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Hand pallet trucks are means of transport which use carrying goods fork into the tray hole, by the ability to drive hydraulic system to realize the pallet loading lifting and falling, These hydraulic hand pallet trucks are the simplest and most effective tray, the most common type of horizontal pallet transport, loading / unloading and order picking. Safe use of hand pallet trucks is very important and always keep it in your mind.


• Low maintenance costs, long operating life, maximum maneuverability & utilization, robust quality

• Large size and high quality, wear-resistant double wheels provide great handling and controlling

• They can be used in most confined spaces due to their compact structures and frames

• Made from hard steel plate, light-weight fork frames provide different options of width and length

• With 180°turning radius, can be moved and changed direction easily even when it's full loaded

• Brief, portable, highly versatile, anti-corrosive, durable, sturdy and dependable

• Equipped with overloading protection valve to make sure the safe operation

• Anti-tipping design, high hardness spring, one-piece casting crafts, high quality casters

• Hard chrome plated piston rod provides smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump

• Ergonomic handle to provide a relaxed hold, comfortable, and efficient operation

• All the joints are fitted with seals to ensure sealing and keep the body from oil leaking

• Can reduce pulling power, minimize operation tiredness and lower rolling resistance

• Safety designed loop handle with neutral position and fingertip release

• Spring-loaded pump handle provides services with 3 position--Up, Down and Neutral positions

• Tapered ends provide smooth entry into pallets, thickening goods fork plate

• Epoxy powder coated finish to give greater anti-corrosion resistance

• High quality steel board, surface electrostatic spray, wear-resistance

• Advanced Robot welding ensure high strength, good finish, no bubble in the welding

• Spring-loaded pump handle / leak proof hydraulic system delivers dependable performance

Capacity                                                  1-5 t
Power                                                      Hand
Pump                                                       Heavy duty anti-oil leaking pump
Loading Wheel Type                               Tandem/Single
Wheel type                                               Nylon wheel/ PU wheel/ Rubber wheel
Material                                                    Steel
Fork Width                                              550/685mm
Pump Type                                              Integrated / Welded
Color                                                        Red/ yellow/ blue/ green/  black etc. or as per customer’s request
Climbing  Wheel                                      Available
Usage                                                     Transporting goods
Certification                                            CE, ISO
Handle                                                    3-position handle
Handle material                                      Full rubber
Thickness of wheel                                3-4mm
Packaging                                               Carton, pallets, plywood      
H.S. Code                                               8427900000                
中文品名: 手动搬运车                
推进方式: 手动
最大提升高度(距离): 115mm
最大提升重量: 2.5T 


Hand Pallet Trucks (technical brochure).pdf


            Hand pallet trucks are means of transport, also known as forklifts or hand pallet jacks when use the carrying goods fork into the tray hole, by the ability to drive hydraulic system to realize the pallet loading lifting and falling, and pulled by human complete handing operations. Hand pallet trucks are the simplest and most effective tray, the most common type of horizontal pallet transport, loading / unloading and order picking. With load capacities of up to 5 tones, they can be customized to suit various material handling needs. Hand pallet trucks can not only reduce operators’ tiredness but also save time.

           From the spring-loaded pump handle with leak-proof hydraulic system, to high performance piston rod, the super stable welded cylinder with large diameter, you can rest assured that this pallet truck is built with the finest parts available. Hand pallet trucks have integrated grease fittings that make the  maintenance chore so much easier. Not only the shape and thickness of the handle but also the placement and design of the control lever minimize operators’ fatigue and improve productivity. Both steer and load wheels are engineered with high quality components and bearings to provide a low rolling resistance. With their durable welded steel construction and high quality, scratch resistant paint finish, hand pallet jacks are combined with solid performance and economic pricing. Hand pallet trucks use the carrying goods fork into the tray hole, by the ability to drive hydraulic system to realize the pallet load lifting and falling, and pulled by human complete handling operations. Thick curved forks are able to absorb the partial load and have much longer life. Also, you can replace forks easily.

