Vertical Lead Rail Lift Platforms (cargo platform lifts)

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Vertical Lead Rail Lift Platforms (Cargo Platform Lifts) are driven by the electric and hydraulic system lifting up and down along the guide track. Equipped with single or double side hydraulic cylinder, vertical lead rail lift platforms are installed in the pit or the ground floor to convey the goods or people from one working level to another and keep the moving smoothly and steadily. Commercial cargo platform lifts and used cargo platform lifts for sale are also available.


• Installed with two different operation method, they are pendant control and remote control

• Lift steadily, safe and convenient maintenance with strong structure and big loading capacity

• Special lifting chain with long use life, reliable closed platform,and also easy to clean

• Very suitable for no matter inside or outside of the building, and can save a lot of spaces

• Sensitive overload protection devices and locking devices can highly protect our products

• Equipped with anti-skid plate, which can provide operators a well enough safe place to work

• With high-quality and yare emergency manual valve, fuel tank oil temperature protection

• Double sides hydro cylinder used to make sure the smooth, steady and noiseless work

• Overload warning device will operate when the cargo on the platform is over the rated capacity

• Manual emergency valve can move to the nearest floor, opening the door in an emergency

• Adopt elevator controls system and remote controlling, which are suitable for our products

• Chain lifting platforms are driven by great hydraulic, and the lift is highly operated by chain

• Machine will stop operating until it in a safe standard with the help of temperature protection

• The control button can be put either on the ground panel, or also can be set on the platform

• Equipped with the stable and reliable guardrails to guarantee the safety of load assignments

• Anti-drop function has the function of preventing any possible, potential failure happening

• Be custom made according to the different situations and different customers’ requirements

Load Capacity                                           0.5-10 ton
Table Size                                                  Customized
Wire Mesh Around                                    Optional
Material                                                      High-duty Steel Structure
Power Supply                                            220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
Use                                                             Goods lift
Move                                                          Stationary
Driven Type                                               Hydraulic
Lift speed                                                  3-6m/min
Lift Mechanism                                         Lift Chain
Working temperature                               -20℃--60℃
HS Code                                                    8428909090
Custom-made service                             Yes
Packaging Details                                    Standard Export Package 
Painting                                                     Permanent enamel painting
Certification                                              CE,ISO,SGS
Warranty                                                   1 year
Colors                                                       Red yellow green blue and so on


Vertical Lead Rail Lift Platforms (Cargo Platform Lifts) are driven by the electric and hydraulic system lifting up and down along the guide track. Equipped with single or double side hydraulic cylinder, vertical lead rail lift platforms are installed in the pit or the ground floor to convey the goods or people from one working level to another and keep the moving smoothly and steadily. These Cargo Platform Lifts can also be installed indoor or outdoor for different applications, and their compact structure makes themselves suitable in many narrow spaces.

These Cargo Platform Lifts consist of three parts lift platform, driving wall (containing vertical guide rail and driving mechanism), seal type hatchway, and the principle components of machine include guide columns, carriage and mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism. They have their own unique hydraulic drive system, the vertical platform which connected by platform and hatchway, running fast and stable, and this product also with the characters of high safety, simple installation, and small floor space and don’t need pit.

Hydraulic lift Vertical lead rail lift platforms contain a series of safety devices like: safety locks, safety touching plate, manual emergency valve, pipe fracture valve, hose rupture valve. Besides those devices appear on normal products, we also have: over fall valve, oil temperature protection, manual pump. All of these are used to make sure your full safety when you using our lift platforms.

These Cargo Platform Lifts are ideal plans for barrier-free path to solve the problem of big gaps between each layer in the building. They are extensively used in hospital, small office building, and apartment building for the old and so on public architectures. With particular height of 150-300mm, they are suitable for working sites where pits can’t be excavated, at the same time, they are unnecessary to set the upper lift points, too. The Cargo Platform Lifts provide convenient, safe, efficient, and fast access to mezzanines, balconies, basements, and any levels in multilevel building. With no limitation of working space, they are widely used in lifting operations over large areas, and some places with narrow space like warehouses, factories, stairwell place and highways where we could not dig pits. The far end control and multi control  points at the different layers could be realized. What’s more, they are mainly used in some explosion-proof enterprises relating to chemical, power plants, high temperature, high voltage, explosives, nuclear industrial bases etc.

Our Cargo Platform Lifts have the advantages of large carrying capacity, stable lifting and structure. It is convenient to assemble and maintenance, and also a practical ideal machine to transport goods between low floors, which can highly replace the elevator. What’s more, we can provide different types of vertical lead rail lift platforms to our customers, and the detailed introductions are listed below in the detailed description. After reading these introductions, our customers can accord to their individual requirements like the different installation environment and operation requirements of the lifting platform to choose the different products’ configurations. Besides, all different types of our Cargo Platform Lifts have the same high-quality, which can fully meet customers’ needs, providing a longer service life and the better using experiences to them.

Vertical lead rail lift platforms are also called vertical lead rail cargo lifting platform, cargo lift, hydraulic warehouse cargo lift, steel guide rail chain hydraulic lift, rail lifting, steel guide rail chain hydraulic lift, platform/warehouse guide rail lift, hydraulic guide rail chain lift, vertical lead rail chain, lead cargo rail lift platform, hydraulic warehouse vertical lift, vertical material lift for warehouse, platform/ guide rail cargo lift, lead rail hydraulic cargo lifter,vertical Lift Platform, cargo vertical platform lifts, guide-rail lifting cargo lift, rail hydraulic elevator, chain lift platform, fixed deign lead rail industrial hydraulic elevator vertical type lift platform, good steel guide rail chain hydraulic cargo lift.

