Different capacities and types of vacuum glass robot

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Inquiry about 600kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot
600kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot
Dear Sir
I would like to learn about your Glass Robot product to develop in Vietnam market.
Can you give me information and prices of the types of Glass Robots.
Thank you!

RAMHOIST: 600kg vacuum glass robot: 20500 USD

technical details: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1769.html

Customer: Thanks for mailing me.
In addition to these machines, do you have any similar machines or tools to support the construction of glazing?
Please send me more specifications and your product catalog.
The Vietnamese market has not used this device yet, we will be the first to test it and then commercialize it. The outlook is very good.
We care about quality and stability. This issue is very important in sustainable development.
Thank you!


technical brochure: http://ramhoist.com/upfile/201902/2019022654965385.pdf

technical details: http://ramhoist.com/lifting-handling-equipments/VacuumGlassLifters.html

Different types of vacuum glass robot: http://ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/3982.html

Qulity and stablility is very good, you will be satisfied by your choice.

400kg vacuum glass robot-2.jpg

400kg vacuum glass robot

600kg vacuum glass robot-1.jpg

600kg vacuum glass robot-2.jpg

600kg vacuum glass robot

800kg vacuum glass robot-1.jpg

800kg vacuum glass robot-2.jpg

800kg vacuum glass robot

1500kg vacuum glass robot-1 (1).jpg

1500kg vacuum glass robot-2.jpg1500kg vacuum glass robot-4.jpg

1500kg vacuum glass robot

Application of vacuum glass robot-1.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot-2.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot-3.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot-7.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot-5.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot-6.jpg

Application of vacuum glass robot

vacuum glass robot.jpg

400kg-1500kg vacuum glass robot.jpg