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Gas Winches powered by motor are designed mainly for power transmission and transformation project, which are powerful, easy-to-handheld gasoline-powered tool with the ability to pull heavy cargos and loads. this maybe the best portable gas winch in china and portable gas winch for sale is very cheap now.


• Compact structure, light weight, small volume, strong power and widely used

• Speedy, efficient, safe and reliable with nimble and easy operation

• Adopt first-class quality as target and first-class after-sale service

• With great responsibility and succeed by scientific management

• Customer in heart, quality in hand and technology in the lead with high efficiency

• Reasonable structure, high versatility, convenience in using and transferring

• Environmental friendly with very little noise and stable driving

• Have variable engine throttle for even wider speed and power ranges

• Big drum rope capacity makes you a wide range of choice for lifting height or pulling length

• Adjustable lifting or pulling speed for different usage environment

• The highest quality components ensure continuous use and long life

• Portable with great agility applied in wild non-transformer station

• Fully enclosed drive, steel tubing frame with hydraulic oil cooer and hydraulic oil filter

• With quick anchoring the winches to anything in a few seconds

• Equipped with pressure relief and one quart reservoir for use

• Integrated 2 inch receiver hitch mount and insert into any 10,000lb hitch

• With manual control valve instead of electrical valve with same price

• Accurate positioning with excellent braking performance and emergency reaction

Capacity                              9KN-80KN 
Material                               Alloy steel
Power source                     Diesel engine
Selling point                       Big cable drum
Color                                   Customized
Drive                                   Belt driven/shaft driven
Certification                       ISO9001
Sling type                           Steel wire rope
Gear                                    Fast, slow, reverse
Application                        Power construction
Max pulling length            According to the length of wire rope
Usage                                 Pulling/hoisting
Warranty                            One year
HS code                             84253990
Package                             Standard wooden case


          Gas Winches, powered by motor, are designed mainly for power transmission and transformation project, which are powerful, easy-to-handheld gasoline-powered tool with the ability to pull heavy cargos and loads. With a strong engine and variable throttle lever, gas winches allow operators to move heavy items into place smoothly and precisely, which save time and money, reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency. Thet are sets of high voltage transmission line and laying underground cable construction equipment, which can be in a variety of complex conditions and quite smooth and easy to set up the tower, the guide (ground) line, etc…

           Equipped with imported gasoline engine, the gas winches are very convenient for transportation, and with the integrated rope grabbing system allowing operators to work safely and the start/stop mechanism making them easy to concentrate on the task at hand. And the brake system adopts electromagnetic braking or  hydraulic braking. Since the winch is equipped with a petrol-powered engine, no external energy source is required. What’s more, gas winches adopt synthetic rope and polyester ropes due to they have low stretch properties and are very comfortable to work with.

           Gas winches are mechanical devices that are used to pull in/wind up/let out /wind out or otherwise adjust the “tension” of a rope/wire rope/cable/wire cable. In its simplest form they consist of attached crank and a spool which can also be called the winch drum while in larger forms, winches stand at the heart of  machines as diverse as tow trucks, steam elevators and shovels. More elaborate  designs have gear assemblies and can be powered by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or internal combustion drives. Some may include a solenoid brake and/or a mechanical brake or ratchet and pawl device that prevents it from  unwinding unless the pawl is retracted.

           They are widely applied as cranes, power construction, hoisting and pulling wood, tower erection, pole setting, stringing wire in electrical power line construction, underground power cable engineering, quay places, electric power, traction cable, tightening the wire, telecommunications line construction, mobile tower stood in line, tight line, docks, water conservancy, forestry, building construction field, mining, lifting and hauling heavy loads, especially suitable for field without electric and for small batch job in the cities. They can be also used as rod up, a vertical rod, the pull rod, line release, line reel, the bridge plate traction, lifting and other purposes. Also, they are very popular in the off-road enthusiasts, fishermen, campers and others who like adventures.

           Gas winches are also called diesel winches, diesel engine powered cable puller winches, stationary diesel winches, diesel cable drum winches, winches for cable pulling with belt driven, portable winches, gas-powered pulling/lifting winches, cable winch puller, variable speed diesel power winches for tower erection, high efficiency wire rope gas powered winches, gasoline speedy petrol engine powered hoist winches, cable pulling winches, gasoline winches, electric wire rope winches, high speed winches, fast speed wire rope winch with air cooled diesel engine, hoist winches and marine power winches.

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Detailed Description

1. Structure
           Gas winches have small size and compact structure, which is now supported by gasoline engine, diesel engine, electric or imported gasoline engine. Testified by the experiments and practical uses, they have small volume, strong power, reasonable structure, light weight, nimble operation and convenient  transporting.
 2. Ending switch
           When you start to operate the equipment, you have to push the engine switch to the “on” position. 

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3. Pull rope handle
           Starting the pull rope handle is very convenient. Gently pull the starting rope unit and you will feel the resistance, then pull it quickly.

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 4.  Rotary joint
           Thanks to the rotary joint, the gas winches are very quick and flexible to operate.   