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Detailed Description

1.Control Box and Number Display For Optional
         By pressing the "up" "down" "stop" button on the box, the lifting can be lifted up and down both on the platform and on the ground, you can also press stop button at any point you want it to stop. Besides, 24V safety operate voltage highly protect workers from electric shock.

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2.Professional Hydraulic Power Unit
         Usual power supply is external connection electricity variety of 220v, 380v. In case of being unavailable to the power, they can also be manipulated with handle control to make sure that the lift can work.

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3.Hydraulic Oil Tube
         Good hydraulic oil tube makes the hydraulic system operated more safe and reliable. High-quality hydraulic oil tube can provide a long service life to our Cargo Platform Lifts.

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         Anti-skid steel grate plate, with oval anti-skid saw tooth on the plate’s surface, is used to make sure the safety during the process of operating. Plate is very strong, so that it is uneasy to be ponding or deformation.

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5.Pump Unit
         Explosion-proof valve and spillover are equipped in the pump station. Explosion-proof valve is often used for protecting hydraulic pipe from rupturing. Spillover valve can be  used to prevent high level of pressure when the machine moves up by adjusting the pressure.

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         High-quality guardrails can be foldable or unfoldable, with load or unload side to fully meet your requirements.

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7.Guide Roller
         Guide roller is set on the guardrails, has the advantages of unique design, strong stability and wear-resistant.

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8.Safety device

    ①Emergency decline valve can go down whenever you meet an emergency or the power off.

    ②Anti-dropping device prevents the falling of platform.

    ③Manual pump can help you move up to the nearest floor and open the door when you face with an emergency.

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    ④Temperature protection, the machine working will be stopped when the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high or too low, until the temperature comes back to the safe standard.

    ⑤Relief valve prevents upward movement when the system pressure is too high.

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       Travel switch, when machine reaches the highest or lowest point, the machine will touch the travel switch to stop traveling.

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   ⑦Oil fuel tank protection, when the oil temperature in the tank exceeds the standard level, the oil protection device will provide signal and suspend the use of elevators, when the elevator started before the oil declines to the normal level.

   ⑧The balance wire ropes protect the platform from inclining when the machine is working.

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9.Leaf Chain
         High quality leaf chain can bear more than 10 times weight of Cargo Platform Lifts’ rated capacity. It can fully spare the cost of load works and provide extreme safety with its heavy duty advantage.

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           The door can be run through each other without interruption and factory workshop can be opened inside and outside according to your requests, that is very convenient and saving space. And the door’s goes in and out way is 90°or180°. Besides, we provide three different types of door to help customers chose the perfect one according to their needs, such as elevator door, counterweight door and opening door. These types of doors are always used in the steel mesh protection model.

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11.Interlocking System
         Only when all doors are closed, could the Cargo Platform Lifts work. If any door opens, the lift will not move. This function prevents worker's disoperation and potential damage to them.

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12.Anti-explosion Valve
         Anti-explosion valve aims to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out, in case of hydraulic pipe fracture, so that it prevents the platform fall down.

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         International standard H type steel is durable and quality-assured. It has exceptional load capacity, which can provide more safety and security to load assignments.

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1.Different types of Cargo Platform Lifts


           It is used  for the lead rail lift of smaller platform size, lower height and lighter load capacity. And it is always mounted on the wall. Two-post vertical lead rail  lift platform only has one hydraulic system, which can well apply in some narrow places and corridors. The two-post type can save more money and electric energy for our customers. However, it also has some disadvantages. It only can load some light loads, because its load capacity is very low. Besides, one hydraulic system provides a low power to operate machine, which will make the operations become more low-efficient.

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             This Cargo Platform Lift is many of the most commonly type used in warehouse and workshop. It is also the standard one we provided to our customers. Besides, it has two hydraulic systems, which can highly ensure the high-efficient operations for workers. And the four-post can make our products become more stable and reliable. But compared with the steel mesh protection type, it is more likely to occur some dangers or risks.

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            This Cargo Platform Lift is used for bigger platform and heavy load capacity. It is very suitable for the huge factory and warehouse, and it can load large or heavy goods compared with other types. It can save time for customers, because it can lift more good at one time. But it is so big that will make workers uneasy to control.

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4)With steel mesh protection model

            The Cargo Platform Lift could be surrounded by steel mesh to prevent goods from falling. This type is more safe and reliable, because it can highly protect the goods no matter the size of them. But customers need the additional and professional workers to install this steel mesh protection, and it will cost more money and time to install this protection. It is also difficult to maintenance and repair this protection when it has something wrong.

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         If you have your own installation team, we will provide detail assistance or we can also arrange our workers and engineers to help you install it. Way of installation: No pit installations, directed fix on the concrete. The guide rail, base support, cross-beam, cylinder, wire rope wheel and horizontal support have already been fixed together, so the lift is easy to assemble and install. Besides, all the machines will be tested before shipment. It is user-friendly manual for machine use and maintenance.

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           Please let us know the following information and we will send you exact good price to you as soon as possible:

    • Max. Lifting height?

    • Max. Loading capacity?

    • Upper platform size or work space size?

    • Direction of loading or unloading goods? From width for length?

Technical info

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Load Capacity (t)
Vertical Travel (cm)
Plateform Size (cm)
Self Height (cm)
Power (kw)
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