Dumbwaiter Elevators

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Dumbwaiter elevators are designed to transport food or goods with small burden among different levels and floors for saving the time and human resource which definitely meet the requisite levels of hygiene and aesthetics required for the hospitality and food industry. Different dumbwaiter elevator design, Dumbwaiter Elevator parts and Dumbwaiter Elevator cost make quality different, of which is always our first priority for producing.


• Designed with photocell door protection device, food elevators are installed quickly and easily

• Galvanized steel structure - small cubage and lightweight with high quality characteristic

• High working efficiency without noise and any other pollutions, environmental-friendly

• Permanent magnet synchronous machine with flexible and reliable design and cheap price

• Perfect stability, efficiency, performance and comfort ensure the quality and enjoyment of life

• With heavy carrying capacity, intelligent network system and beautiful appearance

• Equipped with high compressive strength corrosion resistance and deceleration device

• Adopt high-quality elevator technicians but need low maintenance cost, long service life

• For the sake of hygiene and safety, cabin and doors are stainless covered

• Provide calling response, door control, floor selection, strong power and efficient energy

• Decrease the strain on the workforce when food elevators are working and increase productivity

• Free vibration and invaluable service are suitable for fully electronic functioning or operating

• Flexible enough to upstream and downstream at the same time with circulation pantry

• With simple but high-standard design and complex custom solution, low energy consumption

• Customized products to design, reform and transport according to customers’ requirements

• These dumbwaiter elevators can be parted off and change the place easily and conveniently

• High performance and durable quality with stainless material and well engineering

• Intelligent-enoug controller with text display and innovative design and automatic system

• With complete safety device such slack cable, final limit and trolley brake to avoid emergency

Capacity                                                       0.1-0.5Ton
Structure                                                      Galvanized steel structure
Number  of stations                                    ≤6
Speed                                                           0.4m/s
Usage                                                           Transfer food or other things
Drive Mode                                                   AC/screw
Type                                                              Table/floor/window/trolley
Motor power                                                 1.1KW/1.5KW/2.2KW/3KW 
Voltage                                                          400V 380V 3 phase /240V 1 phase
Material                                                         Stainless steel or medium
Car floor                                                        PVC
Lift Mechanism                                            Chain
Certification                                                 CE
Control  system                                           PLC
Color                                                             Silver or as customer’s requirement
Package                                                        Plywood box
HS code                                                        84281010        


          Dumbwaiter Elevators are designed to transport food or goods with small burden among different levels and floors for saving the time and human resource which definitely meet the requisite levels of hygiene and aesthetics required for the hospitality and food industry. They can be controlled from both the ground and the recipient floor. Dumbwaiter elevators come in multiple specifications in various standard series and customized design can be done according to customer’s requirements. Thanks to their intelligent controller, dumbwaiter elevators are widely used in restaurants, hotels and even administrative areas for transporting office files in order to improve efficiency. Different design, parts and cost make quality different, of which is always our first priority for producing.

           Dumbwaiter elevators machine are usually found within modern functional structures, including both commercial and private buildings, and especially connected between multiple floors. Dumbwaiter food lifts generally terminate in a kitchen when they are  located in restaurants or in private homes. There is no doubt that dumbwaiter elevators are perfect choices for both floor-level loading and counter height loading installations because they realize the fast delivery and short lead transporting time. The enduring of the product and the service of the facilities is very important for industry customer. They are safe, practical,  elegant, quiet, flexible in operation and easy in maintenance.

           Industrial Dumbwaiter elevators are the most sophisticated mini lifts with electric motors, automatic  control systems and custom freight containers. They travel within a hoist-way carrying various objects and they transport smoothly each time so that there is no damage to the goods in the cabin. With full computer modularization control system, They show high reliability and safety. These dumbwaiter elevators which installed in kitchens are usually made of stainless steel so that they are not affected by steam, hot food, water, etc. Besides, some dumbwaiter elevators are equipped with heat system to keep the food from being cold when they reach to customers. It is obvious that dumbwaiter lifts provide convenience and safety for homeowner and add value to the home.

