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Tirfors or Tirfors winch are portable manual hoists used with traversing wire rope and operated by one person which widely used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the length of the wire rope, they are in daily operation in industrial as well as agricultural sites around the world. tirfors for sale by RAMHOIST is with high quality and low price.


• High quality aluminum body, adjustable handle length, light weight, overload protection

• Convenient to carry, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and portable electric winches

• Be widely used for lifting, pulling, tensioning, and tightening in many areas

• With compact, firm, uncomplicated, durable, sturdy structure and increased load capacity

• Be very convenient to regulate the hand force according to the lifting force

• With good braking performance, high working efficiency and precise load placement

• Be newly designed, beautiful, safe, reliable, heavy duty as well as powerful

• With backward lever and forward lever placed in tandem to provide a slim design

• With rope clamp system easily disengaged with a lever to allow smooth installation of wire rope

• Numerous and versatile connection possibilities with load hoods, sling ropes and sling chains

• Large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working position

• All are supplied complete with 20 meter wire rope and an extendable operating lever

• Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end

• Specially built-in shear pins can be replaced without removing the load

• Every rope is tested to 150% of the rated capacity and issued with an individual test certificate

• The hoist has low maintenance requirements and is easy service

• Overload protection ensures high personal safety when in operation

Capacity                                                                 0.8t - 5.4t
Use                                                                          Lifting, pulling, extending, tensioning and fastening
Drive Mode                                                             Gear
Sling Type                                                              Cable
Hook                                                                       Alloy Steel
Operation                                                               Hand Operated
H.S. Code                                                               84286090
Transport Package                                                Carton Packing, Then Pallet
Material                                                                   Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Cable Length                                                          20m
Special Surface Treatment                                   Chrome plated Available
Running Mode                                                       Moving
Standard                                                                 National Standards
Overall Structure Breaking Strength                   4xwll
Color                                                                       Silver, orange, Red
Warranty                                                                 1 Year
Delivery Time                                                         20-40 days


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 Tirfors are portable manual hoists used with traversing wire rope and operated by one person which widely used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the length of the wire rope, tirfors are in daily operation in industrial as well as agricultural sites around the world. They are operated by a simple lever option and suitable for use in various configurations. Besides, tirfors are an excellent choice in many professional applications.

 Initially, tirfors refer to the Tractel® brand, "Tirfor® winch" is actually a product line of winch manufactured by Tractel®. Tirfors are suitable for use horizontally, vertically, and even in sloping orientation. They can be utilized to lift, pull, lower, secure, move, tension, position and place loads across long distances without exceeding their maximum working load limit. Thus, they are employed in many areas, including factories, minerals, building sites, workshops, warehouses, stations, wharf, harbors as well as goods transportation and stacking areas. In addition, pipe laying, movement and positioning of machinery, large switchboards and storage tanks, laying of tracks and sleepers and installation of masts and towers also involve the use of tirfors. Plus, they also play an important role in equipment installation, object fixing, tying and towing as well as conductor or wire rope stretching, loading and unloading of heavy and bulky goods for transportation, and those outside sites under bad environment for the non-electricity and are the ideal solution for professionals, In short, tirfors are omnipotent and right tools for wherever there is a need for lifting or lowering heavy loads.

 Being free from accompanying a wire-drum for rolling up wire rope makes tirfors small in size and light in weight, making it quite portable. Tirfors are easy to operate and no experience is needed---just moving the handle left and right, wire rope passes through. As if it were handled by means of two chucks equipped inside the body, They are operated in accordance with the lever principle by the means of pulling the forward handle manually to make it move straight so as to finish such three performances as lifting, pulling, and tensioning with less manual force to obtain the load of more tonnage. An outstanding option of the Tirfor hoist is that load capacity of the device can be increased with a sheave block

 Tirfor are kinds of newly hand-operated lifting tools or manual lifting tools designed to be operated by one person to perform tasks with the function of adjusting the beneath-hook quickly, It is a convenient-to-use lever hoist with the function of adjusting, tighten steel standed wire and aluminous stranded wire operations in line construction, the free stretch distance is 1m (it do not need accompany a wire-drum for rolling up wire rope, and it is therefore small in size, light in weigh), smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.

 Thanks to their new style, uncomplicated structure, beautiful body, good braking performance, convenient use and high working efficiency, The design of these wire rope winches allow for a virtual unlimited lift or pull, the limit is determined only by the length of wire rope inserted, Tirfor hoists which allow for continuous tension or grip in either the loading or unloading setting for the hoist, they also feature mechanical overload protection (Safety device limiting overloading), thus the use range of the tirfors are expanded to more areas. The rope clamp system is easily disengaged with a lever, which make it easier to install the anchor bolt, thus creating numerous and versatile connection possibilities with load hooks, sling ropes and sling chains. Increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical position is effected by the smooth contour design with large flat bottom surface.

