Electric Mini Wire Winches

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Electric mini wire winches are portable electric winches to lift heavy loads in various fields. As the name shows, they are a kind of electric winches, but they are smaller, lighter and more convenient to operate. It is style of duke mini wire winch or harga mini wire winch.


• Light weight, compact design, simple structure, easy handing and convenient mounting.

• High automatization, great intellectualization, easy installation and convenient maintenance.

• Tough, simple, efficient, convenient, economical, safe, reliable as well as environmental.

• Simple structure in liner type, standard domestic power supply and hard surface gears.

• High quality pneumatic, electric and operation parts using advanced brand components.

• Rugged aluminum alloy body construction, dual braking system, and upper limit switch.

• Separated and convenient quick connection as well as high pressure  double crank.

• The dynamic brake design is very suitable for both static loading and dynamic loading.

• With plug-in cords and hand-hold design that is convenient for assembly and carry.

• Equipped with a 360° universal joint saddle hook which is connected with safety latch.

• Longer service life is able to be ensured by virtue of the temperature protection.

• The easily accessible control enclosure device is adept at facilitating maintenance.

• The high tensile alloy galvanized wire rope is wear resistant as well as highly safe.

• The gears made from high quality alloy steel are operated in sealed oil bath to effect long life.

• Widely used in agriculture, warehouse, machinery, light industry, and domestic goods lifting.

• A remote control can help to finish any complicated any pulling and lifting work more efficiently.

Capacity                                                         0.1Ton-0.25Ton
Standard Lift                                                  20 m
Use                                                                  Lifting, fixing, binding
Drive Mode                                                     Motor
Running Mode                                               Stationary, moving
Sling Type                                                      Wire Rope
Operation                                                       With pedant cable push button or remote control
Power Supply                                                110v-240v, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase (Pls contact RAMHOIST if you need 3 phase)
Control Voltage                                              24v, 36v, 42v, 48v
H.S. Code                                                        84251900                 
Lead Time                                                       30-45 days
Lift Speed                                                       12 m/min, 15 m/min
Warranty                                                         1 year
Color                                                               Customers' requirement
Material                                                           Steel
Standard                                                         National standards
Motor                                                               Wound    


            Electric mini wire winches are portable electric winches to lift heavy loads in various fields. As the name shows, they are a kind of electric winches, but they are smaller, lighter and more convenient to operate. Under the help of electric mini wire winches, you can get more work done using less time and effort. For their small size and light weight, They are suitable for being brought to remote places to undertake tough tasks.

           These electric mini wire winches are easy to operate control thanks to their modern  design of motor, fan gear and drum etc. which are combined with construction of the hoist. With built-in safety devices, they are highly safe and reliable. Besides, these electric mini wire winches are small in size and light in weight for their compact structure and advanced design. The long wire rope can achieve a long listing distance. The job of lifting and pulling materials like machines is much easier and safer and makes lower noises for the unique design and elegant shape of these electric mini wire winches.

           By virtue of the powerful motor device, these electric mini wire winches are capable of accomplishing any complicated lifting work more effectively and efficiently. This easily portable unit is designed for multiple-story construction work sites and long-lift applications for loads. For their incomparable advantages, they are perfect tools when easy installation and quick use are needed. They are equipped with a 360° universal joint saddle hook which is connected with safety latch. The gears are made from high quality alloy steel and operated in sealed oil bath. The high tensile alloy galvanized wire rope has good wear resistance performance and highly safe factors. These winches also has a great temperature protection device. Thus, they have a long service life. Also, they can be controlled using a remote control.

           The lifting capacity of these electric mini wire winches can be up to 250kg. The standard lifting height is 20m, and the lifting speed is 12m/min or 15m/min. With a simple and straight-forward control pad, they are easy to install. These winches are made of durable steel which makes them reliable and sturdy pieces of equipment. They are hung on the steel beam but are different from other hoist because they are normally fixed without walking, i.e. they cannot be equipped with monorail car, which can’t be realized on the I-beam walking around. However, these electric mini wire winches can still add optional push trolley mount bracket to traverse.

           They are widely used in machinery installation, light industry manufacturing, farm improvement and transformer replacement. In addition, such fields as agriculture, house areas, warehouse, factories and storage areas etc. also in extensive need of them. Other fields involving the use of electric mini wire winches include overhead line crews, construction sites, job sites, plumbing, abattoir, lumbering, as well as domestic goods lifting and stage.

           They are also known as Mini winches, Mini-winches, Mini electric wire winches, Mini electric winches, Mini electric wire rope hoists, Mini wire rope electric hoists, Building portable electric winches, Portable micro electric winch mini hoists, Portable wire rope electric hoists, Portable suspending mini electric wire rope hoists with crane hook, Winch mini hoists, Mini hoist winches, Hanging mini electric hoists, Hanging electric hoists, Hanging hoists, Capstan winches, Mini wire rope pulling motor hoists, Mini electric wire rope hoists, Mini electric cable hoists, Suspending mini electric hoists, Suspending mini wire rope electric hoists, and Suspension electric winches.

