Looking for purchaseHydraulic Hand Truck 3000 Kg qty 22 nos from Bangladesh

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Dear sir,


We are looking for purchase Hydraulic Hand Truck 3000 Kg qty 22 nos.


Please send us price quotation CFR to Chittagong, By sea,  Bangladesh.



I am waiting for your response.

RAMHOIST: Fork outer width 550mm, Nylon wheel, 123 USD/unit
More details pls check: http://www.ramhoist.com/lifting-handling-equipments/HandPalletTrucks.htmlSite photos of 2.5T hand pallet truck we just produced for Romania: http://ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/2420.html

Customer: Thank you for price quotation. Please find attached file and fill up your product specifications. After fill up send us ASAP.


Kindly send Specifications, catalogue, operation & maintenance manual etc as soon as possible.

Specifications of Hydraulic Hand Truck.docx

RAMHOIST: Pls check below, thanks

Specifications of Hydraulic Hand Truck-by RAMHOIST.docx

will send you operation & maintenance manual etc after ordering with the truck, thanks

Fork outer width 550mm, Nylon wheel, 125 USD/unit (CFR to Chittagong, By sea,  Bangladesh.)

Customer: Thank you for positive response. We have understood that CFR (FOB+Freight) Chittagong, Bangladesh Unit price USD 125.00. This is OK. Please be inform that we will supply these to Bangladesh Army. They need “MB Green (Duco paint Nitro cellulous based)” color. You already agreed this. This is good.


Others some specifications exactly not found in Catalog. Such as Lifting height=200mm, Overall Length=1480mm, Fork Length= 1150mm & Fork width=160mm. Please confirm these with catalog. So, Please sent catalog & others manuals.


Please be inform that we will supply this items to Bangladesh Army through bidding. For bidding formalities we need a manufacturer Certificate. I attached a draft certificate. Please print it in your letter pad, after signature then scan copy send to us by email. This is must need for tender formalities.


For tender formalities catalog & manuals also need.


Another requirement Special Service Tools (SST) & Special Service Materials (SSM) and price separately. Please these list.

RAMHOIST: below is technical brochure, Authorization Certificate for Hand Truck has sent to your email

Hand Pallet Trucks (technical brochure).pdf

regret we do not have Special Service Tools (SST) & Special Service Materials (SSM) 
we do not have electric operation & maintenance manual, will send your operation & maintenance manual along with the truck after ordering.

Customer: I have informed you earlier that this is for Bangladesh Army and we will supply through tender, Operation  and maintenance manual, list of SST & SSM (If available) are the part of tender documents. We can’t submit quotation without manuals, SST.


So, Please send it ASAP. Otherwise not possible to submit tender.

RAMHOIST: Operation instruction book which includes maintenance manual has sent to your email.
we dont have list of SST & SSM

Customer: Thank you for manual. Regarding price quotation, you have mentioned CFR (FOB+Freight) Chittagong, Bangladesh Unit price USD 125.00. our company Managing Director requested me, to send the Pro Forma Invoice (FOB + freight) separately in your company letter pad with signature of company Director. Because we submit FOB and Freight separately. So, please send it ASAP.

RAMHOIST: PI has sent to your email

Customer: Thank you for PI. We have already purchased tender documents and preparing all necessary papers for submission offer. I hope that we will be the lowest bidder. Unfortunately I have lost your filled up specification or email may be deleted which you have sent earlier with signature. I have attached the same again. Kindly print it in your letter pad and send after signature of your company Director.

RAMHOIST: Specifications of Hydraulic Hand Truck with signature has sent to your email

Customer: Thank for quick response with filled up specifications.

I am confuse about your Sea freight Chittagong, Bangladesh. Net weight 22X78=1716+packing material. Is it possible to send by USD 44.00?

Please send the actual FOB+freight charge up to Chittagong.    

RAMHOIST:  sorry, i just checked with the shipping company, the freight is 220 USD, thanks

revised PI has sent to your email

Customer: Thai is we calculate USD10.00 X 22 nos =USD 220.00. Is it correct or USD10.00 X220 nos=USD 2,200.00? Which one?

RAMHOIST:  USD10.00 X 22 nos =USD 220.00

Customer: I can’t understand specifications which you have given with your catalogue. Kind make me understand. As per Bangladesh Army requirement, catalogue + specification should be same. Which you mentioned in specification it should be in catalogue. So, undermentioned specification is not found similar with catalogue.


Lifting height

To be mentioned


Same not found in catalogue (it found ≥110)


Overall length

To be mentioned


Same not found in catalogue (it found 1200)


Overall width

To be mentioned


Same not found in catalogue


Fork length

To be mentioned


Same not found in catalogue


Fork width

To be mentioned


Same not found in catalogue

Please clarify above soon.


Another requirement of Bangladesh Army, before bulk shipment 01 nos Hydraulic Hand truck will send to them as advance sample for their final approval. So, kindly send the sea freight cost of 01 nos from china to Chittagong. If possible to send by air freight CPT Dhaka by Air separately.

RAMHOIST: Below is revised catalogue

Hand Pallet Trucks (technical brochure).pdf

we can send to Dhaka by Air, fright is 370 USD,  we can not do custom clearance in your port, custom clearance is done by your side

Customer: Many thanks for revised catalogue and Air Freight for 1 nos. This Air Freight is require for sending sample before bulk shipment. USD 370 only freight or with item price.  

I have shown your catalogue to Bangladesh Army and they advised to submit picture of Hydraulic Hand truck MB Green (Duco paint Nitro cellulous based) color as per specification. Can you send the catalogue with MB Green color? If you send the catalogue with MB Green color than Bangladesh Army will be happy. Otherwise they raise question for this. Please send a revised catalogue with MB Green color. I bother you again and again but I am trying to submit proper documents so that they cannot raise question during vetting.         

Please give us the packing details for remaining 21 nos.

RAMHOIST: USD 370 is only for air freight
we do not have colour of MB green, the colour only be made for bulk order but not for 1 pc.
3.5 CBM, 1638KG

Customer: Please send the wheel size. Big size and small size. This has asked by User.



Customer: What is this symbol φ?  Write in English Big Wheel size: ………………….and small wheel size: ……………….

Another requirement is "master Spare parts catalogue". I think this is available with you. Please send list of spares with picture. This is also need urgently.


I called you in whatsapp but no reply.

RAMHOIST:  φ means the diameter
master Spare parts catalogue is in the manual i sent you before

Customer: Today we have submitted offer for your Hydraulic Hand Truck but your price is some higher than other Chinese manufacturers. I asked you several times about tools. You always tell “No Tools for our Hydraulic Hand Truck” but others Chinese manufacturer submit Tools list with quotation. Such as Screw Driver, paler, Hammer, Punch ( for opening pin), Adjustable range etc. For these tools your product may not be accepted. However, we will try to our best level to accept your product by Bangladesh Army. You will inform if any update in future.

RAMHOIST: thanks

Customer: How are you? Please let us know, If Bangladesh Army will asked us to supply Tools with Hydraulic Hand Truck, can it possible to supply ? Like Screw Driver, plus, Hammer, Punch ( for opening pin), Adjustable range etc.

RAMHOIST: we can supply, just give us the list of tool and quantity,