Inquiry for vacuum tube lifters from Russia

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Customer: Hello.
We are engaged in supply of equipment for automation and mechanization of technological processes.
We are looking for a supplier of similar vacuum tube lifters Schmalz, TAWI, Vaculex, Fipa...    
We are interested in the whole range of elevators. Please send us a price.
There is also a specific application. We need an elevator with a hose that can be bent through the roller. Work in a sea container or a truck body.
There are customers who request a mobile elevator. A column mounted on a cart and a version with a self-propelled (battery) platform.
There is a request for an elevator that will move the logs.
Columns are needed with a telescopic column (electric drive) and simple columns.
Concrete request.
The platform (size 800x1200) on wheels with locking, on it is mounted vacuum tube lifter with telescopic column. In the lowered position the height of the entire structure 2100 mm, the column stroke 500 mm. Work in a container on the top filled with cardboard boxes with household appliances.
The maximum weight of the box is 40 kg.
Pump drive from accumulators and the second variant from 220V


extendable pillar.jpg






Site photos of vacuum tube lifters

Vacuum Tube Lifter1.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter2.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter3.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter4.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter5.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter6.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter7.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter8.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter9.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter10.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter11.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter13.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifter14.jpg

Customer:  Please indicate the price and delivery time for the mobile vacuum tube lifter as shown. 


Customer: Is this the price for which model of lifter? Can you make a specific offer? Send a real photo or if this model is in production, then drawings and parameters. 

RAMHOIST: No realy photos now. the max. is 35kg 

Customer: There are two versions of mobile tube vacuum lifters with telescopic boom on the site.

extendable pillar.jpg1.jpg

What do you offer?
We need a load capacity of 40 kg.
Is there such a solution? 

RAMHOIST: we offered the first type, we can make with load capacity of 40KG, price is 13000 USD

mobile tube vacuum lifter with electric pallet stacker.jpg

Pls check the video in:

Customer: Please send information with sketches, drawings to the vacuum lifter for container work. Carrying capacity 40kg. Battery operation.

RAMHOIST: pls check the technical details in this link:

Customer: Please send your proposal to the mobile Picker - vacuum hose lift.
Full description of the trolley: driven - self-propelled trolley or trolley without drive (also available).
Description of the column: with a variable height, which lift stroke does not change, if driven, which drive (electroactuator, hydraulics) the column lift control panel.
Description of the lift: pump (battery-driven) hose, boom construction (crane), control panel (start) of the pump, filter
Description of the grip (suction cup, control handle).
There is no need to send photographs that are not relevant to this request.

1. Machine could be electric driving or manual driving, optioned by customer request
2. The column is also optioned as fixed or extendable by electric, that means lifting stroke changeable
3. About pump, we have 3 options, AC powered , DC power by battery support and both AC and DC(power adapter for AC and battery transformer)
4. We can offer quick changed coupling to make machine for different materials lifting by various vacuum cups or special designed clamps

1. Manual driving.
2. The column extendable by electric, stroke 500mm changeable. A switch that switches off the lift when the ceiling is stopped. Lift height with the column down is not more than 2100 mm
3. The pump and the column must be battery powered. AC or DC pump motor (with battery converter).
External power to the unit is completely excluded.
One charge must be sufficient for at least 5 hours, preferably more.
4. Quick changed coupling, сomplete with a gripper made of two oval suction cups for gripping a cardboard box glued with duct tape, weighing up to 40kg.

RAMHOIST: OK, no problem, but our charge is normally 3hours for continuous working, is it ok for you?

Customer: Our customers' specifications specify 5 working hours from one charge. We will try to offer the option of 3 hours of work. Then please offer a set of replaceable batteries. I am waiting for a price offer. As an option, the customer is ready to consider the installation mounted on a platform, which can be carried by a rochley an electric forklift.


Customer: What costs $9000? Please send a description. You have previously sent to the lift, but with photos that are not up-to-date.

RAMHOIST: Batteris will be mounted under pump.

Batteris will be mounted under pump.png

Customer: In the last sentence, a lift with a pipe suspended on an arrow. We need a variant with a support roller. Work inside a container. The boxes are folded up to the ceiling of the container. 

Batteris will be mounted under pump.png


RAMHOIST: I dont know whether i understand is what your understand: you are afraid this part     will damage easily? if so, then it will not damage at all.
you can see this video:



RAMHOIST: May i know the box size? thanks

Customer: Boxes are always of different sizes. One container can contain microwave ovens and hobs, another can contain ovens, the next can contain TVs and hoovers.
The weight may not exceed 40 kg.
The containers in which the goods come are also different, but the main difference in length.