           There are several reasons why Hand pallet trucks remain a popular choice in warehouses or other working places: firstly, for many operators, price is the most important consideration. For example, if your material handling needs are light, the manual ones are far more cost-effective than powered jacks or forklifts. Secondly, safety is an important consideration and Hand pallet trucks don’t need special license to be operated, and safe operating procedures can be very quickly taught. What’s more, lift hydraulic hand pallet trucks just need to be operated by hands, instead of batteries and charges. That guarantees a great convenience in various conditions.

           All the pallet trucks come in two main types: hand-powered and electric. Both types come with different pallet jack training requirements that address the different capabilities and safety practices workers need to know use them properly and prevent accidents. For example, hand pallet trucks can be divided into following different types: extra-long hand pallet trucks, extra wide hand pallet trucks, ultra-low pallet truck, stainless steel hand pallet truck, galvanized pallet trucks, scale pallet truck, scissor hand pallet truck and etc.

           They are more simpler and effective compared with others in the transport, they are also the most common type of loading and unloading, handling tools, widely used in factories (especially suitable for printing, dyeing and papermaking), hospitals, stadiums, logistics, warehouses, station, airport, schools, shopping malls, airports and so on. Using a hand pallet jack is an ideal choice in small spaces wherein lift height is not essential. Other recommended industries for using them are in forging and casting, general warehouse, and general manufacturing.

           They are also called hydraulic pump pallet truck, manual pallet jack, low profile pallet truck, paper roll version pallet truck, heavy-duty pallet jack, heavy duty jack, hydraulic manual forklift, standard pallet jacks, low and ultra-low profile pallet jacks, 4-way entry pallet jacks, roll and skid jacks, heavy and super heavy duty pallet jacks, hand lift drive, hand fork lifter, hand lift truck.

          Both used hand pallet trucks for sale or second hand pallet trucks for sale is available, for hand pallet truck price list, Please contact us directly.

Detailed Description


China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-1.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-2.jpg

Temperature-Controlled Robotic Welds help to maintain material strength for greater product durability. Chrome piston and ram for smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump & seal. Ergonomic handle ensures the user a relaxed hold and operation. The oil pump body is made of welding the prefabricated parts together first, and then matching the welded body.

2.Hydraulic pumps

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-3.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-4.jpg

Welded pump

Integrated pump

Simple and compact style
            Easy to repair
           The oil pump has manual easing control valve and high security.
           The push rod can be manually adjusted to control the minimum height of the fork.
           Economical and practical

Well-sealed integration
               Eradicate the malpractice of oil leakage
               Internal overflow valve has overload protection.
               Overall seal, avoid oil leakage.
               The size piston rod is plated with chromium.
               Overload protection

Hydraulic Pumps control lowering rate valve to reduce the risk of damage during operation. Pump sealed as a whole, hardware key parts are first-class, eradicate spill drawbacks, the size of the firewood chrome pated, solid  structure. Internal overflow overload with overload protection, avoid overloading using control the rate of decline. Spool holistic parts processing.


China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-5.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-6.jpg

Nylon wheel

PU wheel

Corrosion resistance; high toughness; tensile
               Suitable for use in cement ground

Abrasion resistance; Mute; durable; low noise
               Suitable for use in paint, marble, indoor ground

The steer and load wheels are designed with high quality components and bearings to  provide a low rolling resistance. The steer wheels rotate through a 200 degree range for easy maneuvering of the hand pallet truck in tight spaces.
Designed with hard surface and energy saving, nylon wheel is corrosion-resistant and  suitable for the cement and other ground. Abrasion-resistant polyurethane  wheels provide a smooth, easy-rolling ride that is not only extra quiet, but also won't leave marks on the floors. To cap things off, the tight 180° turning radius makes load handling even easier. They also contribute to smooth performance and load handling.

4.Handles  (handrails)

With package groove rubber sleeve, feels good, winter is not cold, and summer is not  hot.

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-8.jpg

Up position

Push down the triggers for pump lifting

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-9.jpg

Neutral position

Keep in the position to push and pull the trucks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-10.jpg

Down position

Pull up the triggers for lowering

The shape and thickness of the handle along with the design and placement of the control lever minimizes operators’ tiredness and improves productivity. The triggers on them provide three positions—up, down and neutral. The neutral lever position releases tension on the handle for easier operating.
The comfortable handrail (inclined handrail) meets the ergonomics design. It has three functions: lift up, move, lower down. It provides safety operation, convenience, comfort and easiness when you use. You can enjoy a more comfortable operating experience.

