DHS electric chain hoists

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DHS electric chain hoists are tools for simple portable electric lifting, which are quite suitable for many different places and occasions for installation of equipment, loading and unloading. They are new type of lifting equipment, which have the function of lifting the loads with the least force. DHS Electric Chain Hoists manufacturers here has a long history for producing


• Small size, light weight, convenient use, simple maintenance and easy operation 

• Reliable safety, lifting speed stability, revolve steady, enhanced durability and high hardness 

• Beautiful appearance, electric motor, environmentally friendly, cheap and low noise pollution 

• Safety hooks are installed as the standard for the top and bottom hooks of the electric hoists

• Forged steel suspension and load hooks are all heating tread and wear resistant layer

• Limit switch device automatically cuts off power supply and prevents load chain from failure

• Hooks are hard to break, in case of dangerous situation such as overloading and abuse 

• Including limit switches, which can highly provide safety and security to electric chain hoists 

• Distance between the two hooks is small, which is especially suitable for small workspaces 

• Complete the acceptance of the equipment, draft the construction scheme and detailed process

• Professional technicians provide installation, commissioning services and technical advisory 

• Confidentiality agreement ’business secret contract’ and quality assurance contract are offered

• High quality with competitive and reasonable price, as soon as to delivery with great package

• Phase error relay has a function of making sure motor running at correct wire connection

• Samples can be sent to our customers to let them check the quality of our products firstly

• Unique components and surface can be customized to meet customers’ different needs

• Professional welders and engineers can provide standard permission for security and safety

Capacity                                                                        1ton-20ton
Standard lift                                                                   3m
Condition                                                                       New
Drive mode                                                                    Motor
Sling type                                                                      Chain
Operation                                                                      With pedant cable push button or remote control
Power supply                                                                220v-700v, 50/60 Hz,3 phase, single or dual voltage
Control voltage                                                             24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
Rotation speed                                                             1380r/min
Lifting speed                                                                 0.45m/min-2.7m/min
Test load                                                                       1.5t, 3t, 4.5t, 6.25t, 12.5t, 25t
Diameter                                                                        6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Weight                                                                           36kg-195kg
Additional weight per 1m lift                                       0.835kg-18.08kg
Use                                                                                 Lifting up/down
Package                                                                         Plywood case
HS code                                                                         84251100


           DHS electric chain hoists are tools for simple portable electric lifting, which are quite suitable for many different places and  occasions for installation of equipment, loading and unloading. They are new type of lifting equipment, which have the function of lifting the loads with the least force. DHS electric chain hoists improve the disadvantage of manual operation and low speed, and also easy to carry as the chain blocks. What’s more, they are equipped with the advantage of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, being easy to use and guard. DHS electric chain hoists are with good quality and low price, safe and reliable.

           DHS electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured on the basis of advanced technology imported from foreign countries referring to the technical conditions of JB5317.2-91 ring chain electric hoists. There are two forms of single speed and double speed lifting. They are usually installed on the overhead I-steel or H type steel track, and can be suspended in a fixed hanger or special hoists, and can also be hoisted with an electric single beam crane and a rotary arm. They are widely used in transportation and installation of heavy objects in 1t to 20t.

           DHS electric chain hoists are adopted advanced disc brake motor, planetary-gearboxes and  other necessary components. The disc brake motor which adopts advanced magnetic cone brake, has the function of providing reliable and excellent stopping to our products. Besides, the gear box’s internal parts are all made of high quality steel, which is prevent gear box from corrosion and dust. It make sure load works operate smoothly.

           DHS electric chain hoists should be installed and operated by the special person when they are used for the overall lifting of the limb hand frame. After the suspension ends, they should be unloaded. And the relevant workers should check the connections, hoisting chains, hooks and other important components. They cannot be used until the confirmation is perfect. The length of the lifting chains should be adjusted before the pylon, so as to make the hanging chains of the pylon back. When the degrees of tightness are consistent, the special person should observe each product to ensure the safety of products, see whether the scaffold is in touch with the wall, or whether the hoists have abnormal sound or chain, and they are found that the abnormality should be stopped immediately. After the troubleshooting, we can continue to use them. In other words, when DHS electric chain hoists are not working, they are not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of parts. And in the course of using, if the fault is found, the main power source should be cut off immediately. Also, special attention should be paid to the condition of vulnerable parts.

           DHS electric chain hoists are used for double beam cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, tower cranes, single grinder cranes, lifting platforms and small cranes. They can be fixed on a steel beam, curved track and fixed point for carrying anything heavy, and also on cantilever crane guide for carrying workpiece and machine tools. They are also suitable for low-speed distant, loading and unloading, materials, facilitating equipment, mineral, factories, construction sites, agricultural production, docks, warehouses and project erection. Besides, DHS  electric chain hoists are able to be used with a variety of supporting combined with electric trolley, applied for overhead monorail transport electric single-girder bridge cranes and jib crane test.

           DHS electric chain hoists are also called DHS series electric endless electric chain hoists, DHS type electric chain hoists, DHS stainless steel chain block electric chain hoists, labor-saving DHS series electric chain hoists, DHS automatic electric chain hoists for truss, DHS stage swing electric chain hoists, electric motor stage hoists, DHS  electric chain blocks, DHS portable electric chain hoists, DHS model series electric chain hoists, DHS endless chain electric hoists, DHS chain motor lifting blocks, DHS motorized chain blocks.

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Detailed Description
1.Shell | Encloser
         The shell is made of light aluminum and it is light,solid, more firmly and dexterous. Cooling fins are specially designed to ensure fast heat dissipation rate up to 40% and continuous service. The integral closed structure is suitable for chemical plants and electroplating factories.

