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Farm jack is a small, light weight portable jack, suitable for off-road vehicles, trucks and other vehicles in the field use, Farm Jack is a precision cast, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting. It is a manual rocker arm using the principle of lever, self-elastic locking device, safe and reliable hole card locking, easy to use and high lifting height.


           • Multipurpose design for lifting, pulling, clamping and spreading on tractors and vehicle
           • Ideal for lifting off-road vehicles and field equipment
           • Ratcheting action to speed through the toughest job
           • Heavy duty steel construction supports up to 3-1/2 tons
           • Lifting range of 125mm-1330mm
           • Constructed of high-grade and heavy-duty steel and built to exacting standards for quality, strength and durability
           • Constructed with a mix of cast components and four high-strength stamped steel components
           • Hot rolled-formed, alloy steel beam is made strong and reliable.
           • Beam holes accomodate attachment of clevis pins, chains, bolts, ropes, etc.
           • Base is heavily ribbed for strength and load stability.
           • Lifting handle has a rubberized grip for comfort and better grip
           • Two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable, with mechanical operation type
           • Safe use information stickers, including rated load details and operating instructions, affixed to handle
           • Lifting arm can be adjusted to any position on the upright Farm Jack
           • Adjustable top clamp clevis can be moved to any position on the beam-upright steel standard for clamping, it can clamp at any position on the upright steel
           • Top winch connector clamp and powder coated finish with zinc-plated hardware standard on all jacks
           • For greater safety, all jacks are equipped with a shear bolt which prevents the jack from being used. on loads greater than 7000 pounds
           • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
           • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
           • Ideal for lifting, pulling, clamping and spreading a tractor or 4-wheel drive vehicle
           • Ideal for off-road enthusiast use, versatility and portability
           • It is versatile and can be used both vertically and horizontally
           • Factory tested for reliability and safety, ISO, CE and GS approved.


             Capacity                                           3 Ton
             Size                                                  20", 33", 48", 60"
             Min. height                                      125mm
             Max. height                                     1330mm
             Use                                                  Cargo Control, Automotive Repair Tools, Lifting Tools, Off Road Recovery 4x4 Essential Tool, off-road car or Jeep recovery,                                                                        emergency self-recovery
             Type                                                Hydraulic Jack(SUV),Mechanical Jack, General use
             Material                                           Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Q235 Steel, 16 Manganese Steel, Steel + plastic + rubber
             Production Technics                     Grinding & polishing & sprayed after hot-dip galvanizing, cast & powder coat
             Process                                          Forging, stamping, CNC, welding, laser cut, bend.
             Color                                               Red, blue, black, yellow, orange or as request
             Surface                                           Powder coating, painted, or zinc plated
             Application                                     Cars, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, Life Vehicles, Rescuing Auto, truck, Motorcycle, Jeep, 4WD/ATV/UTV
             Testing                                           100% proof load tested and 100% calibrated
             Operation                                       Manual
             OEM/ODM:                                     Customization service provided
             HS Code                                        87089910  8708999990  8425491000
             Packaging Details                         High-quality seaworthy carton, Bag, wooden case, pallet


Farm jack is a small, light weight portable jack, suitable for off-road vehicles, trucks and other vehicles in the field use, Farm Jack is a precision cast, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting. It is a manual rocker arm using the principle of lever, self-elastic locking device, safe and reliable hole card locking, easy to use and high lifting height.

The farmer jack is suitable for the repair and rescue auxiliary functions of wild off-road vehicles. It can be used to lift the vehicle to replace the  tires, repair the vehicle, or lift the wheels out of the mud or crater when the vehicle is trapped, and even push the vehicle to move.
Farm jack is a very useful off road tool in 4x4 off road activities. It’s usually used to lift your vehicle out from stuck. It can be use as a all purpose hoist or hand winch.

The farm jack is characterised by rugged, simple construction, It is built with strong steel body (Hot-rolled alloy steel, powder-coated with zinc-pated hardware.), steel basement(Base is heavily ribbed for strength), safety pin structured. It comes with a rubber handle holder to hold the handle (2-pc.handle and socket for extra durability and reliability) with farm jack neatly. In  other words, It comprises a steel beam with a series of equally spaced holes along its length, and a hand operated mechanism which can be moved from one end  of the beam to the other through the use of a pair of climbing pins. Typical sizes for the farm jack are 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet, the size referring to  the length of the beam.

We adopt high-quality raw materials and fine technology, treat each farmer jack seriously and responsibly, and carefully ensure the quality of  each jack, with multi-function, complete specifications and other characteristics.