5.Handle Springs

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-11.jpg

 Handle Springs are able to return to upright position when released for improved security.

6.Thick curved forks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-12.jpg

The front forks make goods be loaded and unloaded easily. Sports site is equipped  with alloy hub. They are able to absorb the partial load, have extended service life and can be replaced easily.


Parking brakes can be chosen as a special option, they allow you to depress the brake to slow down or stop truck. Ergonomic large rubber handle ensures a comfortable hold and easy operation.

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-13.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-14.jpg

Ergonomic Handle

Hand Brake

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-15.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-16.jpg

Foot Brake

Deadman Brake

8.Load Wheel Pushrods

Load wheel pushrods are adjustable; they can help hand pallet trucks' operators to achieve the perfect balancing of fork height.

9.Thickening goods fork plate

Thickening goods fork plate ensures work under full load condition is not deformation, durable.

10.One-piece casting crafts

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-17.jpg

Pump and cylinder both are plungers. Fulcrum is a closed structure high degree steel, equipped with imported seal and valve main parts eradicate the ills of oil spills. Hydraulic pumps steel seat are designed for integration and also manual valve with descent control pumps.

for integration and also manual valve with descent control pumps.

11.Other accessories of hand pallet trucks

             China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-18.jpg

            China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-19.jpg

Adjustable straight tappet

Oil pump: hydraulic cylinder

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-20.jpg

                       China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-21.jpg


Adjustable pump cap

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-22.jpg

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-23.jpg

Three consecutive plates: the wheel fixed accessories

Entry roller for easy operation (Innovative wheel frame)


Anti-tipping design

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-24A.jpgChina Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-24.jpg

              China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-25.jpg

These Hand pallet trucks models are finished with baked-on powder-coat paint, so that they provide more durable coating to help protect equipment.

           Ensure all hydraulic controls easy and low cost maintenance. Hydraulic unit is easily dividable from the frame for maintenance or can be instantly replaced if necessary.

Our Size (size for 2ton and 3ton is the same)

Site photos of hand pallet truck

Site photos of Galvanized hand pallet truck

AC Pump hydraulic hand pallets truck wearing parts list

CS of Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Compliance Statement- Hydraulic Hand Trolley

Specifications of Hydraulic Hand Truck

Inquiry for pallet trucks with the 89mm pump from Taiwan

Inquiry about hand pallet with capacities of 2.5T and 3 T from Armenia

Inquiry about 3000kg Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck from Bangladesh

Interested in buying a hand pallet truck from El Salvador

Looking for a Hand Pallet lifter with Dead man Hand Brake at 3Tons capacity from Philippines

3ton hand pallet truck with different pumps and different colour

Inquiry Hand pallet truck, Fork outer width 550mm, Nylon wheel, 2.75mm thick, 1100mm fork, with 2 ton pump for India

China Customized Hand Pallet Trucks Manufacturer

Ultra-Low Pallet Truck

      1) Extra Long Hand Pallet Trucks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-27.jpg

Longer pallets make it easier to move heavier loads on the pallet truck resulting in less effort for the operators. Two nylon entry and exit rollers prevent physical exertion of the operator and protect load rollers and pallets. Their extended forks with dual-entry rollers and tapered ends make it a great choice for picking up extra-long pallets. It provides double or single rollers option. Integrated casting pump prevents oil leaking issue and designed with safety overload & bypass problem. Fork lowering speed is controllable, operated by hand control and foot pedal. Its solid steel lifting rods provide extra strength. It can absorb unbalance loading, wear resistant, extend the service life and easy to replace.

       2) Extra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-28.jpg

Extra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks are designed for use with non-specific loads where a standard hand pallet truck will not satisfied like some oversize, awkward or extra wide pallets or machines. Each welding process is made by automatic welding robot, seamless welding is more reliable. The utilized structural design guarantees the convenience of assembling and disassembling. They are widely used in places where pollution and noise are not allowed.