 The housing of tirfors are made of aluminum alloy (Remark: normally there are two types for Tirfor, one is aluminum body and the other is steel body, and this one is for aluminum body) which produces adequate and enough strength, while the component parts inside are made of high quality alloyed steel with advanced technology and Strict quality control test have been carried out on all of them, As for the major parts subject to high tension are tested according to ISO standards even with overloading to ensure top quality, strong performance and substantial operating life with the added advantages of lower operator effort and less rope wear.

 They are fast and easy to install and operate. You only need to transfer the operating handle from one lever to another to switch them from forward to reverse operation. To feed in or remove the wire rope is also simple. Simple cleaning and regular lubrication is enough for maintenance. What’s more, they can keep in continuous operation without snatching. Whether lifting or lowering, the load is permanently controlled with the utmost precision. Besides, the tirfors have safety devices to prevent overloading.

 Tirfors are also known as Wire rope winches, Tirfor style winches, Mechanically operated winches, Mechanical cable winches, Pulling lift winches, Pulling hand winches, Cable pulling hoists, Cable puller winches, Wire rope pulling hoists, Manual cable hoists, Wire rope manual hand winches, Wire rope hand winches, Wire rope tirfor hand winches,Cable tirfor winches, Manual tirfor wire rope winches, Wire rope tirfors, Cable tirfors, Tirfor hoists, Tirfor winches, Tirfor pullers, Tirfor wire rope hoists, Tirfor mechanical hoists/winches, Tirfor pulling and lifting devices, Wire rope pulling hoist cable tirfors, Portable manual tirfor machines, Wire rope pulling equipments, Wire rope cable puller winches, Aluminum body cable pulling winches, Wire rope pullers, Manual wire rope pullers, Wire rope hand pullers,and Manual cable pullers.

 This style of winch consists of a machine or casing through which passes a long steel wire rope attached to the load to be hauled or lifted. The operation of a lever handle backwards and forwards pulls the rope through the machine, which, if properly anchored, causes the load to be hauled towards the machine, in others words, The machine unit consists of a steel casing enclosing two pairs of automatic jaws which grip the steel wire rope passing through the casing. These two pairs of jaws are moved in opposite directions by means of linkages when the handle is operated backwards and forwards. This alternating operation of the handle results in a hauling or lifting movement of the rope.

 Being light and compact, it can be attached to any convenient holdfast or hung from overhead beams, or girders, slung from or attached to derricks or sheerlegs, or even attached to the load itself if the rope end is anchored to an immovable object.

 The rope enables the load to be lifted, lowered or hauled considerable distances without changing the position of the machine and in conjunction with the SWR (Steel Wire Rope) blocks, permits the most convenient position to be selected for fastening the machine. The rope can then be taken over the pulley, through window or door openings, or down through floors to wherever the load may be. It can also be passed over a block, at the head of a derrick or sheerlegs, to obtain height for raising loads.

 It is supplied with a 20m or 30m steel wire rope and an extendable operating lever, Forward and reverse positions by simply moving the telescopic lever from one control to the other

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Detailed Description

1. Body
The tirfors adopt high strength cast aluminium alloy body, which entitles them to light weight and simple operation. The smooth contour design with large, flat bottom surface can increase stability in horizontal as well as vertical working position.

Tirfor China Supplier1-2.jpg

 2. Handle
 Adjustable handle is for easy operation, Handle length is adjustable, so it is very convenient to regulate the hand force according to the lifting force, a detachable telescopic tubular steel handle for operating the unit

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3. Lever
 Backward lever and forward lever are placed in tandem, not only providing a slim design but assuring power transfer along the center.
The clutch lever cannot be engaged while the machine is under load; If the strain on the lifting lever becomes too much for one rescuer, it can be assumed that the machine has reached its safe working limit, thus ensure and guarantee safety.

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4. Pin
 Overload will be prevented by a built-in shearing pin. The shear pin to protect the tirfors will break when the load is 125% heavier than the rated load. Under this condition, load will be held by the jaws and the shear pin can be replaced without removing the load. The shaft of the pulling lever involves three shear pins. If the machine and rope are intact, these pins will fall to avoid further damage. The hollow handle is where to carry the spare shear pins. New pins can be inserted without use of special tools.

