Hydraulic Winches

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Hydraulic winches equipped with efficient long life motors are designed for heavy recovery and commercial applications, which provide you with continuous duty and will fulfill all your industrial winching requirements. hydraulic winches for tractors and hydraulic winches for trucks are mostly used.


• Compact structure, unique design, high strength with ductile iron body

• Highly efficient equipped with constant operating high torque motor

• With fast and variable recovery speeds saving the time and assure efficiency

• Equipped with high-torque motor providing consistent power

• Using synthetic rope with reliable high strength and reliable alloy gear set

• With durable construction to last for decades and technical service available

• Rated line pull capacity written on tags with remote control for easy use

• Complete with internal brake to ensure maximum control and load holding 

• Can be used under water and other tough situations with corrosion-resistant ability

• Requires a vehicle specific 35-series vehicle adapter kit

• Cam simply connect directly into your vehicles power steering pump for simple installation

• Have long lifetime hydraulic motor for high efficiency and durability

• Simple use, easy for storage and low maintenance relieving your anxiety

• We can provide tailored solution to customers for meeting your own demand

Capacity                         4000-2000lbs
OEM                                Welcome
ODM                                Welcome
Frame                              Heavy duty steel cast
Certification                    CE
Warranty                         One year
Cost performance          High
Standard                         European EN
Material                           Stee
Application                     Snow/sand/mud/water
Finishing                        Black textured
MOQ                               1
Type                               Automatic
Power source                Hydraulic
Application                    Truck, fire fighting
Clutch                             Pull and turn
Package                         Strong carton box, optional pallet
HS code                         84253990

             Hydraulic winches equipped with efficient long life motors are designed for heavy recovery and commercial applications, which provide you with continuous duty and will fulfill all your industrial winching requirements. With unique design, hydraulic winches adopt unique patented steel gearing system combined with a highly efficient and powerful hydraulic motor to ensure maximum performance over the full load range. Also, with pneumatic free spooling, They are engineered to ensure total reliability and safety during heavy recovery operations
           Hydraulic winches are always equipped with a hydraulic multiple disc brakes in order to hold the load whenever hydraulic pressure to the winches is interrupted. Hydraulic winches made of high-quality materials to serve customers for years to come adopt state-of-the-art technology and we always improve our products to meet your requirements and  high standard. They are economical for the affordable price and are designed to be reliable with very little required maintenance in any temperature, which are ideal choice for customers.
           And one of the  greatest designs of them is that they adopt weather proof design and the quality of corrosion-resistant which ensure the great performance in tough weather  or situations. They have true continuous duty circle which means that hydraulic  winches can be used continuously under load without a rest period. Besides,  when using the hydraulic winches, the vehicle’s battery is not affected or drained while the battery would be negatively affected by an electric winch. Being independent from their solenoid control valve, the winches offer  the most versatility for recovery operations due to its ability to be mounted  to the front or rear of the vehicle as a permanent or detachable system. And they all adopt multidisc-typed friction normally-closed arrester in order to make the brake torque larger, safer and more reliable.
           Industrial hydraulic winches are powered by a power take off unit driven pump, and equipped with highly efficient and constant operating torque motor. The winches are quite strong owing to their tough construction which is aluminum die cast housing with steel drum. Featured with supreme power and reliability to handle the most demanding  situations, they can also be customized and designed the unique logo on the products. And our winches can always provide you with smooth running over entire speed range for the excellent performance.
           They are also called hydraulic industrial winches, automatic winches, variable speed industrial hydraulic winches, two truck winches, hydraulic crane recovery winches, truck crane hydraulic anchor winches, super winches, superb heavy winches, hydraulic recovery winches.
           They are  widely used for industrial and commercial applications, heavy duty applications, for instance, overhead working truck, lorry mounted crane, drill machine, mirror cranes, ship equipment’s, pulling salvage vehicles, car transporters, tilt-tray vehicles, tractors, fire/rescue vehicles, cross country vehicles, military heavy trucks and bulldozers when they stuck in trouble or are damaged in mud, water, sand or snow. Also, they can be used for self-recovery in a full range of planetary gear with wide capacities.

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Detailed Description


Hydraulic winches adopt the reasonable structure which offers the smooth running over the entire  speed range. They are usually in small volume and compact in design for the  sake of the most comfortable operation. Owing to advanced design and  corrosion-free construction that maintains integrity in any climate, they are  popular among customers. To ensure durability, all parts are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with no chrome that can tarnish, flake, or pit

2.Balance valve

Hydraulic winches are integrated solenoid valve, which is a kind of dual balance valve. With 360 degree rotation  gearbox, they enable the winches to be mounted in various positions. There are  also valve block and direction control block, and with a robust motor, they ensure the greatest performance and a high safety factor. The solenoid control valve is usually integrated into the winch body, and therefore always remains in the same location as the winch itself.


Different types or sizes of hooks are offered.

