CPT Electric Chain Hoists

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Electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. electric chain hoists for sale including CPT electric chain hoists, a frame hoist.


           • Light weight, reliable and durable shell, small volume in size but with high strength

           • Manufactured and tested by experts, to comply with high standards and best electrics

       • Good safety, high reliability, low trouble rate with excellent and outstanding performance

       • Low noise, environmental-friendly with strong overload capacity, and high efficient

       • Equipped with large braking moment and rich operation of integral type button cable

       • Adopt low pressured design and completely make the provision against a rainy day

       • Our products are adaptable to suit wide beams, and highly meet customers’ requirements

       • Compact and sturdy structure with complete polishing procedures and high precision

       • Good-quality disc electromagnetic brakes’ service life can reach more than 1 million times

       • Offering waterproof, light and durable switching control for operators’ safety and security

       • Low maintenance, and our products are also available no matter in single or dual speed

       • Specially designed travelling brakes have the function of providing long life, positive operation

       • High efficient and innovative with unique, beautiful, reasonable design and appearance

       • Operating voltage of button is designed to be 24V low when power leakage accident happened

       • High quality Grade 80 zinc plated load chain is supplied to our customers as the standard

       • Fully contactorised with high rated contactors and pendant controls make the machine safe

       • Single and three phase material handling motorized hoists provide longer service life

       • Covered gear wheels for preventing dust and water from our products to guarantee safety

Capacity                                               1ton-5ton
Speed                                                    Single speed / double speed
Power supply                                       Three phase or single phase
Condition                                              New                                                                 
Type                                                      Electric chain hoist
Usage                                                   Construction
Chain                                                    Load chain and hand chain
Certification                                         CE, IS09001
Color                                                    Orange or as required
Sling type                                            Chain
Chain falls                                           1/2
Attendant                                             Available
 Low headroom                                   Available
Structure                                             Mast section with rack
Warranty                                             1 year
Package                                              Cartoon, wooden pallet
HS CODE                                            84251900


CPT electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. these series electric chain hoists have a good reputation for excellent design for proven reliability and extensive operating with many years; which adopt plastic plating through using advanced plastic technology inside and outside that it looks like a new one after years of operation a testing.

These series of electric chain hoists adopt Japanese Hitachi technology. And Hitachi’s fame in quality, reliability, performance and design has made this brand famous all over the world, and become a global market leader. The main components of these electric chain hoists are all made of high-class alloy steel with high precision and security, including the motor, dual brake system, gears, rotating parts and electrical system which can be operated under different situations even in the severe conditions. Also, they are equipped with disc type electromagnetic brake system and contactor for extended longevity and great durability. What’s more, the surface of them is 3 layers of staving varnishing painting by best painting technic to keep shining and durable. every unit of hoists is equipped with electro-mechanical overload limiting functions, which absolutely ensure the operations’ safety. And all CPT models are designed and manufactured to completely comply with the standard of AS1418.2.

Their robust design of this kind of electric chain hoists makes them a first choice for many customers all over the globe and the rugged steel plate ensures every unit safe to use outdoors and in a variety of environments. Besides, the 24V push button pendant controller benefits users with safe operation. All electrics system we use such as cables, contactors, transformers, push button switch are produced professionally by best famous electrics factory in china with ISO and CE international certifications. Different types and specifications are available to be customized to absolutely meet customers’ different requirements. Due to the chain container, it provides the space and safe room for storing the chains. There is one thing that to mention that the operation environment should be in  location with an ambient temperatures for -10 ℃ to 40 ℃ with no freezing and humanity of 90% or less, and in this circumstance the electric chain hoists can work longer and better. What’s more, our electric chain hoists have the special trolley arrangements and low headroom, which are very suitable for tight headroom applications.

The electric chain hoists are widely used for rugged applications and making cargo handling more efficient in double beam cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, tower cranes, single grinder cranes, lifting platforms, small cranes in construction, molds, manufacturing, logistics, wind power, ship building, railway, bridge construction, factory assembly line, machinery and other fields. They can also be used in the rain, water, chemicals and other harsh conditions. We will also provide the best after-sale service and the high quality workers with advanced technology for all users. Ramhoist industrial equipment system meets customers’ needs through the total network which can supply speedy design, production, sales, service and engineering for industrial equipment and systems. We always insist on providing the most favorable price and highest quality to our customers, and we also can send products’ sample to customers to help them choose the best one to use.

CPT electric chain hoists are also called Hitachi electric chain hoists, CPT electric hoists with wireless remote, china Hitachi hoists, CPT powered chain hoists, CPT type electric chain hoists, CPT electric chain hoists pulley block, CPT hook mounted electric chain hoists, CPT electric hoists and others.

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Detailed Description

1. Structure
         CPT electric chain hoists have compact shape, compact and dustproof structure. What’s more, they also have experienced more than three times polishing  procedures to keep smooth,shining and reliable surface.

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2. Shell
         The shell is very tough, solid, light and strong because they are made of good quality and international standard IRON. And high quality shell can absolutely make our electric chain hoists have a longer using life.