This 3000kg capacity heavy duty farm jack is a great multi purpose tool, including 20'' Farm Jack ,33'' Farm Jack, 48'' Farm Jack, 60'' Farm Jack, ideal for lifting Land Rovers, tractors or heavy trucks, pulling posts and poles and can even serve as a hoist or winch. The lever-ratchet operation with reversible ratchet mechanism enabling jack to be used for lifting or lowering. The jack's versatility stems from the fact that it can be used for such applications as lifting, winching, clamping, pulling and pushing. It is this versatility, along with the long travel it offers and its relative portability, which make the farm jack so popular with off road drivers. So it is also named Off-Road Jack which is strong and durable enough to help get you out of countless sticky situations. Recover your vehicle by lifting it over obstacles rather than dragging it.

Off-roading can put your vehicle in compromising positions. Sometimes those positions require more than simply hooking up a winch and  dragging your 4x4 out. When times get tough and you get stuck, give your vehicle a lift with our Off-Road Jack.

The farm jack is a versatile mechanical tool that can be put to  a wide range of uses. originally invented some time around 1905 and sold as the  Automatic Combination Tool, the basic design has remained largely unchanged to this day.

Performance characteristics and weight capacity remain the same as the all-cast Hi-Lift jacks but at a lower price. It is a rugged, highly  versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching and clamping. Light in weight and easy to manuever, achieving a 150% safety factor. Our jacks are designed to help you survive in the most demanding situations - whether you are in the Moab desert canyons, the Welsh mountains, the Amazon jungle or the farmlands of Indiana. With a full range of specially designed accessories, the farm jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading, farming, auto recovery equipment you can buy. When its a heavy duty situation, the tool had better be a RAMHOIST farm jack.

We have the full capacity to supply different design farm jack, which are convenient for your cars Motorcycle. Our company has a good reputation in domestic and overseas market. Our products are now expected to USA, England, Italy, Swiss, Denmark, Romania, Korea, Southeast Asia and Middle-east.

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Detailed Description

1. Solid base

Large cast iron base for stability, Solid and wide base prevents the farm jack from sinking into soft surfaces such as asphalt 

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Actual measurement of the base-2.jpg

Actual measurement of the base-1.jpg

2. Diagonal anti-skid support frame

Rugged lifting nose runner is ribbed for strength

High Quality Farm Jack China Supplier-744.jpg

3. Constructed from premium high-tensile steel

Heavy duty all solid steel construction, Body and handle constructed of high grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability, Rod body, width 51mm, thickness 22mm, steel bar (16 Manganese steel)

       Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-2.jpg

4. Serious rated load capacity

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-3.jpg

5. Working load limit 3ton

3 tons is a static load, when supported, it is 3 tons

The normal tonnage dynamic load is 2 tons.

130-300mm height: 2000kg

300-500mm height: 1600kg

More than 500mm: 500kg

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6.  Powder-coated with a premium finish to avoid corrosion

Powder coated finish to help prevent rust, high quality, durable finish with zinc-plated hardware, paint is oil-, grease- and dirty-resistant for easy cleanup

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-5.jpg         

7. Top of the range lifting mechanism

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-6 - 1.jpg             

8. Safe working guide

Saft use information stickers, Safe use instruction including rated load details and operation instructions

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-8.jpg

9. H-lock included

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-9.jpg

10. Ratcheting hooks slide smoothly down the mast after pushing the hook

Metal buckle strip sliding device, two piece handle proven to be the most reliable and durable

 Experienced Farm Jacks OEM Service Supplier-12.jpg

11. Rubber handle holder

Rubber antiskid handle, Rubberized grip for comfort control

High Quality Farm Jack China Supplier-97.jpg

12. Clip type durable handle bar

Handle constructed of high grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability, steel handle (Q235 steel)

One piece handle, based on structural mechanics, it is reliable and dependable in the field

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13. Adjustable top bracket used for clamping (Cast Top-clamp clevis)

Top winch-connector clamp fitted as standard with every farm jack, Adjustable top-clamp can clamp at any position on the upright steel standard

Extra beak pivot -- Additional pivot will provide extra support and solution in this field

   High Quality Farm Jack China Supplier-285.jpg

14. Adjustable U type buckle, connect rope

High Quality Farm Jack made in china-3.jpg

15. Pin & Screw & Nut

Dacromet - 8.8 level SS nuts

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16. Off Road base

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17. Bumper lift (Optional)

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18. Lift, push or pull equipment, small buildings and trucks

The 48" Farm Jack is a precision cast,  highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting.
 A. Approximate weight: 28lbs (13 kg) 
 B. 5000LBS (2267.96 kg) rated capacity
 C. Tested capacity 5000 LBS.
 D. Climbing pins of specially processed steel with 125000 PSI tensile strength  and 100000 PSI yield.
 E. Steel bar is manufactured of specially rolled extra high carbon steel with  80000 pound minimum tensile & carbon .69 to .82.
 F. Steel handle of 14 gauge high-yield structural tubing with minimum yield of  55000 PSI. 1.3125" diameter x 30" long.
 G. Every Jack comes complete with an adjustable top clamp/clevis for use in  clamping and winching.
 H. Safety bolt is designed to shear at 5000 LBS. (2268 kg)
 I. For speedy disengaging, lifting unit automatically drops away when load is  removed.
 J. 5" (127mm) long lifting nose for positive contact with load.
 K. Steel bar can be reversed for extra long life.
 L. Low pickup of 5" (127mm).
 M. 28 square inch base plate.
 N. We also have 20" 33" & 60" available.