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4.Steel cable

Synthetic rope version is available upon request and the extra-large drum flange can accommodate different sizes /dimensions of cables. And the stainless steel components ensure maximum corrosion resistance. With automatic load holding brake, it can keep clutch lever engaged to avoid cable free-spooling back suddenly.

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The stainless steel tie bars and fasteners which are constructed from rugged and durable stainless steel in are order to ensure the reliability and durability of the wire rope. Cable, tensioner, mounting plate and roller fairlead provided as optional extras allowing for greater flexibility.

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6.Wireless control

The wireless control  is available as optical extra accessory for convenience.

7.Roller fairleads

The hydraulic winches are equipped with stainless heavy duty 4-way roller fairlead with chromed roller and fasteners to prevent chafing and maintain cable at an angle. And both the stainless steel roller fairleads and fittings are standard.

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8.Mounting plate

There are some mounting bolts included for standard installations and because of their  flexibility, reversible mounting on 3 sides are available. They utilize a universal installation system (4 bolt mounting) that is common in some other brands of winches, which allows the use of our products with existing mounts or  winches that use the universal mounting system.

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The winches adopt automatic, multidisc hydraulic braking system, also called automatic screw multi-disc brake, especially spring apply drag brake is designed in case of emergency. What’s more, the automatic hydraulic brakes allow no heat to the drums. With drag brake and over-center valve providing full 100% braking.


Clutches are divided  into manual clutch in two speeds in single speed, air clutch and manual and air mixed clutch in single speed. There are two speed and clutch integrates with one handgrip and the rotating/sliding ring gear free spooling clutch is a pull and turn design for rapid wire rope payout. They are designed with 180 rotations to prevent lateral obstruction.

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11.Gear box

The rotatable gearbox is designed allowing hydraulic winches to be mounted in a variety of different positions. Futhermore, a 2-stage planetry high wear-resisting gear provides reliability and a weatherproof performance built to last a lifetime. A differential with a separate low-speed gear will give you the torque that you need to pull heavy loads over difficult terrain, and thick steel cable will give you the reach you need to get the job done in one shot.


The heavy duty steel fabricated drum is suitable for high tensile steel rope or synthetic rope if best suited to your application. Besides, the working coefficient for the first  layer on the drum is supposed to be at least 2.

           1. There are many parameters such as rated line pull. Line speed, operation pressure, max oil  flow, motor displacement, motor rotation, gear train, gear ratio, free-spool, rotating ring gear drum size, mounting bolt pattern, layer of wire rope, total rope on the drum, gross weight/net weight of winches, rolling vertical capacity, finish, packing, port, minimum order quantity, delivery time, payment way, box dimension and others.
         2. The package includes wire rope/steel cable, valve block, direction control valve, handheld remote/wireless remote, hydraulic hoses, manual clutch, hydraulic hose fittings, aluminum hawse fairlead 4way stainless steel roller fairlead, special style safety hook, mounting bolts and other accessories.

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3. Caution
           ①They are forbidden to use for lifting.
           ②Longer periods of operation won't be a problem When using your winch back and forth at unusual angles is the only option because this low-pressure hydraulic winch installs quickly and easily to your own vehicle's power steering pump.
           ③If you've ever been in a sticky situation on the trails where your vehicles were unexpectedly submerged in water or sinking into swampy mush, you know time is money when it comes to pulling yourself out.
           ④Once both sets of lines have been hooked up, they can be used non-stop all day long without overheating
           4. Hydraulic Winches are made up of hydraulic motor, multi-disc friction brake, planet gearbox decelerator, spool and bracket as a whole.
           5. The installation bracket can be manufactured according to the customer's requirement. And available with your choice of separate, sealed solenoid unit than can be submerged in water or a solenoid that’s integrated with the winch.
           6. We offer all adapters  and parts necessary for fitment to your vehicles’ power steering pump and other accessories are also optional.
           7. If your compact vehicle has a smaller power steering pump that does not produce the pressure traditional hydraulic winches need, our winches are designed to work effectively at fluid pressure levels. Their purpose-built design will deliver without letting down owing to advanced design and corrosion-free construction that maintains integrity in any climate.
           8. Operation
           ①Getting your winch hooked up quickly and then pull yourself out faster, you can make the difference between total loss and zero vehicle damage,
              For those that need a hydraulic winch that can be submerged in water, choose the Discrete Solenoid version with a separate, sealed solenoid unit than can be detached from your vehicle and used remotely. For those that prefer the more streamlined design of a 1-piece design, we offer the Integrated Solenoid version that mounts permanently on your vehicle.

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Technical info

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Capacity       (lbs)
Motor    Displacement     (ml/r)
Line speed(L/min)
Power        (KW)
Pressure    (Mpa)
Gear reduction    ratio
Drum size  (mm)
Mounting bolt    pattern(mm)
Net weigt (kgs)
Gross weight(kgs)
High speed 6:1    low speed 39:1
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