DHS Series Hoist up to 20 Ton for India

Keyword:DHS Series electric chain hoist   Time:2022-4-12 17:14:09

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We are a trader in India and we deal in electric chain hoists.
For some of our customers, we need a compact (small size) electric chain hoist. We found DHS series suitable.
Kindly share pricing and detailed drawing with dimensions for DHS Series electric chain hoist up to 20 Ton.
As a sample, we will order approx 5 pcs of 1T/2T/3T/5T and 2 Pcs of 10T/20T.


1T: 130 USD/unit

2T: 138 USD/unit

3T: 143 USD/unit

5T: 157 USD/unit

10T: 216 USD/unit

20T: 473 USD/unit

power supply 415V/50HZ/3P, pls confirm it is the right power supply in your site, thanks

Technical details: http://ramhoist.com/powered-hoists/Delectricchainhoists.html

Technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/201810/2018100780109153.pdf

Customer: Hi Mr. Yang,

Thank you for the details.
Dimensions not available in brochure.

Pls share the drawings.

RAMHOIST: Pls check this link: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/202204/2022041358471285.pdf