           Food Dumbwaiter elevators can be adjusted to suit premises that have a limited space so they are intended to carry objects rather than people. Due to their light load feature, the elevators comprise two types, table type and floor type. Besides, personalized design makes dumbwaiter elevators more flexible. One of the most common places you will find them is in a restaurant usually in the kitchen used to carry hot plates from the kitchen to the restaurant area. It is convenient and efficient  to use them when you have the option of a heated tray within the lift to keep the food warm whilst traveling up the shaft.

           They are applied in kitchens for transferring cooked hot food, small food dishes, drinks cutlery, daily necessities, mini freight or light goods, dirty cooking utensils, raw material carrying stores, office files, books, instruments, letters, heavy documents, medical equipment or records to various pantries at various floors in multistoried hotels, large households, marriage halls, schools, restaurants, hospitals, departmental stores, dining places, casino, restaurants, bars and pubs, universities, clinics, hotels, libraries, office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, retirement homes of people who suffer from limited mobility, villas, kindergartens, private homes, storehouses or other places. 

           They are also called dumbwaiter lifts, commercial dumbwaiters, kitchen dumbwaiters, service lifts/ elevators, cargo lifts, commercial food elevators for kitchen, restaurant/commercial/ kitchen/ hotel dumbwaiter food lifts, restaurant Dumbwaiter elevator, hotel dumbwaiter lifts and food transferring hand operated elevators.

           Please download above Dumbwaiter Elevator PDF file for Dumbwaiter Elevator dimensions and Dumbwaiter Elevator specification, For its drawings, Please contact us directly. If you want to buy Dumbwaiter Elevators, RAMHOIST will be your best choice.

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Detailed Description

1.  Control panel
           For the sake of free operation, there are digital control panels in different floors. You can control the stop, up and down options and decide the floors the dumber elevator required to travel. The lift car command and level button make elevators convenient to operate. Answer lamp is made of light-emitting diode.

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2. Car
           The car moves within a hoist-way or shaft to transfer goods to higher or lower levels. Commercial dumbwaiter can be selected according to the different size of cars. Both interior of car and outside doors can be designed to suit your tasted.

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-6.jpg

They are usually made with stainless steel or medium steel with centered suspension and guides on both sides, which is fitted with removable shelves.

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Experienced Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier.jpg

Stainless steel car
(standard allocation)

Glass car
(optional allocation)

3. Gate
            Gates are divided into different types such as bi-fold, roll top and collapsible gate.
            Dumbwaiter elevators only run when hoistway door is closed well, which can protect operator’s safety when they are running. Also, gates can avoid dishes or other items drop out.

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-10.jpg

4. Speakerintercom system
         Kitchen workers notice partners to check and take dishes in time. Intercom system guarantees enough efficiency and convenience when dumbwaiter elevators are working. Each elevators are equipped with one calling landing.

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-11.jpg

5. Spring
           The function of spring which located at the bottom is to keep the dish stable kin cabin. It has the best elasticity to bear the light and heavy stuff.
           Spring can protect cabin, internal bowl, and dish and so on in case of cabin drops rapidly. Spring is designed to protect measure in case of some disoperation.

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6. Hand rope
           Equipped with manual dumbwaiters, hand ropes are used to operate, lift and lower the car.
7. Heated shelf

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-13.jpg

Thanks to this equipment, the food can be kept in warm during the transport so that customers will enjoy the best food which won’t be cold on arrival.
8.  Landing doors
           They are usually made with stainless steel or medium steel which is vertical bi-parting opening/landing doors with galvanized steel structure.
Door open modes

Competitive Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier.jpg

Expert Supplier of Dumbwaiter Elevator.jpg

Standard type

Table type

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Ground type

Window type

The window type is usually applied in office restaurants,  libraries, hospitals and apartments.
9.  Control system
           There are three types of controls, including fully closed loop control, micro-computer control and PLC control with the automatic push button landing stations to make it easy to communicate between different levels.