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5.Anchor bolt
 Anchor bolts offer numerous and versatile connection possibilities with load hooks, sling ropes and sling chains.

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6. Wire rope
 Galvinsed steel wire rope mounted on areel: every rope is operation ally tested to 150% of the rated capacity is issued with an individual test certificate, Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end. It can tolerate any working temperature degree. Whether pulling or releasing, there is endless feed of cable from 0-3cm (0-1.25") per stroke, effecting very controlled movement of the vehicle during recovery. The infinite feed is realized by the two pairs of jaws in the unit.
 and can be used at any working temperature degrees. Infinite feed of cable from 0-3cm (0-1.25") per stroke on both pull and release (for this unit). That allows very controlled movement of the vehicle during recovery. This would also be a measurable benefit when attempting to line up a broken chassis component during a field repair. This infinite feed is possible because of the two pairs of jaws contained in the unit. One jaw is always holding the cable, and performs a pass off from one jaw to the next, back and forth (like pulling a rope hand over hand). A come-along by design requires a pull of a determined distance for the next tooth to be engaged.
Wire rope is drawn out straight, by distant operations regardless of wire lengths, No limitation in terms of wire rope length, Any length of cable can be utilised.

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Tirfors China Supplier9-5.jpg

7. Jaw
 The jaws are locked onto the cable in proportion to the load force, that is to say, the harder the pull, the more the jaws are needed. The holding strength of the jaw is five times the units rating. So the winch case would fail at 4000 kg (8,700 lbs.).

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8. Overload protection
 It ensures high personal safety when in operation.

9. Hook
 The equipped safety hook with forged steel and heat treatment keeps wire rope from coming off in operation.
 A pulling and lifting unit complete with a swivel hook to enable it to be secured

Tirfor China Supplier1-9.jpg

10. Rope clamp system
 The rope clamp system is easily disengaged with a lever to allow smooth installation of the wire rope.

Tirfor China Supplier1-10.jpg

11. Sheave blocks
Sheave blocks are utilized to increase the lifting and pulling power of tirfors. The capacity can be increased by 2, 3, 4 times and even more. When using sheave blocks, you should make sure that the blocks and fittings and anchor points can hold the weight of the load. Keep in mind that the needed pulling effort is not equal to the weight of the moved load.

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12. Slings
 Slings are used to anchor the tirfor or the load.

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1. Stamped serial number
 The tirfors have stamped serial number for easy identification.

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2. Transmission speed
 The transmission speed of 3 meters per minute is the fastest speed among all hand-driven handling devices.

3. Safety

The tirfors are equipped with two safety devices, and this guarantees safe operations. Overload protection also ensures high personal safety when in operation.

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4. Shipping

By air or by sea.
5. Cautions
 ①Tirfors should be operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
 ②Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary when suing tirfors in the workplace. Some common personal protective equipment includes: Safety glasses or goggles, Ear muffs or ear plugs, Dust mask or respirator, Protective gloves, Close fitting protective clothing, Hard hat/hairnet, Protective or safety boots and footwear, Weld mask and Harnesses. Besides, if you’re wearing hearing protection, your hearing is restricted, so you should keep alert and careful. Before picking up PPE, you ought to do your own risk assessment.

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 ③It’s not advisable to use tirfors when you are tired or drunken.
 ④Before using tirfors at the work area, weed out all dangerous obstructions from the work area like nuts, bolts, glass, rope, stones, steel, sticks, and wire etc.
 ⑤Regular maintenance is necessary. Keep all controls, handles and levers clean and dry. Examine the condition of the tirfors for two times in each day, one at the start of the day and the other at the end. Any damage should be paid attention to.

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Different colours for your selection


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TRIFOR (LEVER WINCH) 5.4TON China Manufacturer-3.jpg

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Site photos of Tirfors

Offer for Tirfor (lever winch) 5.4 ton

Request for quotation RFQ2257738--cable puller of 1.6T+cable pullers of 3.2T+cable puller with 2 hooks of 5T

New Inquiry / Our New Reference No. EI2023-4047 ON CABLE PULLER from Philippines

Technical info

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Lifting Capacity       (t)
Pulling Capacity       (t)
Rated Forward    Hand Power     (N)
Rated Forward    Travel           (mm)
Rope Diameter    (mm)
Test Load      (t)
Wire Rope Safty    Factor Load Capacity    (Times)
Breaking Strength of Wire Rpoe    (t)
Overall Structure    Breaking Strength
Ransmission (m)
Weight      (kg)


Dimensions (mm)

Lifting Capacity    (t)
Pulling    Capacity (t)
A    (max.)
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