         3) Narrow Hand Pallet Trucks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-30.jpg

The narrow pallet jacks have an overall width of 20.5” which are designed to fit into narrow pallets making it one of the narrowest pallet jacks in the  industry. The Narrow Hand Pallet Jacks are designed to move down narrow and traditional pathways. It can be used to move pallets without the use of a forklift. When you can’t fit through an area with a regular truck, it’s extremely dangerous to move heavy materials by hands. You may not use the narrow pallet jack frequently, but it will certainly come in handy when you need it. It’s also very easy to store and built to last and you would be glad you made the investment.

Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Trucks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-32.jpg

All parts are made of stainless--hydraulic pump, handle, pin, push rod, bearing, fork frame and bolt etc. so as to achieve a thorough anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect.
They are ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food, corrosive, and wet environments where corrosive acids and saline solutions. The handle of the soft bag can ease the operational fatigue.
They are popularly used for environments where hygiene is paramount or where the pallet truck will come into contact with corrosive substances such as salt water, acids and various chemicals.

Galvanized Pallet Trucks | Galvanized Pallet Jacks | Zinc Plated Pallet Jacks

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-35.jpg

Galvanized Pallet Trucks with a Galvanizing process could have durable corrosion protection that stands up to the constant abrasion. They can be used in corrosive environment, cold room or clean room applications. With fully galvanized mainframe and pump, brackets, push rods, wheel forks and handle, Galvanized Pallet Trucks offer longer service life and effective operation.
The Galvanized pallet jack is the best choice for working environments like meat works and around seafood markets or anywhere water is required. If it is required to work in temperatures below 5 degrees special anti-freezing oil is needed.

Scale Pallet Trucks | Weighing Hand Pallet Truck | Weighing Scale Pallet Truck | Pallet Truck Scale | Pallet Jack Scale | Weighing Scale Pallet Jack | Hand Pallet Truck With Scale | Handle hydraulic pallet truck with weighing scale

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-38.jpg

Pallet Jack Scales come with top class Prime Scales with stainless steel indicator. Users can measure the weight as it is moved from one place to the other, so that you save time when checking incoming and outgoing goods. They are designed for areas like warehouses, shipping docks, and piecework production lines. Their stainless steel enclosures are water resistant and durable. Their indicators come with rechargeable battery with full charge for 100 hours. Sitting in the cable holder their power cables will not lose during the movement. The numbers are easy to read--high intensity LCD display making it simple to weigh in any light.

without printer

HR-DZC Electric Scale Pallet Truck without printer (不带打印).jpg

with printer    

HR-DZC Electric Scale Pallet Truck with printer(带打印) (1).jpg

Offer for manual pallet truck with scale

Scissor Hand Pallet Trucks | Manual Scissor Style High Lift Pallet Trucks | Manual High Lifter Quick Lifts

 China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-42.jpg

Scissor Hand Pallet Trucks have telescopic 2-stage lifting cylinder that makes the high lifter truck very compact and smooth. Automatic quick lift function up to 150 kg loads. They can be used in low-corrosive environment, cold room and clean room. They work like pallet trucks and stackers combined. Workers can lift and put your products at the most productive working height with ergonomic work positioners.

⑥ Rough Terrain Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck,  see Technical Details

China Hand Pallet Trucks supplier 1-45.jpg

Rough Terrain Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck 1ton to Amman - Jordan

Interested in an off-road pallet truck with electric or motor drive

Technical info

RAMHOIST Hand pallet trucks made in china.jpg


Capacity   (t)
Min.Fork Height
Lifting Height    (Max.Fork Height)
Min.Fork Height
Total Height
Overall Length
Fork Size
Loading Wheel    (Fork Double Wheel)
Steering Wheel    (Big Wheel)
Turing Radius
Material of wheel
Weight             (kg)
φ80*68               (4 pcs)
φ180*50              (2 pcs)

Dimensions (mm)

Capacity   (t)
Fork overall    width (B)
Fork length (L)
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase
Single fork width    (e)
H2 min./max.
Details of wheel    locking system
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