship yards, stockyards, dredgers, and other fixed. Small localized places or in machining and assembly operations where they can be overlapped with other jib cranes to provide staged coverage, in other words, they are highly adaptable for changing work environment. The portable jib cranes are placed on a movable concrete block which means they can be mounted on a metal heavy-duty block, often referred as portable jib crane base.

           They are also called wall/cantilever mounting jib cranes, Wall Cantilever Jib Cranes, 360 Degree Jib Crane, Structural Beam Jib Cranes, Motorized Jib Cranes, Slewing Jib Cranes, Free Standing Jib Cranes, Sleeve Mounted Jib Crane, Foundation mounted jib crane, Floor Base Plate Mounted Jib Crane, Wall-travelling Jib Crane, Pillar Jib Crane, small jib crane, etc. They are all built to ANSI and OSHA specifications. Contact us immediately for the design and more site images, jib crane used for sale abroad is with the best quality.

Jib Crane china1-1.jpg

Detailed Description

1. Pillar | Mast| Column
         Mast is fabricated from pipe or rolled steel sections which has the function of supporting all operations. High quality mast can fully ensure the safety of jib cranes.


Jib Crane china1-2.jpg

2. JibBoom
           Jib is a very lightweight I-beam boom featuring, an extremely high moment-of-inertia to weight ratio and an unusually high torsional stiffness compared to traditional ones. Jib arm fabricated from heavy section I-beam and triangular truss constructions for 2 & 3 types of jib cranes reduce deflection to acceptable limits.

Jib Crane china1-3.jpg

3. Moveable hoist
           Manual hoist, electric chain hoist or electric wire rope hoist with single or double speed. It lifts the loads, and  run horizontally along the jib cranes. Besides, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) could be installed in hoist.

  Jib Crane china1-4.jpg

Jib Crane china1-5.jpg

Jib Crane china1-6.jpg

4. Protection Bearing | Console bearing
         An adjustable roller bearings in top pivot and trunnion assemblies provide smooth operation and long life--safety of jib can be ensured. Triangular base gussets are used to minimize crane deflection. With an adjustable console bearing, horizontal beam adjustment is accurate and extremely easy, and uncontrolled beam and trolley movements are minimized. Double roller self-aligned type bearings with thrust & roller bearings to take care of horizontal & vertical loadings as well as radial thrust.

5. Turning device
           When loads are more than 10 tons, turning device is added at the end of jib crane boom to help crane work smoothly and quickly.

6. Base plates (floor mounted only)
         Large, reinforced steel base plates bolted directly to concrete floors that make installation and relocation easily, thus no foundations here needed and reduces  both production downtime and cost of installing or moving the jib crane,  however, all jib crane installation details must thick base plate giving added rigidity to the column. Base plate readily drilled to take six/eight holding down bolts which are specified by a professional engineer. Insert mounted and sleeve insert mounted styles in floor mounted are available.

Jib Crane china1-7.jpg

7. Air tractors
         When you need powered rotation, we supply an air tractor to move the load, but when  it's time to move the load manually, you still can, by turning the tractor drive off: the tractor is disengageable at the push of a button. Swivelling - Through chain at the end of the Jib arm or hand cranking for easy manual swivel, alternately electrically operated swivelling for jib crane is available on request.

8.  Structure
           Reasonable and optimum structure avoiding dipping cost and dead weight of the equipment.
           Painting: safety yellow

Jib Crane china1-8.jpg

9. Bearings and pins
         Hinges with self-lubricating bearings and hardened pins, which can make the product become more reliable.

Jib Crane china1-9.jpg

10. Boxed style head
         The boxed style head also increases stability compare to common sleeve-over-pipe  designs. The result is less deflection and bouncing of the load which creates a safer application with reduced risk of product damage.

Jib Crane china1-10.jpg

11. Diagonal brace
         Jib crane construction features a diagonal brace from above and is suitable for most applications where ceiling height is not an issue.