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How to use the farm Jack? (version 1)
 1.1, Slip on a pair of heavy leather work gloves before using your farm jack. Farm jacks range in height from 48 inches to well over 60 inches and have a number of moving parts that can injure exposed skin in an accident.
 1.2, Set your farm jack down on a stable surface. Muddy or other uneven surfaces can throw your jack off center and make it difficult to use. Your jack will have a small rectangular base that helps to hold it upright, but you can set your jack on a large wooden block to give it  more stability while you work.
 1.3, Turn the knob on your jack so that the lifting portion is free to move up and down, and slide it all the way down toward the base. Move the knob in the opposite direction to engage the jack and allow it to move up as you press down on the handle.
 1.4, Place your jack under the edge of the object you want to move, making sure to secure it under a stable lifting surface. If you are jacking up a vehicle, slip the jack under the axle. If you are pulling up fence posts, place the jack as close to the center of the post  as possible. Lift the handle and press it straight down until you have lifted  the object to the desired height. 
 1.5, Stand clear of the object when you are  ready to lower it back to the ground. Turn the switch to the down position and lower the jack slowly to the ground by moving the handle up and down in the same motion you did to raise the jack. Lower the jack all the way down and pull  it out from under the object once it has come to rest on the ground.

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How to use the farm Jack? (version 2)
 First, lift
 1.1 Turn the jack handle clockwise to close the return valve;
 1.2 Place the jack under the correct lifting position of the vehicle. If  necessary, adjust the jack and rotate the screw counterclockwise until it contacts the vehicle.
 1.3 Insert the jack handle into the handle sleeve and operate the handle up and  down until the vehicle reaches the desired height.
 Second, decline
 1.4 Remove the handle and use the handle to release the return valve. Please  slowly turn the handle counterclockwise to release the return valve. Do not  loosen the return valve more than two times.
 1.5 After the vehicle is fully lowered, move the jack. If the adjustment screw  is in the extended state, turn it clockwise until it is completely out of the  vehicle.
 2.1 Be sure to read all instructions carefully before use.
 2.2 Do not exceed the load of the jack;
 2.3 Jacks can only be used on hard horizontal planes;
 2.4 Before entering the vehicle, be sure to use an additional safety bracket  (for example, a jack safety bracket with a certain load capacity) to support  the vehicle;
 2.5 Users should not disassemble the jacks in order to avoid the failure or  danger of the jacks;
 The top elevation of the jack shall not exceed the limit hole;
 2.6 Jacks shall not bear the load under unattended conditions for a long time;
 2.7.The speed of the jacks must be slow,  and it is strictly forbidden to drop suddenly under load;
 2.8 Jacks should be stored in a dry, dust-free place, not placed outdoors,  exposed to the sun and rain, not suitable for use in workplaces with acid and  alkali, corrosive gases;
 2.9 Users should check and maintain regularly according to the usage.
 3. Maintenance method: oiling / lubricating oil
 3.1 placing the jack in an upright position;
 3.2 lower the pump position and piston until it is completely relaxed;
 3.3 Remove the rubber plug on the jack;
 3.4 Pay attention to inject high quality hydraulic oil and remove air;
 3.5 Install a rubber oil plug;
 3.6 Regularly lubricate the drive connection and adjust the screw.

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 1. Be sure base of jack is on firm and level ground.
 2. Be sure your jack will not slip after load is applied.
 3. Be sure lifting arm is fully under load applied.
 4. Be sure the load is stabilized before lifting so that it will not shift when  lifting or lowering.
 5. Do not work under vehicle after lifting unless you have jack stands  supporting the vehicle.
 6. Do not push load off the jack; Lower it carefully.
 7. Do not use handle extensions or Do not use extensions on the handle
 8.Always  keep a firm hold on the handle
 9. Do not carry jack by handle..

Farm jack accessories include: Lift Mate, Off Road Base,  Jack Mount
 Quality-- We test  each order three steps (inspect for each process).
 1. Material test before production (imcoming  materia)
 2. Random test during  production progress
 3. Test finished products  before packing and shipment.
 4. The  test report can be provided.

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Price list of Farm jacks 20", 33", 48", 60"

High Quality and Competitive Farm Jacks made in china

Quote 486 floor jacks 5 ton and 486 farm jacks 60" x 2 ton CIF CALLAO, PERÚ

Technical info

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Min Height(mm)
Max Height(mm)
Qty/CTN (pcs)
Qty/20FCL (pcs)


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