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Track jack also called Rail jack, is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift steel rails. It is one of the manual lifting tools, impact structure, make tooth-jaw moves up and down by sewing the rocker rod, joint action with the fixed tooth-jaw, drive the rack up or down, so does the heavy objects.


• Rugged construction for safety and efficient jacking

• Alloy steel heat treated multiple pawls for strength and rigidity

• Alloy steel body and handle for durability

• Forged & heat treated alloy steel rack with precision milled teeth for extra service life

• Forged & heat treated components for strength and long service life

• Solid cast base and large grooved toe for stable jacking

• Large base for stability Tooth by tooth lifting and lowering

• Trip lowering for quick withdrawal and winding up operation

• Lift per one stroke is 15mm, Toe lift capacity is 50% of head load

• Lightweight, easy to carry, fits all track applications

• Rust-proof tension spring maintains full pawl engagement

• The Quick-trip mechanism allows the track jack to be instantly tripped while under load. Lower the load effortlessly by engaging the lifting pawl in the retaining pawl and complete one down-stroke with the lining bar. Track jacks are designed for use with standard lining bars

• Quick-trip mechanism allows load to be instantly dropped

• Used for railway track laying and maintenance. In industrial & mining enterprises and the bridge

Capacity                                                   5/10/15/20 Tons
Type                                                        Mechanical Jack, Hydraulic Jack
Model Number                                         QD5/QD10/QD15
Material                                                   Cast Iron, Steel
Power Source                                          Manual power
Lever length                                            0.8-1.5/0.5-2M
Lifting height                                           165-280mm
Foot-hook                                               40/45/60mm
Color:                                                      orange, red, blue, yellow or as your request
Application                                              Lifting Rail
Use Area                                                Engineering Construction, Railway, Railway Steel Rails
Certification                                            CE ISO GS
Warranty                                                1 Year
HS Code                                                8502132000
Packing                                                  In wooden Box for portable rail jack.


Track jack also called Rail jack, is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift steel rails.It is one of the manual lifting tools, impact structure, make tooth-jaw moves up and down by sewing the rocker rod, joint action with the fixed tooth-jaw, drive the rack up or down, so does the heavy objects.

The Mechanical Track Jack is available in various sizes and specifications. It is easy to install and known for rendering hassle-free performance, with safety and reliability, multiple and advantages, which is a widely used tool for lifting. It is widely used for lifting and supporting the installation of various weights, and equipment, in other words, Mechanical track jack is widely used for materials lifting and supporting, equipment installation.

It’s suitable for hoisting rail panel, bridge  and other heavy things in railway construction site; It’s also suitable for lifting, flitting, moving, installing, adjusting equipment and handling various heavy things.

This machine is one kind of manual lifting tool, has the advantage of compact structure, reasonable use of  rocker swing the tooth claw to move up and down, and Cooperate with fixed tooth claw linkage, push the rack of fall, lifting the lift along.

These track jacks can be used to lifting both on down and up strockes. They also can be lowered tooth by tooth, and also can be made to tripped off by just moving the trip control. The rail track jack has simple structure, easily to use safe and reliable. It can be used with many same jacks. It is a good tool used widely in many lifting fields.

A mechanical jack employs a  screw thread for lifting heavy equipment. A hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power, Steel Rail Track Jack are usually rated for a maximum lifting capacity (for example 5 tons or 10 tons or 15 tons or 20 tons).

Mechanical track jack provides low handle effort. Can be used for lifting (vertical) or pushing (horizontal)  applications. This machine is suitable for railway track laying, bridge erection, vehicles, equipment and material handling, weight lifting purpose, It is the simplest & sturdiest types of the jacks, widely used in Oil Fields, railway track work, ship yards, mining operation, construction & heavy duty industrial maintenance & establishments.

Mechanical Track Jack is safely employed in railway relaying, maintenance, cargo loading-unloading, machinery & bridge installation and hoisting operations

The jacks have two ways to bring it down under load. One is teeth by teeth the other way all of sudden.

Owing to the efforts of our experienced professionals, we have been able to offer Track Jack. These are designed with utmost precision by our experts following the international standards. The product is used to install and remove track to replace and properly  align them. Our experts focus on the sturdy construction and dimensional  accuracy of the product, so as to provide the clients with best-in-class products.