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 5. Shaft transmission
           The power supported by the motor is input into the third level enclosed gear reduction box by flexible coupling to lift weight or pull by wire rope and to drive the drum from low speed shaft end steel key. 

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6. Motor
           Actually, the common motor is used when we need to lift or pull small weight, and conversely, lifting motor is adapted. The common motor can start directly but the lifting motor starts slowly and stably by cam switch and resistance adjusting.

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 7. Bearing support
           The bearing support frame is anchored on both sides of the reel anchor point, which cannot be used as an anchor point to another location.
 8. Clutch
           There are two rope clutches included as standard on both models, which are used for load holding during raising loads and load holding on transmission towers.
 9. Muffler
           The equipment of muffler makes sure the little noise for the environmental-friendly use.

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 10. Gear box
           The gear box is equipped with anti-reverse ratchet gear, effectively prevent the twist screw upside down to protect the safety of personnel, the use of “giggle” sound is normal. In order to facilitate the transport, the gear box only in the  factory to add a small amount of oil to do the test, the customers need to add the first time before the use of ordinary gear oil or oil before they can be used normally. What’s more, the centrifugal gearbox drives the main gearbox and there are also aluminum bollards through a flexible cooping.

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 11. Accessories
           There are other accessories such as reversing valve, cable drum with steel wire rope and a vast range of equipment, which simplify the installation process and allow the use of various anchor points like vehicles, poles, pylons and more. Constant pulling power and many variants of power and speeds depend on the engine and drum selected
 12. Air filter

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13. Brake system
           Automatic clamp brake and clutch brake transmission interlock two brakes are braking action in positive and negative directions. What’ more, the automatic brake load the automatic normal lifting, the gearbox due to the reverse gears stuck, there is no ”beep, beep” sound or other noise when the back loose. Composed in the gear box, the mechanical brake system can hold the steel wire rope when there is any emergency.
14. Crosspiece position
           When changing the crosspiece position, you have to turn on the clutch otherwise the gear will be damaged. After that, you should check whether the changing job is well done and make sure you haven’t changed two cross pieces in one time.
15. Belt driven or shaft driven

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 1 ton gasoline engine winch(belt driven)                                                               5 ton gasoline engine winch(shaft driven)


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17. Some details:

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           1.  We also supply 1 ton, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons petrol/diesel engine powered winches. If you want to know more info, please feel free to contact us.
           2.  Diesel Winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even cylindrical shape and coming with steel rope.

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 3.  Work principle engine powered winches
           The gas winches transform electric energy into mechanical energy through the motor, which is rotor of the motor moves, outputs, and then through the other brake and the reducer will reduce speed to rotate the reel. After, the reel passes through pulley block to make the hook lift the load Q and winds the wire rope, and transforms mechanical energy into mechanical work finishing transportation, load and unload of heavy weights.
           4.  If you have any questions about the power engine, pulling speed, pulling  capacity, quantity or other parameters, please feel free to ask us and we will  give you’re a good price after confirming the above information.
           5.  The winch roller can be designed according to customers’ requirement of the diameter and length of the wire rope and the detailed technical date will be changed accordingly.
           6.  The parameter of gas winches include rated line pull (single line), line speed (at  any load, including rated maximum), cable size, max pulling capacity, power, drum size, gear ratio, measurement, engine, dimensions, weight and other aspects.
           7.  We have the high standard professional production team and the complete  production to manage the whole process from producing to packing and shipping. And all of products will be100% tested before the delivery to ensure the quality of our products, so you can believe that we will provide you the best service and the great products.
           8.  Operation methods
           You  have to turn on the clutch first and put the rack for crosspiece-changing in the zero position before turning on the machine. When moving the crosspiece, it is wise to be quick to operate otherwise the brake won’t work well. Concrete procedure includes using the spanner to move the hand installment to a position with a certain angle and then changing the crosspiece position smoothly. And it is forbidden to work too fiercely when turning on the machine. If there is any difficulty or emergency problem during the process of changing crosspiece position, you shouldn’t try to complete the job forcefully. You’d better use the hand installment to help you complete the job.
           9.The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, the majority of electric power, telecommunications are welcomed.
           10.  Gas winches adopt the ground grinding security technology-that the ground should be put on the flat, accessibility, and fixed tightly to prevent the ground plane to move or skewed.
           11.  Caution
           ①Operators are not allowed to stand in the pulling axis during operation.
           ②Lifting shall not exceed in line with use and the lubricating oil surface must be kept within 1/4.
           ③When you need to use after the long –distance transport aircraft, they must experience a series detailed examination of the various components fastening screw loose. Besides, the aluminum body with screws on it should not be too tight.
           ④Interlock brakes and  automatic burning cars should always pay attention to the wear of the friction plate. If the gap between automatic braking gear and back tighten loose is greater than the limited width, operators must replace the friction plate, otherwise they may cause accidents.

Technical Details of 5T Diesel Winch

Site photos of 1T and 3T Gas Winches 

Diesel powered handbrake winch and Honda gasoline powered handbrake winch

Technical info



Rope speed   (m/min)
Speed (round/min)
Power                          (kw)
Total rope on the    drum (m)
The length of the    output cable(m)
Diesel Engine
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