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         G80 Chain can be safely used in poor occasions such as rain sea water and chemicals, which adopt high strength chain and high precision welding technology, meeting ISO3077-1984  international standard and fitting for gusty overload work conditions. More importantly, they take your hands a better feeling. 

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         A high performance motor features light weight and small size. The speed can reach 3000 0r.M.P. With high starting torque and high energy efficiency, the electrical continuity rate reaches 60%, which can meet the requirements of high frequency processing.

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4.Push Button | Control Handle
         Waterproof push button is applied, which is very insulted and durable. It can control the operations as soon as possible, especially in some dangerous and serious occasions.       

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         The hook made of advanced alloy steel is hot forging, with good strength and no breakage. The operation of the lower hook is guaranteed by 360 degree rotation and safety tongue. In addition, it has high strength and high safety, so the weight will never evade the use of the new design.

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6.Limit Switch
         The limit switch device is installed on the weight up and down and disconnected, so that the motor is automatically stopped, thereby preventing the chain from exceeding safety. In short, the use of limit switch components is to ensure safety and protect the chain.

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7.Support Frame
         The supporting frame is simple in design, light in weight, more beautiful in work area and smaller in size. The loading support is made up of two steel plates, which is very researched.

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8.Gear Wheel
         Premium alloy gear with heat treatment, has a very high quality. It can make DHS electric chain hoist operate more smooth, and provide a long service life to our products.

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9.Gear Box
         The internal gear and gear ring are all made of fine steel, and through the heat treatment. It can ensure the products have low noise when operated.

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         Two sprockets which can highly keep the chain from tumbling, and also can run smoothly to make sure safety and security.

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11.  Transformer
          The 24V/36V transformer device is used to protect unexpected accidents which are caused by electric leakage from our products. Besides, it also guarantees the safe uses while raining.

12.  Electromagnetic Contactor
         Eectromagnetic contactor can be used safely even if in the situation of high frequency. It has the function of making the products become more reliable.

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13.  Inverse phase sequence protecting device
         The special electrical equipment that controls the circuit is not working under the wrong wiring of the power supply.

14.Plastic Plating
         Through the use of advanced internal and external plating technology, the plastic coating seems to be a new electroplating process after years of operation.

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           There is usually 24-month-warranty. Most of components can be sold separately and we can provide some parts you don’t pay for these, even though these parts are already broken in expired warranty period.

2.Terms of payment
           NET before consignment


           All DHS electric chain hoists can be packed by ply-carton, export wooden case or customized.

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          Can be shipped by TNT, UPS, DHL, etc.

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5.Matters needing attention
           ①The first installation or reassembly of the DHS electric chain hoists should start with no load operation, but ensure that the components should be installed and not energized.
           ②Before the normal use, 125% of the rated load should be carried out, and the static load test of 100 minutes and 10 minutes from the ground will be carried out, and check whether it is normal or not.
           ③The load test is the test of repeated lifting and left and right movement with the weight of the rated load. After the test, the mechanical transmission part, the  electrical part and the connecting part are checked properly.
           ④In the  course of work, it is strictly prohibited to use in an environment which is not allowed, and the number of closing times per hour (120 times) and exceed the rated load.
           ⑤Pressing two-hand buttons that cause the electric chain hoists to move in opposite directions is not allowed.
           ⑥When completing the work, the power door must be opened and the power must be made sure to cut off.
           ⑦The electric chain hoists should be operated by a special person who can fully grasp safety operation rules and strictly prohibit oblique pulling.
           ⑧During use, experienced electrical personnel should often check the electric chain hoists and solutions should be taken immediately to record failures.
           ⑨When adjusting the electric brake, it should be ensured that the DHS electric chain hoists are under the rated load and the braking gliding volume S is less than V/100 (V is the stable lifting distance within one minute under the load).
           ⑩Electric chain hoists must be kept in sufficient lubricating oil during the use and keep the lubricating oil clean, not containing impurities and dirt.

Single phase DHS electric chain hoist VS Three phase DHS electric chain hoist

1 phase motor for DHS electric chain hoist.jpg

Single phase motor--220V

3 phase motor for DHS electric chain hoist.jpg

Three phase motor

1 phase(right-blue) and 3 phase (left-red) motor for DHS electric chain hoists.jpg

Single phase(right-blue) and Three phase (left-red) motor for DHS electric chain hoists

Default one is three phase motor, while for some special site only have single phase, then we use single phase motor (220V), only 1t, 2t, 3t and 5t is availabe for single phase, the power is weaker and service life is shorter than three phase, the weight is heavier and cost is higher than three phase, the parts and copper wire in the motor is different between single phase motor and three phase

Except the motor, others are same for single phase DHS electric chain hoist and three phase DHS electric chain hoists

If you have both single phase power and three phase power in site, we suggest you use three phase power motor

DHS Series Hoist up to 20 Ton for India

DHS3 electric chain hoist for USA

Request for Quote of DHS3, 3T 480V hoists with 4.5m of lift + DHS5, 5T 480V hoists with 4.5m of lift for USA

Technical info

Technical drawing of DHS electric chain hoist by RAMHOIST.jpg


Capacity      (t)
Lifting Speed (m/min)
Standard Lift (m)
Lifting    Motor
Load Chain
Test Load         (t)
Weight (kg)
Additional Weight per 1m Lift (kg)
Power    (kw)
Rotation    Speed (r/min)  
Diameter    (mm)                   ×chain falls
6 × 1
6 × 2
8 × 2
10 × 2
10 × 4
10 × 8


                         Dimensions (mm)

Capacity      (t)
Packing Szie 
Motor Type

                         220V single phase is also available, pls contact salesperson