Looking to purchase a 10T steel coil upender machine/Turnover machine/Tilter from UK

Keyword:10T steel coil upender machine   Time:2023-1-9 23:06:44

Good morning,

I am looking to purchase a 10T steel coil upender machine/Turnover machine/Tilter.

I would like the platform to be a flat surface, so it may also be used with pallets of stone, as well as stone blocks up to 10t.


Please could you let me know the price including delivery to the UK.

RAMHOIST: for flipping, Normally need flat surface and V surface (see attached), Otherwise the product will roll.

steel coil upender with flat surface and V surface.jpg

besides, would you send the max. size of pallets you use, do you have pictures of pallets? as far as i know, the normal pallet can not withstand 10T

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