Air chain hoists with 3m height of lift:- models ACH1002S (10T) & ACH1603S (16T) + Air trolleys models AT01 (1T) & AT 02 (2T) for South Africa

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Customer: Hello Yang


The attached RAMHOIST pneumatic hoists & trolley range refers.


Please advise your USD$ f.o.b. Shanghai on board price & delivery time for the following items:


  1. Air chain hoists with 3m height of lift:- models ACH1002S (10T) & ACH1603S (16T).

  2. Air trolleys models AT01 (1T) & AT 02 (2T).

2021030252155165.pdf RAMHOIST AIR HOISTS.pdf


Air chain hoists with 3m height of lift:- 

models ACH1002S (10T): 18700 USD

            ACH1603S (16T):  22500 USD

Air trolleys 

models AT01 (1T): 1550 USD

            AT 02 (2T): 1850 USD

Delivery time: 20 days

Customer: Hello Yang Your air hoist prices are much higher than our current supplier so we will not consider your offer further. Thank you. 

RAMHOIST: do you have target price?

Customer: For example the 10T air hoist price you offered is 34% higher than our current supplier.

RAMHOIST: we can give you 40% down for below style:

Similar JDN air hoist profi.jpg

Customer: Yang this style is acceptable to us.

Please send technical details/catalogue with specifications/prices of the full range of this style – all models please as we sell the full range from 250kg – 25T capacity.

RAMHOIST: pls check the details/catalogue in this link:

Customer: Hello Yang

We are studying the attached information and wish to confirm the country of original manufacture of these attached products.

Are these hoists the original German JDN hoists ex Germany sold via JDN CHINA company or are these copy hoists produced 100% in China?

If these hoists are produced 100% in China do they conflict with any of the OEM patents or are they produced under licence with approval of the original OEM, JD NEUHAUS Germany?

It is important for us to understand the legality of these products being offered as I am sure you will understand.

We look forward to your reply.

RAMHOIST: 100% made in china and has no relation of German JDN hoist, we develop our mould to produce and get acceptance to sell by CNIPA(China National Intellectual Property Administration)

Customer: Dear Yang


Further to our communications below and as per the attached, please send us your best export f.o.b. China seaport USD$ price for these models shown in the attached…the entire range please.


We are undertaking a review of our current suppliers recent price increases for such products and we may wish to change to a new supplier/product range if the pricing offer is attractive.


PictureCapacityModel3mChain numberFix type (USD/unit)Air trolley   (USD/unit)Additional cost per 1m Lift (USD)Lifting chain (mm)
Similar JDN air hoist profi.jpg

Customer: Thank you Yang.

We regret to advise that the prices are not competitive for our market place and the local competitors (MME & ATS) products.

RAMHOIST: May i know your target price for ordering, thanks

Customer: Examples of current purchase prices with 3m load chain:

  1. 0,5 T @ $ 1029,00

  2. 1T @ $ 1340,00

  3. 3T @ $ 1880,00

RAMHOIST:  for 5 pc each

  1. 0,5 T @ $ 1937,00

  2. 1T @ $ 2421,00

  3. 3T @ $ 3318,00

                 for 10 pc each

  1. 0,5 T @ $ 1750,00

  2. 1T @ $ 2200,00

  3. 3T @ $ 3000,00

           for 30 pc each

  1. 0,5 T @ $ 1350,00

  2. 1T @ $ 1500,00

  3. 3T @ $ 2000,00