It is also called mini mechanical track railway jack, Rail Track Jack, Railway Jack, Railroad Jack, Portable Rail Jack, Mechanical Railroad Rail Track Jack, Mechanical Railway Track Jack, Mechanical Steel Rail Track Jack, Steel Rail Lifting Machines,Steel Rail Lifting Machines Track Jack,Portable Hydraulic Rail Jack, Track Lifting Jack, Jack Tamper, track machine

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Detailed Description
1. Strong bearing capacity 
Has a reinforced thick base strong load

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2. High quality steel 
Strong and wear-resistant alloy steel thicken material 

3. Gear rack
Using strong steel, strong and durable

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4. Top non-slip
Top pattern anti-skid increases friction, safe to use

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5. Dual rocker
Multiple operation options, more effortless

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6. Dual speed design
Dual speed design is much safter

7. Screw
Plastic top cover fixed by screw

8. Thicker sleeve
Thicker sleeve is stronger

9. Double loop handle
More labor-saving, more convenient and easy to carry

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 1.Before the lifting must check whether the parts is normal.
 2.When using base shall be flat, avoid skew, forbid to use overload, such as use of multiple machines for the goods of over weight.
 3.Rising: lift rocker, will at the bottom of lift chain to the horizontal position, the rocker lever is inserted into the hole to do reciprocating movement up and down, the weight that rise. Rocker arm up or down to hear the pawl and rack contact Lota sound as normal.(decline when the same)
 4.Decline: lifting rocker, lifting spanner back to the home position, up and down reciprocating a rocker, which gradually declined.
 5.Fall: lifting spanner in the down position, use the mother refers to the lifting handle part forced by force, lift rocker, rack that fall. Fall are not  free to use ,only for the no-load rapid decline.

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 1.keep the essence clean, Note the friction between the friction parts, and often filling lubricating oil.
 2.One should not be arbitrarily tossing impact so as not to damage the parts.
 3.During use, Users need to check regularly according to the situation.
 4.If found mechanical damage, it should be replaced promptly to avoid accidents.
 Deliberately excluded methods:
 During use, such as the case of the rack to rise or fall is difficult. Through the spring assembly intermediate the nut to trace condition, rise was blocked down regulation, drops blocked up regulation, generally regulates the amplitude of 1mm, 2mm maximum adjustable.

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 1. Improve - track jack should be smoothly completed, with a length of 1.5 m steel steel rod inserted into the rocker arm hole, up and down reciprocating throw to the need of hoisting heposition.
 2. Slow down - turn slowly drop control handle up to brake position will lever up and down throw, every reciprocating or drop a tooth.
 3. Drops - pull lever, with leverage vertical impact downhill baseboard end surface, can be a down to the starting

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Railway equipment mechanical jack track lifting jack with lever sockets method of use :
 Railway track jack should be placed properly and  smoothly, insert the control hole with a 1.5 meter length steel rod, reciprocating wrench up and down until reach the requirement lifting height.
 2, Slowly Descending
 The track jack can be lowered tooth by tooth by wrencing the steel rod up and down while the slowly descending control handle pulled to the brake position .
 3, Rapid Descending 
 The track jack can be descended to the start position by perpendicular impacting the rapid descending foot pedal.
 4, Sliping 
 The sliding parts need to be regular lubrication, timely replacement of damaged parts.

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One, Applicable scope
 Applicable railway when lifting section  of track, Bridges or other heavy; Can also be applied to industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, ports, and other enterprises shipping, installation and adjustment of equipment and lifting, handling all kinds of  heavy became a tool.
 This machine structure is simple, lifting and reliability, simple operation, maintenance, maintenance is convenient. Hoisting lift, ascension (lifting) speed, track the working efficiency is high.

TWO. the main technical parameters
 1, rated jacking force: 150 kn
 2, rated hook lift force: 78 kn
 3, hoisting lift: >=270 mm
 4, track efficiency: 127 mm/time
 5, initial height:50 mm
 6, lever (Jimmy) length (user own) : 1.5  m
 7, full load lifting maximum operating force: 1920 n
 8, outlook size: (LWH) 420 x 165 x 522  mm
 9, machine weight: <=25 kg 

Three, the basic structure and working principle
 This machine commonly known as the  "single button" type track machine, namely rocker 4 press, rack and rise to a tooth. Rocker service for light, gently pull can not rise, rack.
 1 frame, 2 bearing cover, 3 bolt, 4 rocker, 5 brake tooth plate, 6 roof, 7 rack, and famous brand, and spring, 10 spring shaft, 11 starting tooth board,

Four, method of use
 Track (increased) operation - machine made put make rack hook tongue part in rail or weight, the crow insert rocker 4 hole, and force bobs Jimmy can put the section of track or weight by gear up to the required height.
 Fast drop (discharge) operation - will raise up wrecking bar, rocker to a certain Angle is placed, starting tooth plate and top surface is from the rack and tooth surface, the starting tooth plate and pull back the tooth insert brake tooth plate and tail triangle groove, again press the crowbar, namely to realize fast drop (discharge).
 Slow down - when lifting operation need to reduce after one or two tooth height, its operation is: Jimmy belt moved down and down, make brake tooth plate 5 from the rack and no load, pull back brake tooth plate 6, slowly release the crowbar make rack and the frame a tooth, then relax brake tooth plate and make its teeth into the rack and a tooth, relax Jimmy make brake tooth plate stress, the starting tooth plate don't force, and then gently lift crowbar, pull open starting tooth plate so  that the tooth into the rack and a tooth. In this way, it is finished up weight drop a tooth height operation. By analogy, namely the realization by tooth slow down.