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3. Chain BucketPower Chain
         It adopts noiseless design with flexible mounting, supplied as standard. Besides, the special patented alloy steel chain surface is hardened for optimum strength and wear resistance. Hardened chain bucket makes the operations become more safe and reliable.

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4. Brake
         The brake system includes long life brake unit and automatic adjusting brake. All models are fitted with an electro-magnetic, self-adjusting disc type brake to the gearbox for steady operation and long life and the 'F' models have an additional auxiliary centrifugal brake fitted to the motor. Except that, the  automatic adjusting brakes are equipped with patent for easier maintenance and added safety.

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5. Overload Protection|Overload Limiter
           In order to ensure the safety, all models are fitted with an electromechanical overload limiting device. This electro-mechanical device is exclusive to the CPT range and boasts a far more superior overload protection device than the slipping clutch method. Besides, the CPT overload limiter includes micro switch, lever, steel ball, gear support assembly, sticker, gap, load side, spring, conical hole, pinion and other accessories.

6. Limit Switch
         It is fitted at both top and button ends, which is used to prevent the load chain from  running out for safety. Besides, it shuts off power automatically, and it can play an vital role especially in some dangerous situations.

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7. Transformer
         The fuse is built in a primary side to prevent overheat. What’s more, the 24V/36V/48V transformer device to the pendent control is used for the safe operation.

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8. Push Button Pendant | Switch
           The push button switch is rain-proof plastic for severe impact and corrosive atmosphere  resistance and mechanically interlocked. The 24 volt control circuit reduce  shock hazard to the operation. It also has emergency stop button to stop in time in emergency cases that are caused by overdrive or erroneous operation.

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9. Phase Error Relay
           In case of wiring error in the power supply, there is a specially designed electric board preventing motor from running.

10. Hook
         The hook is processed by the hot forging which has good strength and is not easy to break. Under the hook it can rotate 360 degrees, and with the security tab ensuring safe operation. Good quality hook also can make operation become more reliable.

11. Reverse Phase Inspection Relay
         Reverse phase inspection relay has a function of cutting control circuit when the moment of reverse phasing. Besides, we provide not only three phase electric chain hoists, but also single phase models of 250kg and 500kg to our customers.

12.Grinding Gear | Helical Gearing
         The gears are processed through heat-treating and the gear box and rotors are professionally processed. With grease lubricating system, they have highest precision and are used where practical to provide quite operation. All of them are innovated symmetrical arrayed high speed synchronous gears and are made from international standard gear steel. Compared with common gears, they are more wearable and steadier, and more labor saving.

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13. Nut, Screw and Bolt
         All the nuts, screws and bolts are processed by most advanced and adult technic which is very sturdy, durable and neat. They make sure a long service life and reliable operations to our electric chain hoists.

14. Electro-magnetic Contactor
        Electro-magnetic contactor is a essential component of our products, and this equipment is with mechanical-interlocking against line short by mechanical shock.

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15. Damper
          The stopper is supposed to be used with ribber or other shock absorbing material to absorb the shock when the trolley strikes the stopper.

16. Motor
           With thermal protector, motor’s coils are special manufactured by hand in our own factory by unique processing technic, which is intended to keep super quiet voice and long service life with easy heat disipation.

17. Cable
         The cable includes two types. Plug-in cable which reduce maintenance time and installation, as well as push button cable which is molded with strain relief chain into one body assuring easier and safer operation.

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18. Chain Container
         It exists as standard, and intends to make sure safe operation for loading works. The running chain can be automatically stored in the chain container to prevent the chain from sticking or getting contaminated when falling freely.

19.Internal Structure
         Compact internal structure provides a longer service life to our electric chain hoists, and makes the load assignments become more efficient.

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           1. The transport packages adopt nude packing, cartoon case and wooden pallet.
           2. There are many parameters needed into consideration including rated capacity, model, power supply, standard lift, standard pendant drop, hoisting speed, motor output, chain diameter, number of chain falls, rating, control voltage, power cord length, weight and other specifications.
           3. The electric chain hoist vary from 1ton-5tonne are available in 3 phase single speed, 3 phase dual speed and 1 phase single speed.
           4. Operation of the detection unit  built into the reduction gear shuts off the hoists operation circuit. This is Ramhoist’s unique “overload prevention unit” which detects overload operation and then stops operation while keeping the load hoisted.
           6. Caution
           ①The wheel stopper is always installed on the end of the travel rail to prevent the trolley from dropping off after the trolley has been installed on the travel rail. Remember to avoid using the stopper to stop the trolley by letting it run into the stopper.
           ②Using a stopper that is a different color from the travel rail is an effective means for preventing the trolley from striking the stopper because it makes the stopper stand out.

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Technical info

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Capacity             (t)
Lifting    Speed (m/min)
Standard Lift (m)
Lifting    Motor
Load Chain
Test Load         (t)
Weight (kg)
Additional Weight per 1m    Lift (kg)
Power    (kw)
Rotation    Speed (r/min)  
Diameter    (mm)                   ×chain falls
7.1 × 1
7.1 × 2
7.1 × 3
7.1 × 5

Dimensions (mm)

Capacity                  (t)

shell materil is Iron

continuous working time is 15 min