Jib Crane china1-11.jpg

12. Optional accessories for work station jib cranes

Jib Crane china1-12.jpg

Jib Crane china1-13.jpg

Jib Crane china1-14.jpg

Air swivel (Top or Bottom Entry)
           360 portable base
           Manual rotation stops
           Vacuum platform attachment

13. Fixing systems
           Column Mounted: Bolt direct to the front flange of column, clamp around the column
           Post Mounted: Bolt direct to concrete floor; Bolt direct to concrete foundation; Bolt to cast-in anchor bolts in foundation.

Jib Crane china1-16.jpg

Jib Crane china1-15.jpg

14. Emergency stop systems
         An emergency stop system is added to strength safety.

15.Control  box
           The control box is widely used and mounted. Its AC 50HZ, rated operating pressure for AC voltage 380V low voltage power grid system. The control mode has direct start control, star triangle step-down start control, autotransformer start control, frequency converter start control, soft start control and so on.

Jib Crane china1-17.jpg

         Traveling cable system runs in C rail beside jib crane, which can ensure the electric hoist operate smoothly and safely.

Jib Crane china1-18.jpg

         High-quality buffer can effectively low the speed of hoist, which can protect the hoist from collision.

Jib Crane china1-19.jpg

18.Protect Cover
         Protect cover has the function of keeping gears from  turning, and in case to cause some unexpected or possible dangers.

Jib Crane china1-20.jpg

19.Pendant Control
         Pendant control with emergency button can operate or stop the load assignments immediately.

Jib Crane china1-21.jpg

1.Safety operation of fixed jib cranes

    ①Only those who were qualified after necessary training are able to operate the machine.

        Operator should know well about the structure, performance and operating methods of the fixed jib cranes (cannot overload).

    ③Before using the jib cranes, operator should check following parts of jib crane: electric appliance, machinery part and start button.

    ④Before transporting loads and objects, operator should make jib cranes carry no load for an empty driving, check the push button to control hoist and pay attention to noise and peculiar smell, when the wire rope of hoist works well, operator can start to carry loads.

    ⑤Operation of fixed jib cranes should be in a vertical movement, oblique pulling is forbidden. If you find brake of jib cranes out of order, and loads are fallen rapidly, operator should push raise button immediately, after loads rising for a while, push the decline button, so that objects can decline in a normal speed.

    ⑥Upon operator finds any abnormal occurrence, cut off the power at once, and inform maintenance man to check out.

2. Some parameters
           Features to optimize usability are available as options, including the adjustable rotation stop with 10º increments and a 3-position lock (-90º, 0º, +90º).
           Humidity  ≤85%
           Elevation below 1000m
           Built to meet and exceed Chinese Standard which is similar to AS1418 and Quality  Standard ISO9001

3. Customized
           When presented with complex requirements and when special features are desired, we develop special cranes for our customers together with our competent engineering team. Owing to our comprehensive range of accessories, the slewing jib cranes can be adapted to individual requirements, e.g. explosion-proof versions according to ATEX, outdoor operation etc. Several types of jib cranes are as follows:

Wall or Column Mounted Overbraced  - 180º

Jib Crane china1-22.jpg

Jib Crane china1-23.jpg

Post Mounted Overbraced - 300º

Jib Crane china1-24.jpg

Jib Crane china1-25.jpg

Jib Crane china1-26.jpg

Post Mounted Articulated Arm

Jib Crane china1-27.jpg

4. Several kinds
 Jib crane can be divided into several types: column mounted jib crane, mobile  jib crane, wall mounted jib crane(wall jib crane), portal jib crane, articulated jib crane, double arms jib crane. There are the specific introduction of those types.

Column Mounted Jib Crane

         Column jib cranes can supply the jib crane with associated column. The crane is assembled on anchors in a foundation pit, or on concrete floor with a large base plate (the concrete floor thickness must be at least 20 cm). Your column jib cranes are also suitable for outdoor use if galvanized. Fixed column jib crane can be widely used in factories, warehouse, workshop production line, machine tools, assembly line, wharf and other occasions to lift weight.

Jib Crane china1-28.jpg

Mobile Jib Crane
         Mobile jib cranes have the characteristics of flexible and wide adaptability. It is necessary to separate emergency lifting equipment for high efficient automatic production line to ensure that production wouldn’t be interrupted.