RAMHOIST: the max. capacity of Side grasp is 35KG, pls check whether it is enough for you. it is 350 USD more than for top.
video for side grasp:

Customer: On video capture with two oval suction cups at least 250x100. So this gripper with a vacuum of -30 kPa will easily lift loads weighing 60kg. The customer has cardboard on good quality boxes. If the cardboard is porous, this gripper will lift 40kg. These calculations have a safety factor of 2. The suction pads on your grip will be able to be exchanged for bigger ones if necessary, this is no problem.
The lifter pipe must be at least 140mm in video and must lift 40kg.
We need a 40kg hoist for cargo. No less. 

RAMHOIST:our pipe is 120mm 

Customer: We have not closed the question of mobile (battery) vacuum tube lifters for work in rooms with low ceilings (folding in the horizontal axis of the hose).
We contacted several companies.
All suggestions were not with specific models.
The photo shows one hoist, the drawings and sketches show another.
If you have a model of a hoist meeting our requirements, please send us complete information.
Unloading of containers and car trailers loaded with goods in cardboard boxes all the way to the top. The maximum weight of the boxes is 40kg.
The height of the entrance opening 2290, height 2380.
Continuous operating time of 5 hours.
Waiting for information.

Customer: Please explain what is common between
   extendable pillar.jpg   and  5.jpg

RAMHOIST: Column extended distance is 650mm

Customer: Do you really not see the difference between a crane and a combine harvester?
Your website   shows two different machines that you present as one.

RAMHOIST: The left machine designed with extended arm, the column height is adjustable from 2200mm to 2850mm, the lifting height could be from ground to about 2100mm, and right one is fixed lifting, maximum lifting height 1650mm

Customer: Send a quote for a car with a lifting column. Is it battery powered? 

RAMHOIST:11500 USD, yes, it is battery powered and you can also use External power supply.

Customer: A machine with a height-adjustable column (left).
What is the depth of vacuum produced by the vacuum pump? What is the inside diameter of the lift tube? What battery (capacity and volts) does the machine have?

RAMHOIST: Maximum vaccine level is -85kpa, working pressure is about -40kpa(depends the carton leakage), the lifting tube diameter is 120mm, we will use 2 of DC12V,100ah batteries

RAMHOIST: Now we have breakthrough for the capacity of Side grasp, we can grasp 42.5KG max, for your weight may not exceed 40 kg. it is not a problem at all.

Customer: All I need is ready solution for that parameters that I mentioned in the previous letters. Can you please send me technical parametrs and outside view of this solution that you can offer for me. You had sent me different models I need just one that fits me.

RAMHOIST: pls check technical parameter in this link:
Technical drawing will be sent to you after receiving your advance payment, thanks

Customer: The product must meet these parameters:
Vacuum lifter for unloading containers.
1.The lift can be mounted on a trolley with electric drive, and on a trolley with a manual drive.
2.The trolley with a lift must pass through the door opening height 2290mm and work with cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling container 2380mm. The crane is installed on a lifting column.
3.The pump drive of the vacuum lifter must be powered by batteries autonomously for at least 5 hours.
4.And a pipe folded horizontally. Crane: two joints articulated arm.  A special designed lifting tube bracket make lifting tube horizontal mounted and height saved, a roller mounted on the bracket end to house the lifting tube.
5.Cardboard boxes weighing up to 40 kg.

RAMHOIST: No problem, all these parameters are met. 

Customer: The cost of your proposed vacuum lifter is comparable to the cost of the car, but I do not have a specific proposal with a description of the parameters of the product, photos or at least drawings.
One of the main conditions - autonomous operation from one set of batteries not less than 5 hours. Work inside a shipping container with the ability to capture and unload cardboard boxes with equipment stacked to the ceiling of the container.
Previously sent proposals is a collage of elements of different equipment. Bull with tiger teeth and shark tail. No offense, but that's exactly what it is.
If there is a specific (working) proposal, I look forward to hearing from you. 

RAMHOIST: pls check the the final appearance of vacuum lifter in the end of this link:



RAMHOIST: same function, but different style, we will use the first style on this application
the second style is used for sliding rail, it doesn't suit on mobile machines

Customer: We could not offer our client a "raw" project. We get scattered information from you. There are "pieces" of different products in one proposal.
The customer's need remains.
Again about the project.
Vacuum hose hoist for unloading sea containers. Moving cardboard boxes weighing up to 40 kg. Movable unit ( not necessary with a drive, you can roll a cart). The unit rolls up or drives into the container. Aperture below the ceiling. The grip must ensure the unloading of boxes stacked to the ceiling. Drive the elevator pump from a battery-powered motor. Battery charge should be enough for 5 hours of continuous operation. If there is no possibility to install batteries on the elevator platform, you can use a separate cart and connect it to the motor with a cable.