Five, use the matters needing attention
 1, track the way before operation, should check for failure or damage, no-load operation is agile.
 2, Jimmy suggest using steel pipe production, the size of outside diameter φ and ~ and mm, wall thickness 4 ~ 5 mm, length of 1.5 m, end a little taper.
 3, slow down, the operator should stand in the side of the crowbar, open tooth plate hand don't stretch line is too close, to prevent scratches.
 4, track operation in case of emergency, should namely fast drop operation, and out of track machine.

Six, platoon drop fault and maintenance
 1, track machine lifting dumb, should check the rotating or sliding parts ever is rust or stolen goods, if any, should be clean, and add lubricating oil.
 2, lifting operation, such as tooth plate "eat tooth" is not normal, should check spring and ever jump out (not pin tooth plate), found that jump out, should make its reset; Such as  spring fatigue stretch enough or damage, should be replaced spring 9.
 3, such as tooth plate lateral shake handshandle touch off, can welding.
 4, frame 1 top square opening front such  as wear serious influence and lifting operation, should be replaced frame.
 5, use for a long time, the rack and brake tooth plate 5 and starting tooth plate and tooth part wear serious  influence use, should be replaced.

Seven, maintenance
 1, track machine long not buy, check the rotation before use, sliding parts have rust, no-load operation is normal or not, otherwise, should be cleaning, lubricating.
 2, should avoid to throw rejection, lest meet the bad parts.
 3, after use, such as viscosity have sediment, dirt should be clean; Should be properly placed custody, and in the rotational parts moderate oil lubrication, don't placed outdoor be caught in the rain.

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Advantages of Rail Jack 15 Tons Mechanical Railway Track Jack for Sale
 1. Rail Jack 15 Tons  Mechanical Railway Track Jack for Sale can apply to the complementary set, cab be used as an axle railway bridge installation, and vehicles, equipment,
 Heavy lifting with.
 2. The structure of Rail Jack 15 Tons Mechanical  Railway Track Jack for Sale is simple, easy to use, safe and reliable, and many machine etc. It is a kind of
 Hoisting tools that are widely used.
 3. Principle of Rail Jack 15 Tons Mechanical Railway Track Jack for Sale machine is manual type one type of hoisting tools, compact structure,
 Reasonable use a joystick to move up and down swinging the claw, with the tooth claw, promote
 The linkage with rack up or down, and then the weight.

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 1, The using scope
 QD20 type track lifting jack, suitable for the construction of railway track panel lift, bridge or other heavy objects; Also applies to the mining industry, transport, ports and other transport companies, installation, adjustment of equipment and lifting, handling a variety of take up a heavy tool.
 The machine structure is simple, lifting reliable, simple operation, repair and maintenance convenience. Crane lift big upgrade (lifting) speed, high efficiency from the road.
 Second, the main technical parameters
 1, Rated jacking force: 200kN
 2, rated hook lifting force: 78kN
 3, lifting lift: ≥ 270mm
 4, from the road efficiency: 127mm / second
 5, the initial height: 50mm
 6, the lever (crowbar) Length (user-owned): 1.5m
 7, the maximum operating at full load lifting  force: 1920N
 8 Dimensions: (L × W × H) 420 × 165 × 522mm
 9, Weight: ≤ 25kg

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 Rail jack
 1. Certificate: CE & ISO9001
 2. Maximum top capacity: 5-20T
 3. Lift Height: 160-350mm
 4. Top height: 345-680mm
 5. Rack and pawls:  20CrMnTi alloy steel,
 6. Other part: Superior cast steel
 7. Rack and pawls: 20CrMnTi alloy steel

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How to get rid of the trouble:
 Adjust the middle nut of the spring package if the rack meets difficulty  when moves upward or descends when obstructed upwards, adjust downward; when obstructed downward adjust upward , the range of the adjustment should be between 1 mm to  2 mm.

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Operation manual of Rack-type Jack.pdf

Technical details of Railway Jack(track jack)

Single hole or dual hole of 20T Track Jack (Mechanical Jack for Railway)

Request a quotation of 5 Ton Railway Jack from South Africa

Technical info

Technical parameters of Track Jacks.jpg


Max lifting    capacity    of the top
Max lifting    capacity    of foot-hook
Lifting height
Total height
191X130X384 mm
230X154X418 mm
260X135X590 mm
280X140X630 mm
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