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10.  Shelves
           The additional shelves can realize transport more plates at one time and take the most advantage of the space. And to meet the customers’ requirement, shelf system can be assembled inside the service elevator cabin.
11.  Main contactor protection
           Elevator will stop immediately and its system will check main contactor protection when it finds something wrong.
12.  Drive unit
           It adopts the traction drive and high quality reduction worm gear equipped with hand wheel and magnetic disc brake to avoid falling.
13.  Cablepulley
           They are usually used to lift and lower the car with  motor, which is economical and reliable.

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14.  Stops
           There are usually equipped with two stops but 3-6 is also possible.
15.  Interlocks
           The designs are for sake of safety. When lifts are not in use, access doors on every levels where car is not on will be locked on.
16.  Interior finishes
           The steels are coated with white or ivory colored powder and come from wood panel cabs.
17.  Unlock device
           It helps with taking out the goods from the car through a simple operation in order to avoid power failure or trouble.
18.  The entrance
           The entrance can be protected by either a swing window or vertical bi-parting doors
19.  90° adjustment entrance
           90°adjustment entrance has  excellent feature and can meet customer’s requirement. Guide rails are equipped  on both sides of car diagonal and they make car counterweight running more smoothly.
20.  Fault self-diagnosis
           The controller is able to record and show the newest  problems and then renew elevator running.
21.  Emergency inching operation
           When dumbwaiter elevator is in emergency power driven, the lift car runs inched in the speed of inspection.
22.  Emergency unlocking device
           Both ends of the station are equipped with mechanical locks and the triangle key can open it.


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Electrical lock

Mechanical lock

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-26.jpg

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-27.jpg

Guide rail

Dumbwaiter iron support

Professional Supplier of  Dumbwaiter Elevator1-28.jpg

Sourcing  Dumbwaiter Elevator Supplier from China1-28.jpg

Traction machine

Lead rail

Window / table
           They are usually applied in office restaurants, hospitals and apartments.

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Floor / ground type (Up and down directly separated)
           They are mainly used for factories and heavy loading trolley.  

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1.  Available in varied types, sizes and other specifications, these dumbwaiters are subject to customization at the exact requirements from our clients.
2.  Various protections
           Dumbwaiter elevators include various protection equipment such as wrong or short phase  protection, car closing time-delay protection, motor over current protection, self-checking protection, relay conglutination protection and overtime running protection.
3.  Other parts
           There are many other functions such as emergency stop switch, landing notice buzzer, variable frequency motor, extra guardrail for up floor, automatic return when the door blocked and overload alarm to avoid failure. All the controls are microprocessor based and fully automatic at car and landings emergency stop switch. And there are hoist way door interlocks required at each landing.
           The capacity starts from 100kg onwards as desired. Sizes are from 750 x 720mm to 1000 x 1200 or even larger as required. Only about 10" extra space is required in the building to fit this lift. However, only one wall is required to support the smaller lifts.

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-35.jpg

4.  Load configuration

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-36.jpg

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-37.jpg

5.  Dumbwaiter Kits
           There are various kits included such as dumbwaiter cab, motor/gear assembly, guide rail / trolley assembly, interlocks and limit switches with pre-wired harnesses, intelligent dumb waiter controller, call stations with pre-wired harnesses, dumb waiter installation manual and dumb waiter assembly hardware.

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High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-39.jpg

High Quality Dumbwaiter Elevator China Supplier1-40.jpg

Quotation of various dumbwaiter lifts with different features for Kuwait

Quotation for 3 stop 8m 50kg dumbwaiter lift for Kuwait

Technical info

Dumbwaiter Elevator made in china1.jpg


Capacity    (t)
Speed     (m/s)
Car Size(mm)
Shaft Size(mm)
Net Door Sze(mm)
Motor Power         (Kw)
Machine Room    Size(mm)
Top Floor    Height  (mm)
Pit Depth    (mm)
Working Mode
Open Method
Over Height         (mm)
Max Number of    Stations
working table Grand level type
window  and trolley
up and down straight gate
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