Electric Mini Wire Winches china1-1A.jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-1.jpg

Detailed Description

 1. Limit switch

         Upper limit switch: When hook disc touch it, the motor will automatically stop, thus hoisting is automatically stopped.
         Lower limit switch: The design is in order to  prevent wire rope under-wound. 
         Upper and lower limit switches prevent steel rope reverse roll or over roll/over-travel. A sensor arm stops the motor (Induction-motor) when the rope is reversely wound.

2. Brake

           Dynamic and mechanical brake can provide instant and safe braking. The double safety brake device (Dual braking system) includes an electromagnetic brake for instant braking and is double protective, safe and reliable. Dual braking system, lower and upper limit switches, and emergency stop collectively provide a triple protection, making the electric mini wire winches safer and more reliable.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-3.jpg

3. Sensor arm

           The sensor arm will automatically activate lower limit switch to stop motor when the wire rope is under wound. The design is in order to prevent wire rope under-wound.

4. Hook

           The 360º universal hook with safety latch is heat-treated and drop-forged.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-4.jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-4A.jpg

5. Control pendant | Electric switch

           The 20m (65 foot) hand-held control pendant can ensure safe switch. The 3m power lead with industry plug is easy to operate. The push button (three point button with emergency stop switch) is easy to maintain and the simply layout of the control with 5M power cable is standard and convenient to operate. A remote control is available. Industrial remote control or pedant control is optional, and the valid distance of the remote control is 100M. Quick-connect wiring is equipped for power and push-button controls.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-5.jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-5A.jpg


        Rugged aluminum alloy body construction (Strength Al-alloy shell) provides light weight and is sturdy and durable

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-6.jpg

7. Temperature protection

           The temperature protection can prolong the service life of the electric mini wire winches.

8. Wire Rope

           The highly tensile alloy galvanized wire rope is wear-resistant, easy to install and safe in work.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-7.jpg


            All gears and pinion shaft are made from high quality Alloy steel of extreme surface hardness (hard surface) and supported on both ends by anti-friction ball bearings, allowing it to work in a sealed oil bath for a long time. Precision machined gears are heat treated for strength and durability. And the ball or needle bearings at all rotating points run in oil bath lubrication for a quieter, smoother and cooler operation.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-8.jpg

10. Motor

         The 100% copper wire motor is well ventilated and specially designed with high starting torque and thermal overload protection.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-9.jpg

11. Magnetic contactor

       The electric mini wire winches are equipped with magnetic contactor to avoid voltage drop while ensuring powerful lifting.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-10.jpg

12.Power supply

         Two holes of electric wiring box is available.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-11.jpg

13.Aerostatical connector

         An aerostatical connector is very safe.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-12.jpg

14. Wireless remote conctrol

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-13.jpg

15.Power socket

       A power socket is needed by electrical devices to receive electric current.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-14.jpg


  1. Optional mounting arm.

  2. Suspending style with protection hook or Optional push trolley mount bracket.

  3. Protection class: IP54.

  4. Approve: CE, GS.

  5. These electric mini wire winches adopt heavy duty IP65 waterproof switch with emergency stop K613A as an option.

  6. Transport Packages

     The packing uses carton boxes or wooden cases to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

Electric Mini Wire Winches china1-15A.jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-15.jpg

These electric mini wire winches can operate on household power source.


      ①Pre-sale service
           Supply item design and process design, help customers to choose the right and suitable machine and manufacture the machine according to customers’ accessories.
      ②Sale Service
           Offer customers assistance to make the operating instruction and any other help needed.
      ③ After-sale service
           Free repair is provided during the whole using life without the freight and accessory charge.


      ①Never use electric mini wire winches to move people.
      ②Wear a pair of gloves when operating the winches.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-16.jpg

     ③Regularly check the electric mini wire winches to ensure normal and safe use.

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-17.jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-18.jpg

Offer of 0.25 T mini electric winch with electric trolley

Above is about single phase electric mini wire winches, however we can make to three phase electric mini wire winches as follows:

three phase electric mini wire winches (220V 3phase).jpg

three phase electric mini wire winches manufacturers (220V 3phase).jpg

Electric Mini Wire Winches and Mini electric wire rope hoists

Technical info

Electric Mini Wire Winch china1-19.jpg


Capacity (t)
Lifting Speed (m/min)
Standard Lift (m)
Power (kw)
Wire Rope
Test Load (t)
Weight (kg)
Diameter (mm)
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