Vacuum lift 50kg without vacuum bellow and double foot for Thailand

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Customer: Good morning Yang,

Please you quote 

1. Vacuum lift 50kg without vacuum bellow and double foot = 2 Set.

2. Vacuum Pump = 2 pcs

Thank you

Hello Mr. Yang, No. 2) Vacuum pump model is GS 4.0 (4.0-4.8 kW)

1) is complete unit to lift sack 50 kg. (everything as same as our 1st order to you Vac. pump + Filter + Lifting tube dai. 160 mm. and Oval suctin gripper 230*380) but with out 1). Vac. cup Dia. 300 mm. and 2) Double foot gripper)-----------(pls check 1st order in this link:

actually, we want to order more but we have to follow our Policy. Can we talk about this? Can we have a MS Team Meeting

RAMHOIST: 4000 USD/unit  as per your request

you favoured payment term is 30% TT advance and 30 days after invoice ( upon copy of BL), we agree

Customer: Yes, thank you so much. 

Mr.Yang, Could you please quote for below items? Thank you.

Ploy is preparing you PO. We will send you PO tomorrow PO and 30% payment

Good morning Mr.Yang,

I am looking forward receiving your quotation.


1. Vacuum lift 50kg without vacuum bellow and double foot = 2 Set.   4000 USD/unit

2. Vacuum blower = 2 pcs    1250  USD/unit  (The model is blower, not pump)

Freight to Bangkok port, Thailand: 350 USD

Customer: Actually we want to buy complete assembly unit (1&2)

1) ABB Motor + 2) Blower.jpg

RAMHOIST: 1250  USD/unit is the complet assembly unit ( 1+2 )

motor stage and blow stage.jpg

While 500 USD offered before is just blow stage but not whole set.


the highest box is up to 2,600 + 290 mm-1.jpg

Hello Mr. Yang, can you pls quote us Complete unit of Tube lifting with ou crane structure for Box 50 kg. With extended handle 

As you can see, the highest box is up to 2,600 + 290 mm

the highest box is up to 2,600 + 290 mm-2.jpg

RAMHOIST: If your jib crane has net height( from rail to floor) at 4500mm, the lifting height will be no problem 



I think, we need the longer handle like this to lift and place overhead



Pl make an extend handle for our order to you 1 set. I will use it with this job Box 50 kg Overhead

By the way, pls quote us additional 1 unit to lift Bag 25 kg. 

We are going to order totally 3 complete set and 2 Blower unit

RAMHOIST: we have rotating handler which I believe better than the swing handler

video of rotating handler:

rotating handler-1.jpg

rotating handler-2.jpg

we also have extend handle like yours

video of swing handler (extend handle like yours):

extend handle like yours-1.jpg

Customer: Excellence!

Pls quote me for Box 50 kg, complete set

Like this below picture 

rotating handler of vacuum tube lifter-2.jpg

rotating handler of vacuum tube lifter-1.jpg

RAMHOIST: PI has been sent to you

The 230*380 cup is special for bags lifting, it can not be used for carton box, pls be noted of that

Customer: Thank you Mr. Yang

RAMHOIST: welcome

Customer: Could you please quote only foam spare part for this item?

foam spare part (1).jpg


Customer: Hello Mr. Yang, sorry for delay, I need time to finallize with customer, they have change their ideas but still confirm to order Tube lifters, expeced to get order with in next week then place you orders, Have a good day

Customer:  Could you please resend this file (PI20220804), Mr. Yang, can you tell me this item no 3) 1 unit Vacuum lift to lift Bag 25 kg.   ? Is this complete unit as item no. 1 but for Bag 25 kg.?

Question: Item no. 1) With rotating handler mean with the Yellow Long arm as show in below picture?

rotating handler of vacuum tube lifter-1.jpg

I will send you the detail What we want to buy this time? then pls help to check the price before we transfer money tomorrow. Thank you


Customer: Hello Mr  Yang, pls advise price for below detail,


complete unit to lift sack 50 kg (1).jpg

Item 1 is your standard complete unit as above pict

Item 2 as below

ABB motor + Blower as a complet assembly unit [Model GS 4.0 (4.0-4.8 kW)].jpg

Any questions or suggestions are most welcome

Item 3 is only foam spare part for item 1, Item 3 is Only foam spare part for Oval suction gripper 230*380

Item 3 is only foam spare part for item 1.jpg

Customer: Good morning Mr.Yang,

Could you please check the price? The price should be USD4,000/set (for item 1 as we talked beginning), as we don't need double foot gripper and Vacuum cup.