Jib Crane china1-29.jpg

Wall Mounted Jib Crane | Wall Jib Crane
         Wall mounted jib cranes can be divided into BX wall mounted jib cranes and BX-JKBK wall mounted jib cranes. The lifting weight of wall mounted jib cranes is from 125Kg to 3000Kg. Besides, the lifting height is 3 meter.

These pillars have sufficient dimensions.The walking track of wall jib cranes are installed on the concrete column of the workshop, they can do the longitudinal motion along the rails, at the same time the electric hoist can complete the horizontal and vertical motion along the rotation jib. The crane greatly expands the working range, utilizes the workshop space more effectively, and the using effect is more ideal. The lifting weight is from 1000Kg to 5000Kg, and the lifting weight depends on customers.

Articulated Jib Crane
             Articulated jib cranes have characteristics of the high efficiency, stretch and bend freely, novel structure, energy saving, and operation facility. When operate it, just press the button to lift the load objects, avoid the objects in the controlling of the work area through the beam bending and rotation motion, maximizing the work area. They are suitable for the production and maintenance in railway, machinery manufacturing, light industry, chemical industry and other industries, especially in equipment dense and short lifting. Frequent operation on the production line of application of this product can improve production efficiency. The lifting weight is from 125Kg to 500Kg.

Jib Crane china1-32.jpg

Floor base plate mounted jib crane
         Floor base plate mounted jib cranes are bolted to a pre-poured concrete foundation with embedded anchor bolts, which allow 360-degree rotation of the boom, with under clearance up to 20′-0″ and standard boom lengths up to 20′-0″.

Jib Crane china1-33.jpg

Foundation mounted jib crane
         This method of mounting bolts the freestanding jib crane column to a pre-poured concrete footer. Once the jib crane is plumbed and secured to the footer, a second concrete pour finishes the jib crane foundation and embeds the freestanding jib crane column in the foundation.

Jib Crane china1-34.jpg

Sleeve mounted jib crane
         Sleeve mounted freestanding jib cranes are familiar with the Foundation Mount. Steel sleeves are anchored to the concrete footer and embedded in the concrete  foundation. its column is then inserted into the sleeve, plumbed, and held in place with a full set of split collars that are welded to the column and the embedded sleeve. We have a large line of floor mounted jib cranes with capacities from 500 lb. to 10,000 lb. Standard boom lengths and clearance below the boom range from 8′-0″ to 20′-0″.

Jib Crane china1-35.jpg

Wall travelling jib crane
         Wall travelling jib cranes which are moveable slewing cranes do not need to slew, so the working range extends to the full length of your hall. The overhead cranes can be used undisturbed at a higher level. If you are  considering a wall travelling jib crane, take this into account early when designing your building. We'll be pleased to supply data on the applicable forces.

Jib Crane china1-36.jpg

Inquire about Jib crane 0.5t-4.96m H=3m (Saudi Arabia)

Quotation for jib crane 2t-2.5m H=5m

Quotation for jib crane 1t-3m H=4m

Communication for jib crane 1t-3m H=4m

Quotation for jib crane 15t-6m H=3.5m

Jib crane installation manual-gorbel style

Knuckle jib crane with knuckle boom jib for Canada (150kg, 6m jib bend in the middle, 3m lifting height)

Technical info

Jib Crane china1-37.jpg


Lift    Capacity (t)
Span (m)
Lifting    Height(m)
Arm length (m)
angle    of revolution (°)
Lifting    Speed (m/min)
lifting motor
Travelling    Speed   (m/min)
20:    (30)
Slewing Speed      (r/min)
Beam    Material
H    Beam & KBK Beam
Work duty
middle grade, JC=25%
Wheel    diameter (mm)
Rail surface width    (mm)
Beam    Material
H    Beam & KBK Beam
Max. Turning    radius(m)
Min.    Turning radius(m)
wire    rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist or Manual hoist
Power supply
220~440V,50/60HZ,3phase or    customized
Control    mode
Pendent    pushbutton control or remote control
Above parameter just for your reference,jib crane can be customized design Max.20t according to your demands.
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