RAMHOIST: 4000 USD is for lifting height 1.7m, and later, you need rotating handler,  and now the lifting height is 2.5m,price is 4750 USD

Customer: This time we want to order 4,000 USD , 1.7 m. Pls advise

here is a drat PO. If every is ok, I will send the official PO. and I then can make a 30% down payment. Any suggestions are very welcome. 

RAMHOIST: confirm, no problem

Customer: Payment slip for your reference

RAMHOIST: All is finshed over, below are videos:

Customer: Hello Mr Yang, can you quote me the biggest size ABB Motor+ Blower

We need to buy to use with our gripper

I have test with FIPA Blower size 7.1 kW, it work well

Do you have size 7.1 kW?

Pls advise

RAMHOIST: The biggest motor available is 5.5kw, it is enough for vacuum lifter use, if the flow too large, the loads will be harder to low down

Customer: Could you please quote the biggest 5.5 Kw?


Customer: Hello Mr Yang

Can you quote us this Lifting tube Dia 100 mm

Our customer want to repair their existing damage tube as below picture

lifting tube.jpg

lifting tube-1.jpg

Pls quote 1) Only lifting tube Dia 100 mm

1) Only lifting tube Dia 100 mm.jpg

And 2) Complete unite of Tube&control handle

lifting tube-2.jpg

2) Complete unite of Tube&control handle.jpg


1) Only lifting tube Dia 100 mm

390 USD

And 2) Complete unite of Tube&control handle

820 USD

Customer: Thank you very much 

If you have time, pls send me some picts 2) complete unit

Can you pl tell me these lengths


1) the shorten = 

2) stretch / extended approx 2,500 mm?

3) stroke to lift approx 1.7 - 1.8 meter?

RAMHOIST: Total length is 2500mm, the lifting stroke is about 1800mm

Actually, the total length is 2550mm, but we normally consider it as 2500mm

Customer: Understand, Thank you very much 

Will send you order both two items and others items that need to finalize 

Good night Mr. Yang

Customer: Our customer told me the blower have a problem

It make a Loud noise yesterday 

My service going to take it back from customer 

Can you advise How to check the problem. We need your help to investigate 

Do you have any problems like this before?

RAMHOIST: Is the blower placed on the ground or suspended in the air? In addition, we require that the grasp time in each work does not exceed 1 minute, otherwise it will cause the blower to be overheated. See if the noise caused by the wear out (too much) of the belt?

(风机是放置在地面还是悬空?另外,我们要求,每一次工作中的抓取时间不超过1分钟,不然的话,会导致风机过热,  要看一下是不是皮带磨损过大导致的噪音)

Customer: Thank you. I will check

RAMHOIST: It's the noise of belt, pls change a new belt

Customer: Good afternoon Mr. Yang @RAMHOIST ,

do you have data sheet or specification of this filter?


We need to attach data sheet of this Filter for bidding






Customer: Hello Mr Yang, do you have any product like this below picture



The customer want to lift Box 50 kg same as above picture

The extension handle pls refer to below dimension picture 


RAMHOIST: regret we do not have this

Customer: do you have price for tube dia 100, 120, 140 ?


100 mm: 365 USD                                                                                               

120 mm: 390 USD

140 mm: 460 USD

Customer: Thank you

Customer: can you show me the picture of Lifting tube Dia 120 mm. Is it only tube?

Or tube with end covers?

Lifting tube.jpg

Above pict is Lifting tube without End cover?

Dia 120 price 120 USD?


If we order you Lifting tube  Dia 120 mm. = 2 units. How fast you can deliver? Ex-Stock?

By the way, can you quote this complete unit for 

Technical details of 35kg cartons(tube lifter)

Keyword:Technical details of 35kg cartons(tube lifter)   Time:2019-9-10 11:26:52

Standard Vacuum Lifter         Model No. ESL120/22                       1 set


our paper box as same as above picture

pls quote 2 units'

Main components:

Vacuum blower: Siemens vacuum blower, model GS2.2, 380-440V,50HZ,3P 2.2KW, maximum vacuum flow 135cbm/h, maximum vacuum pressure -55kpa

Lifting tube: diameter 120mm, tube length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm, maximum loading 35kg for semi-porous, 40kg for dense.

2 of rectangle suction pads specially for carton box, the pads diameter was 120*320mm, the loading beam length 500mm, the cups units will be mounted on the control housing by flange




RAMHOIST:  tube with end covers

The grey rubber in the picture is end cover

The grey rubber in the picture is end cover.jpg

Dia 120 price 300 USD below: 


35kg cartons(tube lifter) : 3300 USD


suction plate spare part.jpg

Hello Yang,

could you please quote suction plate spare part? 4 pcs.

And for this set as well.jpg

And for this set as well, plese quote.